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Problem dodged in Austria, but another magnified in Italy tonight.

Not happy, of course.


Dec. 4th, 2016 08:06 am
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Afraid for Italy and Austria today.

More on other stuff later...


Jun. 24th, 2016 05:37 pm
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So this is a thing today:

I don't know how to take that news yet.

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I do agree with the professor on this point. We might argue about the rest of it from now to the Last Trump, but on this one point he's right.
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Guessing that we're going to need to speed up (re)building our own launch capacities. Also, add more dance partners to the ISS projects.

I'm thinking of - at minimum - India, South Africa, Australia, Brazil. Some of them are going to be in better position to contribute soon than others, obviously.

Who else?
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You might remember my comments the other day about Mr. Putin claiming the Internet to be a CIA plot.

Something came up towards the end of this particular set of interviews conducted by Anna Maria Tremonti for The Current on CBC Radio One that got me wondering: could the European Union - like the Internet - simply by existing, be deemed by Mr. Putin as a threat to his ambitions for what he believes should be Russia's future?

(Fair warning: as the bulk of that audio is devoted to exploring anti-Semitism's usage as a political weapon in the currently-disputed regions of Ukraine, it seemed proper to the production team of The Current to open that particular segment with an excerpt from one of Adolf Hitler's recorded speeches.)
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Yeah, yeah, [ profile] james_nicoll...I know the projects will move forward as fast as they will and no faster. The pace still annoys me.

Anyway, a happier note to go along with news about Chang'e 3, Mangalyaan and Yutu: ESA's Gaia astrometry mission is going to launch in less than five days. I'm looking forward to the future consequences for mapping out our galaxy, particularly as the range of accurate measurement is expected to extend out to 30,000 lightyears from Sol.

(Trekkers, Babylon 5 fen, Legion of Super-Heroes and Green Lantern Corps fandoms: please take note!)

If you want to keep an eye on its progress, the Gaia mission has a blog of its own.
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More on C-11, triggered by the claim of one of the Harper cabinet members that "the Europeans have already gone with these TPM rules with no complaints about legal uses being rendered off-limits by digital lock technologies.

Except that his claims ain't exactly so.


Challenging the New Digital Lock Talking Point: Why European Rules Are More Flexible Than C-11

"The debate over C-11 resumed this week in the House of Commons with Paul Calandra, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, invoking a claim that raises the question of how the Canadian digital lock rules compare to those found in Europe. In response to the ongoing concerns with Bill C-11's digital lock rules - they are easily the most discussed issue during the debates - Calandra stated:

We know that in Europe there is much greater support for TPMs and that has not actually reduced the availability of content online. Does she have any rationale for thinking Canada's less stringent use of TPMs through the bill would somehow reduce the availability of content for Canadian consumers?

Calandra's comments raise two issues: (1) whether the Europe has stricter support for digital locks; and (2) whether digital locks reduces the availability of online content."

More in the link!

Meantime...opinions, clarifications, arguments? Anyone?
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Today, I start with a couple of thoughts.

One: Vacuuming needs be done this morning.

Two: Railfest 33 over at Algonquin College sounds interesting. Hoping to attend at least part of the fun there today.

Three: Angela Merkel is Wrong.

More thoughts on other topics later...
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Maybe sooner than we think.

[ profile] warrenellis pointed this one out at Wired Online:

If this works out, it could be a Most Useful Kick in Several Sets of Pants.


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