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1. Just saw the new Defenders trailer. I like it.

2. A scientist at U of Maryland is watching the activism of post-2016 Americans. I note the following paragraphs with interest, echoing Marvel's "#itsallconnected" promotional hashtag:

"(Dana) Fisher noted that protesters' motivations at recent marches were unlike anything she'd seen before. Whenever she surveys demonstrators, she allows them to check off their reasons for protesting from a list of causes: “Women's rights,” “Environment,” “Racial justice,” “Equality,” “Peace,” “Labor,” “Religion.” Typically, protesters will tend to pick the same, single motivation: the environment at a climate march, LGBTQ rights at a pride parade.

But at recent marches, “I asked about the issues that mobilized them, and they were just like, 'All of them. Across the board, I’m here because of all of them,' ” Fisher said."

3. Two more from Heather Mallick that I like: one on the value of taxes, and the other on snakes. Not the kind that [personal profile] mcwetboy is comfortable with, either.

4. More later. Maybe a hopeful rant about Star Trek: Discovery doing location shoots in Ottawa some day? (I can dream of it, can't it?)
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Tried to nail down some further resources for mental self-care.
Got a haircut.
Checked in with several friends.
Applied for a half-dozen jobs (so far today).
Did continuing battle with bigots in the comments sections of several articles hosted on iPolitics-dot-ca.
Got some shopping done.

A productive day. So far.
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I'm listening to a guy complain about a squirrel stealing broccoli from his garden at the ByMUG meeting right now, speaking of what he's done to avenge the theft. "Avenge" is strictly my choice of verb for it, mind you. It entertains me to listen to such things, as well as family misadventures in an Israeli desert, discussions of various software compatible with more recent iterations of Mac OS X and on and on it goes.

I'm on [ profile] warrenellis' "Orbital Operations" mailing list, and from there, I read this interview on about life on the Internet of today. Disturbing, yet hopeful. Maybe we - as a species - manage to salvage enough of whatever else is trying to survive us living on this planet, maybe not.

Last night, I rummaged through YouTube and found that The Agenda's people salvaged a 1976 interview from The Education of Mike McManus with the late Mel Hurtig. It's a bit of video history archeology in action there, dating back to when a kid in grade school in Saskatchewan wouldn't have a hope in Heaven or Hell of seeing a TVOntario show without some expensive intervention from either CBC or the local school board or public library. VHS and Beta were just starting their fight at the time, I think, right?

More as it occurs to me.

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Ten weeks to go.

We've almost gotten a bit of everything this week in terms of local weather, although the snow seems to have been unenthusiastic about showing up. This being mid-March, perhaps we should not be surprised by that.

More later, as it's too early in the morning and not enough time before I leave for the office to chat much.
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Back at work two days now and I've finally started doing actual work. Certain paperwork, real and virtual, needed squaring away. Still surprised by the short notice of this rehire, but I can't afford to snub it. Ten weeks, right?


Looking forward to CAN-CON a week from tomorrow. Also, the Book Fair however shortly after that. And looking forward to having a realistic chance of finally filling out my Saint collection. Starting with the full text of Enter the Saint.

More and hopefully more coherent chatter later on in the weekend.
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...and I've been checking job boards, listening to the Sunday Edition on Radio One, vacuuming the residence, getting milk and doing some other stuff like trying to polish off a practice pencil sketch of Daredevil.

I miss drawing regularly. I used to be able to say that I spent at least an hour of every day working with pencil or pen and putting something that made visual sense to paper. Now I go anywhere from a day to two weeks without that. There is something Wrong in this.

However, there's other things to do in the meantime. Today, it's the ByMUG meeting at Patty's in the Market.

Just so you know.
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Decided to fiddle with some wordmark design practice as well today whilst listening to the World Cup Final.

In case you're wondering, I have no stake in this one. Argentina vs. Deutschland? Meh. If Canada were in there? Yeah, I'd probably be screaming like some of the background noise we're hearing on the radio or the TV. As it is, I'm not too excited. It's fun to watch other people across the world vent their hopes and fears regarding the "Beautiful Game", though. And I might go take in an Ottawa Fury FC match at Lansdowne Park sometime in the next few weeks just to see if I get caught up in the fun. (Yes, if anyone in Ottawa-Gatineau reading this wants to join in the fun and/or experimentation, I'd consider turning a solo trip into a group expedition. You know where to find my e-mail address.)

Anyway, it's good to have the background noise while I teach myself the typography and FX tools of Adobe Illustrator CS4.

More on other stuff later...
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1. The Vietnamese alphabet font project's passed a milestone: all major glyphs roughed out. Now it looks like I'm going to need to nail down some additional detail in most of the glyphs.

2. The weather hereabouts is not exactly setting my heart on fire. Grey, wet, and unenthusiastic even in its snowfall or ice pellet precipitation.

3. Hoping that Marvel's Revolutionary War arc doesn't result in a Purging of UK-based characters. I find myself growing less fond of character purges as I age.

4. Left open for topics of your choosing.
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So, the wind chill warnings are still in effect for Ottawa-Gatineau today. I may yet go downtown for assorted errands and friendship reaffirmations, but will indeed be bundling up heavily if I do so. Seems the only sensible thing to do.

Also, continuing my revival of the practice of writing and sending letters on actual paper. One more letter went out in yesterday's post to a friend of long-standing, and I hope to get at least one more in by Saturday morning.
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The song may have been intended as a Québecois separatist anthem, but it still works for Canada as a whole. At least, for today. The wind chill around this town was pain enough this morning to walk to the local mall for grocery errands as it was.

