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Having seen only four episodes of the second season thus far (specifically episodes 3 thru 6), and none of the novels - which look rather dense on the shelves of the local bookstores - I have to admit to some curiosity about the whole thing, and a lot of uncertainty about what questions to ask about which aspects in what order. Also, I notice among those who have already been reading and/or watching, there's a growing enthusiasm. forum for discussion of what makes the novels and/or TV series work for those of you who got there before me.
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I seem to recall a genre in Japanese comics that celebrates cooking and those who make either hobby or career out of it. Do I remember correctly, and if "yes", what is it called?
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Going to work as normal, but leaving early for the Eye Institute quarterly check-up. After that, dilation drops or not, I expect to go back to the office and do what I can for the rest of the work day. I promised as much.

Meantime, installing more brushes in MangaStudio/Clip Studio Paint tonight. Where to "file" the skin and hair "brushes"?
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Heard about this from a friendlister on Facebook (also on my friendlist here at LJ), and wondering who else I know is familiar with the company...?
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Quoth Ian Gould:

"Ever have so many jobs to do that you can't pick one to settle on and you end up jumping back and forth and kibbitzing on Facebook as you go?"

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Apparently, a WHOIS search quickly reveals some anonymous domain-squatting going on here. WB has grounds for some legitimate annoyance here, if I may venture a non-lawyerish opinion on the subject.
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I've seen some weird ones myself around Ottawa-Gatineau. So this sampling from metro Toronto doesn't seem too bizarre.

How about where you live?

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Wondering if anyone else has seen Concussion yet?
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I know that Marvel's comics division has launched Howling Commandos of SHIELD as a way of crossing military/espionage and action-adventure with "supernatural" topics and characters. It's an entertaining experiment to read, and not a direction I'd have ever expected them to take the likes of Dugan and Sitwell (the latter of whose comics version has traditionally been far more heroic than depicted in the recent movies).

But after watching "Maveth", I'm wondering about the idea of mixing influences as diverse as Fleming, Steranko and Lovecraft on TV like this. Lovecraft in particular comes to mind after watching the closing tag scene.

And I think I will leave my commentary at that. You can take it further in the comments, of course, and I hope you do.
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Call for advice re: language-switching in interface design. Assuming a multilingual crew, and the desirability to be able to switch a given console between users' languages at need/whim, has anyone figured out a good visual shorthand for specific languages? Say, if I want hot buttons for the six official languages of the United Nations plus a handful of the more heavily used alternatives (and one button for "all the rest that our OS programmers could anticipate agent-crew using")?

Also noting: Stratum family fonts are great for text in languages using the Latin alphabet, but limited to that writing system.
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So, I'm hearing that the team developing that free, open-source software for people interested in astronomy has closed down their website for that program and the only place you can now find it is via Sourceforge. Does anyone else reading this know what's up?
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Somewhat disappointed that Ottawa didn't get the trophy this go-round. But anyway...a weird thought about comic book characters and music.

One of my favourite tunes from the 1980's was Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight", popularized by Miami Vice in its pilot episode. I make no apologies for that admission about my musical tastes. Likewise my enjoyment of Mike W. Barr, Alan Davis and Todd McFarlane's work on Batman: Year Two, continuity gaffes and all. I mean, really? Jim Gordon, just promoted to Captain at the end of Year One, getting that much further up the ladder off-camera in a matter of - at most - a handful of months? No.

But that was then, a couple of iterations of DCU continuity and a quarter-century ago.


Anyway...getting back to music. There was this episode of Justice League back in 2004 - the cartoon series - where Circe turned Wonder Woman into a pig. "This Little Piggy", written by [ profile] kingofbreakfast. And we got to hear Kevin Conroy, then the voice of the Batman belt out one of the better jazz standards in order to save the day.

Wondering - not for the first time - how a Conroy cover of "In the Air Tonight" would sound. It seems apropos for any number of reasons.
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I was saying to the friend who pointed this out to me earlier today that this could either be glorious or gloriously disastrous. If it happens.
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I'm voting after work tomorrow. Partly to get it done. Partly to avert the temptation to vote out of fear rather than hope.

Other notes...

