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[personal profile] ffutures was asking if linking like this was doable. Just grab the desired image-size linkage from within the Flickr-hosted image of your choosing - and make sure you've got permission to do so, unless it's from your own account there, in which case go to town! - and plunk it down via HTML editing here at Dreamwidth.

(Backstory: this image is from the Ottawa Science Rally on Parliament Hill a few months ago.)

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So I've set this group up earlier tonight. Strictly unofficial, of course.

If you want in, and you've got a a Flickr account, send me a line via FlickrMail...?
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So, this happened recently...flattering, really. Thank you!

200 kilo-views!
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Whatever else I think of the Lansdowne Park redevelopment, there's at least bit of visual coolness added to the skyline of the city now. And the CFL is back in town as well.

Check out this visual by one James Peltzer, people...

The Vale and the Stands : July 18
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It's not new, but since they decided to aggravate it for me and hundreds - possibly thousands - of other users tonight...

To Flickr- A Layout-Design Complaint - 23 June 2014
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I just had my linkage options changed up on me today by Flickr management. Seems that I'm expected to do a little extra work to set up posts based on Flickr photos here on LJ now.

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I've been trying to add one particular photo to a Flickr group I founded, and also add a few "tags" to it.

Didn't work in Firefox (several attempts made), but it did in Safari.

What goes on here?
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Wondering who else has been experiencing a stats nose-dive with their Flickr accounts...?
Big screencap after the cut! )
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What the Hell Facebook management just did to the page layout THIS time???

And why Google Profile's looking to try to mimic Facebook.

And why Flickr's under orders to try to mimic Facebook's layout now, too.

I don't NEED Flickr and Google to behave like Facebook clones.


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