Add in the winter storm warnings provided by Environment Canada for tonight, and I've more than enough grounds to keep as close to home as possible.

So...fiddling with the web and Adobe Illustrator and looking for the Vulcan equivalent of Microgramma Bold Extended this afternoon. I've got a wordmark here I'd like to translate, you see...

Apologies to the people at Bell and Boeing. Seemed like a fun idea at the time and still does.
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Okay, so that's another weekend over and done.

What did you think?
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I’ve been having one of those days. The kind of day where there’s this one tooth in the back that keeps acting up, no matter how much headache medication you throw at your nervous system to suppress the little nuisance.

Once one of those aches takes hold, your concentration is more than likely going to be shot as far as creative effort is concerned. It won’t even have to resemble anything close to an actual cavity.

No, really.

Not being sure that I want to go into much further detail – some people would consider details of dental care to be under the category of “too much information” – but whilst remaining firmly rooted, the annoying teeth still sent out the occasional pang. So, this recurring pang disrupts a number of things, including the writing of cover letters in e-mail form, as well as the writing of actual essays.

Such as this one, yes.

Such was not the case yesterday.

I went to Lowertown yesterday for a barbecue hosted by a friend of mine, and there was no such distraction then. There were other distractions provided by the food and the travel route itself, true. Starting with an inflatable scarlet gorilla on Slater Street at Telus Place. That was an attention-grabber.

Someone actually thought such a “mascot” was worth paying money for. It’s not the first such “mascot” any of us have ever seen, true enough. You can all name at least one example of similar oddities in your own experience.

The impression I got of the northeastern corner of Lowertown is a visually mixed one. Co-op housing side-by-side with relics dating back to the 19th Century, forty-year-old single-family houses left to rot boarded-up, right next to some of the best-kept yards in the city. Housing, next to lawyers’ offices, across the street from a paramedic post, itself kitty-corner across the intersection of King Edward and Murray from the Shepherds of Good Hope.

Lowertown is a proper hodgepodge, the kind of neighbourhood that Jane Jacobs would have been satisfied to see survive into the present, despite the efforts to take it apart in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

The widening of King Edward would be the one fly in that particular ointment, of course. Originally, it was to be a sunken freeway splitting Lowertown in two in the name of “urban improvement”, but for the protests inspired by Toronto’s example. That widening of King Edward could have been characterized as a sort of revenge against the resistance to top-down “improvement” imposed by City Hall and developers determined to know better than the people who lived there up to that point.

Anyway, the barbecue was fun.
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Watched Cracked tonight. It's a mix of police procedural, soap opera, psychological drama, psychological education...and while I suspect it doesn't always avoid the stereotyping trap, it's going to be a good series if it's allowed to last. Next week's supposed to be the last installment of its first season. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Healing from the weekend accident discussed in the previous posting quickly enough. This is good, for the office work, writing or drawing...whichever happens to be the stuff at hand at the moment. Right palm was aching with every move the hand made for the first day or two. Not so much now, thankfully.

Looking forward to the next WritersFest edition.

Week Two

Dec. 24th, 2012 06:05 am
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Owing to Christmas and Boxing Days, this work week is going to be truncated.

I've still got presents to draw for certain relatives. Owing to the family celebrating a combination of Gregorian and Julian calendar editions, though, I may yet have a little time to get that done well.

That, and some laundry chores.

More later...
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...but two entries from two years ago got targeted by spammers today. Rather half-hearted efforts, at that. One spam attempt per entry.

Considering what some of you out there have been coping with, and what I've been dealing with over at over the last few months, I've been fortunate here. So far.

More tomorrow on other topics...
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I've yet to visit the Diefenbunker. It's on my bucket list.
The Bunker.


Oct. 22nd, 2012 08:51 pm
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I'm done with this one.

Hoping tomorrow's better.
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That's how today's felt, weather issues notwithstanding. Which was a good reinforcement to last night's post-CAN-CON 2012 news and festivities at Colonnade Pizza's Centretown restaurant.

(More on that veiled good news likely to be forthcoming either on [ profile] can_con_news or on our Facebook group in due course.)

Went out to the Geek Market at the Sportsplex and met up with several friends this morning, went back downtown to get caught up on stuff with the Writers Festival organizers, and right now I'm updating the job search diary.

Which is also a good balm for the soul, having found ads for jobs I'd like to do for a living this week...
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...and the MBP is home again. I should be migrating the Time Machine'd files back into the thing right now, or at least making sure that the repairs held up before I do that. But, no. One more night with the iBook before I go back to status quo ante...whatever the word in Latin is for "malfunctions".

(For a "dead" language, Latin certainly still sees a lot of action. I'm neither the first nor the last to notice this, right?)

Had fun attending the panels on maps for fantasy novels and on the art of villain-building. Not so much with the transit connections between Bayshore Mall and Bells Corners. It's almost as if - should you want to get to Bells Corners from the Rideau Centre - the direct routes westward are not the ones OC Transpo planners want the passengers to use.

No. It seems as you're encouraged to go southeast to Hurdman Station and then make your way westward along Route 118 on Heron-Baseline.

At least on a Saturday or Sunday.

More as it occurs to mind...
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Research at City Hall went well. So did writing workshop.

Tomorrow, there may be room for improvement.


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