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Just before leaving the current day job for the weekend, I heard from Alan Neal on CBC Radio's All in a Day the following good news: Amal el-Mohtar, a local SF&F author, is a Hugo Award nominee!

Confirmation from the author...

Wishing her the best of luck!


Jan. 17th, 2017 03:03 pm
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Got some work applications in and some poetry for workshop written for tonight. Seems like, despite all the Bad Stuff happening elsewhere in the world, I managed to be productive anyway.

So, there's that. Maybe I might actually get some sketchbook time in as well today?
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...for the Pen and Paper Workshop. No idea how many will be able to show up, thanks to the weather tonight. If I don't see more than three other faces before 7 PM, I expect I'll be headed back home again.
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...that the first thing I did this morning - before even breakfast - was to work up an opinion piece linking Gamergate to the Trumpquake to the possibility of a Constitutional Convention in 2019 possibly ending the 19th Amendment of the US Constitution re: womens' voting rights. Dunno where I'm going to get it published, mind you.

Damn, but I'm feeling apocalyptic again. I don't like it.
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Expecting to be at the Rideau Library for Pen and Paper Writing Workshop's either that or become unconscious in the basement at home from lack of sleep...
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Job alerts that I've subscribed with other purposes in mind - say, "clerk - Ottawa" - getting clogged with notices from Uber looking for drivers. Or for "newsperson" and getting notices of jobs at banks.

Not appropriate. Maybe I need to do some additional editing on my saved searches' parameters?
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Alex Epstein is someone whose musings on writing for TV I might have linked to previously. He's hit another bulls'eye with this essay on another aspect of working on serial drama.

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Call for advice re: language-switching in interface design. Assuming a multilingual crew, and the desirability to be able to switch a given console between users' languages at need/whim, has anyone figured out a good visual shorthand for specific languages? Say, if I want hot buttons for the six official languages of the United Nations plus a handful of the more heavily used alternatives (and one button for "all the rest that our OS programmers could anticipate agent-crew using")?

Also noting: Stratum family fonts are great for text in languages using the Latin alphabet, but limited to that writing system.
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Saw Gwynne Dyer at Centretown United Church last night. It was another of his WritersFest appearances, this time for Don't Panic!, his latest on Middle East terrorism. Myths dispelled, opinions dispensed (but no guarantees that they'll be agreeable ones, even though they're well-informed), and so forth.

I'll be attending CAN-CON 2015 this weekend. Not sitting on any panels this time around, but just attending as one more fan.

Meantime, this is a sort of down-time day. Mostly, I expect to spend it on job-searches and the occasional bit of actual paper letter-writing.

More as it occurs to me, hopefully!
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Now that Mark Waid's last issue for the foreseeable future as writer of the series is out of the way, I think that, as a reader I'm going to step away from the series as well. For the time being, anyway.


Spoilers after the cut )

I'll be telling my local comics dealer shortly. And then maybe I get back to federal election chatter. Or I mention something from Saskatchewan that annoyed me in the lettercolumn of We Stand on Guard # 3. Mind's not yet made up on that point.
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I wrote this up for the Pen and Paper writers workshop earlier tonight. It related to a story shared by [ profile] rfmcdpei today.

So I’m back to networking and searching and researching. Nothing new there, although the mix of jobs available keeps on changing. So do the resources used to chase those leads down. One of those leads, however, gave me a surprise this morning.

That resource is Workopolis. A web service spun out of the Globe and Mail as being somewhat of a distraction from its core business over a decade ago, Workopolis is one of a number of web sites devoted to making their money from advertisements aimed at Canadian job-seekers. Whether the ads are for jobs themselves or for services aimed at job-seekers doesn’t really matter a great deal.

And that’s the short version of what Workopolis is. A longer version of the explanation would take more time than any of us here at the moment can spare.

