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I saw that movie tonight. I laughed, I cried, I swore (in both official languages)...and it was worth it.

Music video (that's actually related)!

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Now how many other funding sources have they got lined up?
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There ought to be a second Bon Cop, Bad Cop movie. Colm Feore's still tied up working on The Borgias, though, right? And what about Patrick Huard?

More on other stuff later today.
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Finished and sent off another page to Ian tonight, so the home stretch process continues. I've got a few ideas on layouts for the next page already in the mental hopper, so progress on that shouldn't be too long in coming.

Also posted a sketch on the artblog a day or two ago, inspired by my movie-love for Bon Cop, Bad Cop. The characters wouldn't make a half-bad comics series cast, to be honest. There are ways to make it work.

Now all we need is to get the right production company execs in the same room with the right comics publisher.
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Inspired by this entry from co-writer Alex Epstein's blog.

Interesting revelation on your blog. Sad to see the ROC box office figures being what they are, because I know that in my neck of the Ottawa woods, the buzz has been VERY good indeed.

In fact, I'm planning on going back for a second viewing within the week. I'm also pleasantly surprised to see the film actually holding on in the Ottawa market for five weeks now. I don't think I've seen a made-in-Canada movie do this well since Men With Brooms.

You'd think that being able to laugh at Ontarians and Quebecois both making laughingstocks of themselves at select points throughout the movie would fill lots of seats in the western and Maritime provinces. (And I speak as a Saskatchewan-born and Prairie-raised kid, so I like to think I have *some* expertise on this point! *grin*)

Thanks again for contributing to a Damn Good Movie, Alex!


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