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Had an exam at the Eye Institute on Friday. The specialist handling my file pronounced my situation "rock stable" and recommended that we do this again in about six months. I am more than happy to go along with this suggestion.
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Going to work as normal, but leaving early for the Eye Institute quarterly check-up. After that, dilation drops or not, I expect to go back to the office and do what I can for the rest of the work day. I promised as much.

Meantime, installing more brushes in MangaStudio/Clip Studio Paint tonight. Where to "file" the skin and hair "brushes"?
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A friendly acquaintance recently got new eyeglasses, and thereby put me in mind of a long-standing beef with the eyeglass designers of the world. At least the ones whose products get to the opticians I can visit in person: I don't like vertically-narrowed lens-frames.

What's available is getting slimmer along the vertical by the year, and I can't help but feel like my eyes are under more physical threat from the elements as a result.


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