At present, I have about twenty “alerts” set up with Workopolis. Some are for specific types of jobs. Others are dedicated to watching what specific employers are seeking in prospective employees. Sometimes, those alerts will trigger unanticipated results. Including that surprise I mentioned at the top.

In this case, I had the alert subscription tagged as “ArtsMedia-Ottawa”. The rationale was that I wanted to keep an eye on job leads in – you guessed it! – arts and the media on a local scale. I have others for national and provincial-level leads. But the results evolved away from my intentions, and never more so than that day.

I’ll cite the text – partly to explain, partly to pass the word along, and partly to run up the word count:

The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia seeks an Archbishop to oversee, supervise and rule the Spiritual and Administrative organizations of all Canadian parishes (20-25) across Canada. Must have a degree in Theology, fluency in English, Russian, Old Russian and Old Church Slavonic. Must be proclaimed by Holy Canons of Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia, must be a Bishop and monk with 20 years of providing religious services and spiritual guidance with the Russian Orthodox Church . The Archbishop will be based at the Protection of the Holy Virgin Memorial Church, Ottawa, ON Canada and will be required to travel to parishes and dioceses across Canada and the USA. Wage $21.50 per hour for full-time (40 hours per week). Benefits: paid travel and accommodation expenses, medical coverage. Send your resume and cover letter to: (contact info deleted)

As you’ve likely guessed by now, I have no monastic experience. None. At all. Fluency in Russian, old Russian and Old Church Slavonic is also nonexistent.

The reason behind publicly posting this at all also escapes me. Was it a joke inspired by recent news events surrounding that church? Was it a real posting designed to avert legal actions by parties as yet unidentified? Your guess is as good as mine.

I await the results of investigations by others better qualified for that work than I am.
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Many happy returns of the day to you!

Also, thanks for DS9: The Missing! Seeing Beverly, Katherine, and others through different eyes like this>? Worth the money at the bookstore!

Wondering what Elim Garak might make of Cohen's song "Democracy"...?
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I wrote some stuff for workshop today. It wasn't the best thing I've ever done, won't be the best thing I'll ever do. It helped me scratch an itch about two movies I've enjoyed, though, and kept me a little saner than I might be otherwise. So it was worth it to me.
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Stumbled across this tonight with help from Some of you with an interest in things medieval and suchlike might be interested.

Nothing like old things given new life, is there?
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I think this was my fifth letter in almost as many weeks since learning of the service reduction news re: Canada Post.

Tonight's hardcopy-mail is off to the Vinyl Cafe. Seems like a good time to sign my name to a thank-you note to Stuart McLean for his work these past decades. I've called him "the most ruthless storyteller in Canada" and yes, that's still intended as a compliment. Based on his interview with Broadcasting Canada host Kevin Caners, I suspect he would deny himself the title. No matter. The "Dave and Morley" stories are that good.

More on other stuff as the evening wears on, I hope...
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Written on the spur of the moment for tonight's Pen and Paper writing workshop:


The wording all-important
The filter software all-powerful
The difference
between food and none.


The reach of one’s words
all out of proportion to that
motivated by a cake
within one’s line of sight.

Cats and Cameras
Inspired by a CBC Report

Saw a story today
from a town in Alberta
that feels like it ought
to be remembered.

Did I visit at some point?

Not sure.

But at least one cat
of great ambition
calls it home.

As a cameraman
and his reporter found
in Bonnyville’s streets
doing a look-live
for the Mothercorp.

Climbed the cameraman
like he was a mountain.
Amused the reporter
to her laughter.

Then topped that
with further ambition:
the camera itself
the goal of the cat.

Alas, though his ambition
took him to new heights,
he could not keep them.

Great was his scowl,
immortalized for the web
by Mothercorp.

The cat still has no name
but we will remember him
for ambition alone.
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You'll probably see me with camera at hand over at the Knox Presbyterian Church this afternoon. There's a couple of events at the Ottawa International Writers Festival I've agreed to cover today, and I've got to get out the door shortly about that.

See you later...


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