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"Hotumn" continues in Ottawa-Gatineau. Sweat from scalp to soles is normal-abnormal right now. Sleep continues to be a luxury item by virtue of being a medical necessity.

The Invictus Games are underway in Toronto, as are the German elections, the continuing weather/climate turmoil in the Caribbean Islands, the post-quake trauma in several regions of Mexico...and on it goes. This world continues to be a busy place, defying anyone's ability to fully understand it at any one moment. I can still live with that.

The Big Event for me as a science fiction fan tonight is Star Trek: Discovery's opening episode, "The Vulcan Hello". I can't say that I'm pleased with the idea of the series being available by subscription-streaming over the Net everywhere else on the planet, but at least Canada's managed to avoid that for now via Space Channel.

Also, I'm still getting used to this being the first Trek branch-series filmed on soundstages outside the USA. In Toronto, of all places. Just over four hours away from me by passenger train. This wasn't a thing I'd ever really expected to happen. Sure, I'd imagined branch series created for every language in which Trek is watched these days in the places where those languages were most presently in use. Which was probably less than practical, even nowadays.

Not sure yet about the design aesthetics of the series, but we'll see how it goes. Looking forward to those maps they've been talking about in Lorca's ready room...
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Tonight, CTV - one of the privately-owned TV networks here in Canada - aired Captain America: the Winter Soldier.

I have to wonder about the timing, given the last three months in the real worlds. How long ago would the scheduling choice for this particular night have been made?
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Good morning (Eastern Standard Time), everyone!

[personal profile] rfmcdonald  pointed out a weblog to me years ago that got my attention, called Window on Eurasia. It focuses largely on Russia and her neighbours, which - in the current political context - you might well imagine why people in general might be interested. They may not want to click on the news/opinion/message board links in many cases, particularly the ones ending in *.ru, for the next couple of years...but the material on the blog itself provides some additional context from which to view the situation. Double- and triple-checking is encouraged.

Also, noting from yesterday's Toronto Star, and originally sourced from Andrew Roth at the Washington Post, an article that might suggest worse people than the current management are still a possibility for that country.

More on other topics to follow as the day moves onward.

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Specifically, the ones still in town this weekend:

Good luck to you all.
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You looked at the front pages of the newspapers?

Fine. There's one of my reasons for being fed up in a nutshell. And I've noticed other sane people by the thousands in a similar state for related reasons.

(And then there's the spam everyone finds themselves coping with, and on and on...)

So, I'm going to do something sane.

I'm posting a link to a particularly pleasing article I read recently. Some good news for today at least.

Then I'm going back to drawing pages whilst leaving the mic open. Share some other good news I may not have heard yet.



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