Busted a filling again. It's one that has older work, so maybe it was time for the upgrade. But with the not-so-new-anymore-guy, it's still pricier than it used to be. I can manage the expense, but it still pains the wallet.

(Universal dental care at long last in Canada, anyone? Please?)

Comics reading this week: Captain Canuck # 4, We Stand on Guard # 4, Avengers # 0, All-New All-Different Marvel Point-One.

The third item on this list has me wondering: is Marvel Editorial seeking to sever the link between Canada and the Alpha Flight brand?
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Still coughing, but less so than yesterday or last night. I still didn't get much sleep despite going to bed earlier than usual, though there were fewer interruptions last night. Maybe things will further improve tonight. Since I've promised to report for work in the morning, they'd better.

Meantime...I heard about Ta-Nehisi Coates writing a Black Panther story for Marvel. This should be Interesting. I've read his non-fiction stuff for The Atlantic, much of which has opened my eyes to many things. We'll come back to this later, I expect.

Odd note: Marvel's legal people seem to have decided "Registered Gifted" isn't a thing they want to protect anymore...? Like I said: it's odd. If you're building a cultural IP library the way Marvel's been doing for decades even before Disney's current role began, you don't take decisions like that as a rule.

About unemployment insurance in Canada: something I noticed today, for your reference. And on that note, I'll be turning on the TV to listen to Power and Politics. Rosemary Barton's taken the hosting reins from Evan Solomon rather well, thus far...
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Yeah, forty years since the original movie. Jaws and Captain Canuck are the same age, pretty much.

So there's a national anniversary event celebrating the original release of the Good Scary Shark Movie in the USA.

What I want to know is this: what's being done in Canada to mark the occasion?
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I wrote this up for the Pen and Paper writers workshop earlier tonight. It related to a story shared by [ profile] rfmcdpei today.

So I’m back to networking and searching and researching. Nothing new there, although the mix of jobs available keeps on changing. So do the resources used to chase those leads down. One of those leads, however, gave me a surprise this morning.

That resource is Workopolis. A web service spun out of the Globe and Mail as being somewhat of a distraction from its core business over a decade ago, Workopolis is one of a number of web sites devoted to making their money from advertisements aimed at Canadian job-seekers. Whether the ads are for jobs themselves or for services aimed at job-seekers doesn’t really matter a great deal.

And that’s the short version of what Workopolis is. A longer version of the explanation would take more time than any of us here at the moment can spare.

At present, I have about twenty “alerts” set up with Workopolis. Some are for specific types of jobs. Others are dedicated to watching what specific employers are seeking in prospective employees. Sometimes, those alerts will trigger unanticipated results. Including that surprise I mentioned at the top.

In this case, I had the alert subscription tagged as “ArtsMedia-Ottawa”. The rationale was that I wanted to keep an eye on job leads in – you guessed it! – arts and the media on a local scale. I have others for national and provincial-level leads. But the results evolved away from my intentions, and never more so than that day.

I’ll cite the text – partly to explain, partly to pass the word along, and partly to run up the word count:

The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia seeks an Archbishop to oversee, supervise and rule the Spiritual and Administrative organizations of all Canadian parishes (20-25) across Canada. Must have a degree in Theology, fluency in English, Russian, Old Russian and Old Church Slavonic. Must be proclaimed by Holy Canons of Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia, must be a Bishop and monk with 20 years of providing religious services and spiritual guidance with the Russian Orthodox Church . The Archbishop will be based at the Protection of the Holy Virgin Memorial Church, Ottawa, ON Canada and will be required to travel to parishes and dioceses across Canada and the USA. Wage $21.50 per hour for full-time (40 hours per week). Benefits: paid travel and accommodation expenses, medical coverage. Send your resume and cover letter to: (contact info deleted)

As you’ve likely guessed by now, I have no monastic experience. None. At all. Fluency in Russian, old Russian and Old Church Slavonic is also nonexistent.

The reason behind publicly posting this at all also escapes me. Was it a joke inspired by recent news events surrounding that church? Was it a real posting designed to avert legal actions by parties as yet unidentified? Your guess is as good as mine.

I await the results of investigations by others better qualified for that work than I am.


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