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I finally finished my first read-through this weekend, by the by. Seems like the scale of the story keeps steadily escalating with each volume, which I have no complaints about.

One other thing I notice towards the end is how the unintended consequences for economies in the process of scaling up can pile up PDQ...

Colder Day

Dec. 16th, 2016 07:09 pm
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Got some bills paid off or paid down. So that's progress. Small progress, but it's there.

Also, more job leads chased, and one of them from earlier in the week actually called me back to confirm that I'm still interested. We'll know on Monday if their client is taking this particular bait.

Still coping with Everything Else to the degree that I can.

More later.
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Some BBC Envy in play there, maybe?

I've mentioned thoughts of mine on the subject of funding the Ceeb before, right? The entry's four years old, but the idea of just putting a "Point of first sale" levy on everything capable of receiving, storing, replaying, retransmitting, copying, printing out CBC content and leaving the garage sales, second-hand stores, pawn shops and whatever else out of it still strikes me as a logical and relatively non-intrusive one as opposed to the BBC's annual license fee system.

I do like the idea of expanding the range of coverage of the news division, not to mention making the CBC a cultural ambassador-brand to the rest of the planet. It's as good a goal as promoting national unity within Canada.

Will return to this topic again at some point, no doubt.

At least it'll be on a more hopeful note next time.
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We used to have that. Maybe we should restart it?

Enter Scott Vrooman for the Toronto Star...

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Noting a few other things for the record...

Starting with the city's announcement of an environmental assessment as a prelude to possibly extending the Confederation Line of the O-Train network to the Canadian Tire Centre(AKA Corel Centre AKA Palladium). If this goes all the way to actually building the tracks and running the trains, there'll be a lot of happier hockey and music fans in this city. Especially out here on the eastern end, owing to the current transit times via the 4xx-series bus routes that feed that stadium on game and concert nights. And even if the Ottawa Senators do end up moving from Kanata's Palladium Drive to Lebreton Flats as many hope, the convenience will still be there for many on the western end of the line.

(Sidebar 1: And I can't see the CTC not still being useful for all manner of major public events for the next couple of decades in any case. Provided the facility is properly cared for by whoever owns it. Yes, that's a piece of advice to the owners I want to see heeded.)

(Sidebar 2: As soon as I see a link to City Hall's page(s) on the matter, I'll set that up here.)

Back to those Unrealistic Expectations held by OC Transpo management.

They're hoping to be rid of paper tickets and bus passes forever, with all regular users forced into the Presto card system. Effective next year.

Not a welcome idea. I want those physical proofs of payment, partly as souvenirs in their own right, partly as tax paperwork documentation. Because tax credits for public transit usage. And because the Presto system requires using the internet to pay the monthly fare. I don't know that I'll be able to maintain my own access to the internet until I'm physically unable to use public transit anymore (hopefully due to extreme old age). More to the point, there are many other people across this city who share such financial uncertainties for any combination of reasons. And even if we can figure that out, internet access can be denied to entire populations due to accident or malice. We've seen an example of the kinds of unexpected infrastructure issues that can pop up today with the Rideau Street Sinkhole Incident.

Better to leave transit users the option of paying for hardcopy bus passes for the long term. Much better.

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David Calnitsky wrote an opinion piece for today's edition of the Toronto Star on the subject of "mincome" (AKA "guaranteed annual income"). What worries me is that if the idea's adopted, certain parties will make sure the fix is in to ensure some kind of continuation of social stigma enforcement. Because they won't want to live in a world where they don't have a guaranteed-to-them group of people that they will always be able to look down upon and sneer at. Paranoid, I am. But I grew up in a world that had bullies in some classrooms and some school staff taught to enable the bullies' claim to power over their classmates. It happened.

Something to revisit and think over later...

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Now how many other funding sources have they got lined up?
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Some items of interest:

From CBC's Sunday Edition: A smallish town in Belgium has some interesting ideas going back a couple of centuries regarding mental health care.

In Scotland, some people are arguing over whether or not the Qu├ębecois example has anything to teach their debate on resuming independence from the UK. Sadly, I think the Parti Qu├ębecois has lost its footing on the progressive/small-l liberal path in recent years...or had it undermined from within, if Pierre-Karl Peladeau's presence is anything to go by.

There's a science-fiction archive to be rescued in California.

I was born too late for the days of Canada Student Grants. That annoys me in itself. Then I see stuff like this continuing to happen to people around me. Such news annoys me even more than the eight years I spent paying off my animation studies' student loan.

More as the day wears on...
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I really dislike seeing the CBC starved.

Consequently, headlines like this further distress me.

I've made my distress clear to my MP, but given his status as a Harper loyalist, I don't expect him to do anything I consider useful about the situation. I've got to wait until 2015, and that is likely to be made more problematic in other ways - though not necessarily for me personally - in the meantime, thanks to C-23 if it passes as is...
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You might be interested in this item written up by one Terry O'Reilly:

Terry O'Reilly is the the host of CBC Radio's Under the Influence, a show about the art, business, culture, history and issues of marketing in modern times. Strongly recommended.
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Why is it that an outfit calling itself "Fair Pensions for All" has leadership that considers it a good idea to target the pensions of Crown corporation employees for reductions instead of improving the pensions of the private sector workers to similar levels?

Source of inspiration for my ranty question:
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Weather's been weird, going from rain to shine to ice pellets to snow. Which doesn't stick around for more than a few seconds.

Did the first run on my annual financials this morning, and they look (relatively) good. Would be glad to see a further improvement this time next year, but there's no guarantees of that.

Pleased to note earlier this week the 75th "birthdays" of Lois Lane and Clark Kent. As in "anniversary of the publication of their first adventures".

Enjoyed "Hide" on Doctor Who tonight. Yes, I know it's got its flaws. I still had fun.

Stuff I've been reading of late:

Vanishing Vancouver: the Last 25 Years by Michael Kluckner.
Werner Ernst Noffke: Ottawa's Architect by Shannon Ricketts.

More stuff to follow...
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Here in town this week, in response to some things I've been finding very scary of late:

Gives me hope that we can salvage a future worth living in, worth living for, hereabouts. That's what reading this article does.
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Okay. Some of you know that I've been a SHIELD/Nick Fury fan for a while now. So my interest in Secret Warriors won't be a surprise.

Some stuff's been going on in the last couple of issues that almost threw me out of the story. Now, I'm not so sure that Jonathan Hickman hasn't in fact thought things through.

Allow me to explain... )


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