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Someone in Ottawa-Gatineau's got to be doing the same for our local productions sooner or later, right?
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Just leaving this here:

Not saying I'm going to skip the movie. But I want it known that I've noticed this aspect of things too.

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Looking at this for a few minutes...

It gets me thinking about the logistics for location VFX work that would be needed for some of the projects I hope to see on the big - or small - screen before I die. Classic version of Northguard, as originally created by Mark Shainblum and Gabriel Morrissette, with the story set in Montréal, maybe. Or, going back to Marvel for a moment, a story featuring the classic Canadian-made Alpha Flight set in Ottawa or Toronto or Vancouver (or, hopefully, some combination of the three cities). Or any version of Captain Canuck...

The filming restrictions in play in NYC for Avengers' purposes, or in Washington for use in The Winter Soldier, would be applicable to some extent here. Ottawa being a national capital, with all the issues that go with that, you couldn't not expect some of the same hurdles ILM and their partner/competitors had to deal with on those productions.

I may revisit this train of thought. Not sure where to take it yet. 


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