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You know how for years, people wanted Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill play out the dialogue of The Killing Joke, and eventually we got that direct-to-video movie out of that desire of the audience?

Well, there's the first ten(?) pages of Jessica Jones # 8 from Marvel this past month. Two characters, Jones herself and Maria Hill, in Jessica's bathroom. Spoiler-free as I can make it, it's a combination plot-infodump, airing of grievances, confessionals, and contract negotiations between the two characters.

I would like to see/hear Krysten Ritter and Cobie Smulders play out that scene in character.
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Remember this comment from a year and a half or so ago?

I'm still looking for a Discman-style gadget.
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For Black Panther?

Wakanda's languages being built up, like we've seen with tlhIngan Hol in the Star Trek worlds.

Yes, I expect Wakanda has more than one locally-evolved language. Certainly, they've picked up words from other African languages over the centuries. And being a coalition of cultures that take pride in knowledge, many of even their most traditionalist tribes make certain to be fluent in multiple tongues. Yet it's been long-established that there is at least one language the Wakandans truly call their own. And reality in linguistics being what it is, history and logic suggest there should be more than the one.

For Agents of SHIELD and its collection of related titles?

A guide to the organization itself. Current writer Marc Guggenheim has Coulson recently claiming that he works for Washington, mere months after Mark Waid portrays him as insisting that the "H for Homeland" more accurately means "Homeworld". In Civil War II # 0, Brian Michael Bendis reminds us of the organization's United Nations connections.

Outside of their own series, we have at least one of their agents, Mockingbird headlining her own book. (About damn time!) Both Captains America titles, Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers, have ongoing relationships with the organization. Howling Commandos of SHIELD recently wrapped up some of the adventures of their supernatural interventions via the STAKE division. Black Widow has an on-again-off-again work relationship with SHIELD (currently "off", but don't expect that to last forever). The organization shares the Triskelion complex in New York Harbor with the current incarnation of the Ultimates...and on it goes.

(Don't get me started again on their Helicarriers and "Battlecarriers". Not right now. If you've seen my Pericles Project folder on Flickr, you know how much enthusiasm I can pour into that topic.)

We need a handbook to the organization itself. An "Agent Orientation Manual" if you will. No need to get into the minutiae of clauses of international treaties and internal regulations that should govern SHIELD, but something that nails down the current "broad strokes" of its history, current prominent personnel-characters, technology, operations, adversaries and methods.

For Alpha Flight, now pent up in the pages of Captain Marvel?

A better understanding of how what began as a government-run superhero team tied to my home country became an international planetary defence force. That seems to be slowly unfolding. I await developments with interest.

More as I mull it over.

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Watched that movie at Landmark Orléans 10 last night. It was a good show all around. The production team stuck pretty close to the spirit and broad strokes of the novel, allowing for "show, don't tell" doctrine to work out properly. The hard science was used as written. Performances were pretty darned good.

Oh, and I want to buy schematics for the Hermes, the Ares habs, rovers, MAVs, etc.. Please?
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But I've been talking with a guy over on Facebook about the merits and values and cultural assumptions of X-Files and Agents of SHIELD. They both come at the "Men in Black" thing from different places, governmental conspiracies and other such memes as well.

I do think we need both of these shows on the cultural stages of the world, precisely because of that difference of perspective.

In the process of reaching that conclusion with the other gent, I had a thought or two about SHIELD-as-TV-series and what I want from that in the months or years to come. If they can get to it between disruptions by assorted Marvel movies' plotline requirements. Which isn't guaranteed.

One: Skye's coming around to Coulson's way of thinking about various issues seemed a bit rushed. Which we can tie back to Winter Soldier to some extent. What I want is for both Skye and Coulson to find on occasion that maybe that rush has had its bad consequences for both of them. (Granted that Coulson's own TAHITI-related issues may have helped push him in Skye's political direction somewhat. Perhaps not far enough, given how fast Coulson got his answers about that.)

Two: The whole core team needs their own Sidney Freedman. Or Simon LaGrieve from the old Ostrander-written Suicide Squad comics. Psychological counselling, competently delivered no matter how weird the situation for the lead characters got. Even if the characters had to ignore the counsel for whatever reasons.

Not sure that Marvel would go that route, not with the back half of this year's episodes already probably half "in the can", but I want it.
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For your entertainment. You might recognize a few of these from various pop culture venues.

Subject to change, as ever...
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Two things I came across recently:

1. A little thing on the Robot 6 blog on about architectural drawings tied to the series Locke and Key. The series isn't exactly my cuppa, but I know some of you out there have a love for it. So.

2. I'd heard that a Haynes-issue book on the Death Star and related space hardware from Star Wars was in the works for a couple of months. It's on my own "want list". Spotted it recently at a couple of local booksellers. If you want a sense of why I'd like to have it in my genre tech art reading collection, here you go, courtesy of

3. One more thing I'd like to see done?

A SHIELD Agents' Orientation Manual. Preferred candidates to contribute material, be it text or artwork to include the following:

Complete with a history of known Helicarrier classes to date, details of the old SHIELD NYC HQ bases(the first one under the barber shop, and the skyscraper that formed one of the key venues of Nick Fury vs. SHIELD), and an assortment of the other gadgetry in the arsenal. And if they want to throw in the Urbis Immortalis under Rome as designed by Dustin Weaver, go for it.

Just saying.


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