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2017-10-17 05:51 am

Counting Down the Days

Eight more work days and two more dental appointments...and I'll be back on the job market.

More later this afternoon/evening...
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2017-10-16 05:47 am
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ST: DSC "Choose Your Pain"

Seems like Lorca, Tyler, Mudd, and Stamets all made choices about pain. One way and another...
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2017-10-12 08:26 pm

Episode 8 Trailer 3 - Quick Notes

They're showing us a lot of things we've been expecting to finally see over the last couple of years since The Force Awakens, but this is Lucasfilm backed by Disney now. I tend to suspect that the order of events shown us, as well as the context, is being deliberately obscured. In what ways...that's yet to be answered. There is an art and a science to editing these trailers.

Also, I wonder about this question: what if Rey and Ren decide to walk - or limp or fly - away from the whole Sith/Jedi-First Order/Resistance mess at the end of this installment?
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2017-10-10 09:28 pm
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Star Wars 8: In Case You're Wondering

Yes, I saw the new trailer. Looks good, and I suspect that it's misleading in some way.

More later.
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2017-10-08 04:07 pm

Radio, Active: Pipelines

Listening to Cross-Country Checkup and its discussion on the consequences of the cancellation of the Energy East pipeline project.

Speaking for myself, whatever one thinks of climate derangement, I'm grateful for my lungs' sake for the cancellation decision.
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2017-10-05 09:15 pm

ST: Discovery - Gamma Hydra Sector Question

Just how busy was that sector in May 2256, anyway? When Adm. Anderson sent out the "red alert" call in "Battle of the Binary Stars", he was able to get 10 other ships to show up within the space of however many hours...
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2017-10-05 09:05 pm

Facebook is acting up yet again... I may as well stick around here for the foreseeable. Facebook seems to have some antipathy to its user base's mental health, anyway.
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2017-10-04 06:01 am

Tools for Solving or Slowing Down Ocean Acidification?

Ian Gould, my partner on the Local Hero comics project, pointed this one out to me this morning:

Useful or not?
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2017-10-02 10:24 pm
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Trekkish Question

What if Ferenginar is a victim of runaway climate derangement?
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2017-09-28 09:24 pm

Another Thursday Done


The "Hotumn" heat wave finally broke after the rainfall yesterday. Not happy with the news of other people losing the rooftops of their houses or apartment buildings yesterday. Just because it didn't happen to me...does that matter?

I went to National Capital FreeNet's 25 Anniversary party tonight. This week's been one of the more active for me Not Going Directly Home After Work. Good party, although I had to leave when the band started. Not a reflection on their performance, but on the accoustics of the ground floor of Ottawa City Hall.

Oh, they launched a book on the history of NCF at this party too, along with reminding us all of joint initiatives with Ottawa Community Housing, ACORN Canada, and CIRA.
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2017-09-27 10:06 pm

Paranoid Thought re: Boeing vs. Bombardier

Putinists might be more than a little pleased with this consequence of DT-45's installation as US president.


Because Bombardier is Canada's main aircraft manufacturer. And it's headquartered in Montréal, Québec. One of its main extranational plants is in Northern Ireland. Both QC and Northern Ireland are national unity faultlines of their respective "parent" nations. (Yes, I am using "parent" in a dangerous way here. Understood. Let's move on for now.)

If Bombardier gets killed as a company because of this mess, that means major high-tech job losses in Canada and the UK, each in their respective national unity "faultline" zones. Which can lead to NATO's internal political cohesion taking a hit due to Canadian and British resentment of Washington's siding with Boeing.

So, two NATO countries internally disrupted, resenting a third which is itself already disrupted. Defence supply chains within NATO also messed up.

