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1. Cooking pork ribs. They weren't exactly as dry as I wanted them to be, but this was my first attempt at this.

2. Freehand curve-sketching practice with new Pigma FB, MB, and BB brush pens.

3. There was a third achievement in there somewhere. I'm sure of it.
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Noting that Netflix isn't doing business inside mainland China, but they are offering their services in Traditional and Simplified Chinese langages anyway in assorted other markets.

Also noting that Star Trek: Discovery is being carried outside of the US and Canada by Netflix.

One of the supporting cast ships in the new series is USS Shenzhou NCC-1227.

Wondering if the dedication plaque will credit the Dalian Yards in mainland China for that starship. Dalian is where mainland China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaonang, was refitted to their navy's requirements.
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It feels like boasting, and yet it doesn't. For some reason, that paradox does make sense now that I'm on the other side of that weekend. Got a lot of chores done, but didn't set aside any time for illustration for fun or profit.

A "blah" mood should not have any kind of smile attached to its emoticon.

More thought later...
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Rob O'Flanagan asks questions about the nature and perceived value of public space for the Guelph Mercury.

An opinion piece in the Centretown Buzz has me wondering how someone born in Canada can be stripped of citizenship.

An article in the Guardian has researchers comparing Facebook to an infectious disease and wondering how much lifespan it has left to it. I suspect it might be hardier than the researchers currently believe, but whether it stays as useful as it's been...?

More as it comes to mind...


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