Am I wrong about this theory?
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2017-09-27 07:53 pm

A crazy thought about Alpha Flight, Marvel Movies and Music

Crazy thought for an Alpha Flight movie set in the MCU: Heather McNeil performing the BNL song "Odds Are" in a Calgary karaoke joint as part of her courtship of James Hudson. Anyone who (a) knows the lyrics and (b) knows the history of Heather and Mac will know why it has to be that song.
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2017-09-25 07:24 pm

On Reports and Discovery

I was going to explore my reactions to Star Trek: Discovery(AKA "DSC") in greater depth, and you may expect that later in this entry. For the moment, a surprising bit of news from closer to home arrived this morning: Rick Mercer's announcement that the Mercer Report will be closing up shop at the end of what will be its fifteenth season CBC Television.

Allow me to share his announcement via his own recording...

I admit that I see this as another sign of something akin to a Canadian Apocalypse. Some of you who've been watching this weblog for a while will be making informed deductions and/or guesses as to what some of the other signs are.

I'm not happy. But it's Rick's choice to make. Not mine. Not CBC's.

Okay, on to DSC.

What we ended up getting on Sunday night, after delays thanks to CBS' contractual obligations to the NFL impacting on BellMedia's obligations to CBS, was the first two episodes of DSC. Aired back to back, with "The Vulcan Hello" followed immediately by "Battle at the Binary Stars". Together they form what you might call either a prologue or a full Act One of the first season's larger story.

Without giving away too much, it's a good setup for whatever else we're about to get this year.

I'm still getting over my bout of design history dissonance considering this is supposed to be happening about a year after the events of "The Cage" and ten years before "Where No Man Has Gone Before". The uniforms, the user interface designs, the starship architecture...all seem a bit out of place with those two episodes of the original series. We're being promised explanations and evolution over time, to be sure. How fast the production team delivers is up to them. Our reactions to that speed - or the lack of it - are up to us.

Just about everything else: the scripts, the performances of the live actors, the visual effects work...all meet my hopes.

That visual dissonance remains. For now, anyway.

One bit of advice to CBS and its production partners: please show the episode titles in the episode itself.
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2017-09-24 12:25 pm

Bracing for Discovery

"Hotumn" continues in Ottawa-Gatineau. Sweat from scalp to soles is normal-abnormal right now. Sleep continues to be a luxury item by virtue of being a medical necessity.

The Invictus Games are underway in Toronto, as are the German elections, the continuing weather/climate turmoil in the Caribbean Islands, the post-quake trauma in several regions of Mexico...and on it goes. This world continues to be a busy place, defying anyone's ability to fully understand it at any one moment. I can still live with that.

The Big Event for me as a science fiction fan tonight is Star Trek: Discovery's opening episode, "The Vulcan Hello". I can't say that I'm pleased with the idea of the series being available by subscription-streaming over the Net everywhere else on the planet, but at least Canada's managed to avoid that for now via Space Channel.

Also, I'm still getting used to this being the first Trek branch-series filmed on soundstages outside the USA. In Toronto, of all places. Just over four hours away from me by passenger train. This wasn't a thing I'd ever really expected to happen. Sure, I'd imagined branch series created for every language in which Trek is watched these days in the places where those languages were most presently in use. Which was probably less than practical, even nowadays.

Not sure yet about the design aesthetics of the series, but we'll see how it goes. Looking forward to those maps they've been talking about in Lorca's ready room...
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2017-09-19 05:55 am

Random Links, Early in the Morning

On fictional user interface design for film and TV:

On Brexit's campaign against anti-corruption efforts (and yes, I wrote that as intended):
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2017-09-18 09:42 pm

Discovery: In Case You Wondered

Since the series is going to air on Space Channel here in Canada - thank the Great Bird, the Prophets, the Grand Material Continuum, Surak and Kahless for that! - I do plan to watch the series. I do not like this "streaming-subscription" business model.

Noting the first four episode titles per
  • The Vulcan Hello
  • Battle at the Binary Stars
  • Context is for Kings
  • The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry

Some attention-getters as episode titles go, yes?