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1. Cooking pork ribs. They weren't exactly as dry as I wanted them to be, but this was my first attempt at this.

2. Freehand curve-sketching practice with new Pigma FB, MB, and BB brush pens.

3. There was a third achievement in there somewhere. I'm sure of it.
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Another long weekend over and done.

Didn't get a lot done to be honest. Some shopping errands, some photography, checking in with several friends...oh, and saw Atomic Blonde at the advice of several of you on Saturday night. Not a bad show.
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Another weekend done. Actually managed to get at least half an hour of sketchbook time in during the weekend.

More after work, if I can get my brain to focus.
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Today was a statutory holiday because Confederation Day fell on a Saturday this year. So I got some stuff done at home and close to home. Laundry, shopping, and other stuff, mostly. This was a good thing in itself.

Back to work tomorrow. Long weekend is over and done.
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It feels like boasting, and yet it doesn't. For some reason, that paradox does make sense now that I'm on the other side of that weekend. Got a lot of chores done, but didn't set aside any time for illustration for fun or profit.

A "blah" mood should not have any kind of smile attached to its emoticon.

More thought later...
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Got some errands done today. Not sure what I'm doing with my weekend, although there's a few options to consider.

More later.
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In this case, Stan Rogers' "Mary Ellen Carter".

If you're wondering, the company that made the video this is excerpted from is still active and the video is available for purchase.
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And taking my camera with me. If you find yourself at Knox Presbyterian at any point between today and Monday, you might have a 50-50 chance of spotting me with camera in hand snapping pix for the Ottawa International Writers Festival...and my own entertainment and practice as well.

I'll try to say "Hi!" if approached. If not, my apologies up front.
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Apparently, there's a meeting of the CAN-CON 2012 board planned for Saturday at 3 PM...not sure what else I'm doing Saturday and Sunday...
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I saw the Grey Cup Game with about a hundred other Saskatchewan fans in exile per the Facebook invite of the alumni association of my Dad's alma mater at the Prescott last night. I think Stuart Immonen speaks for me very effectively indeed over the "Charlie Brown moment" of the last five seconds of the game.

The Ottawa Small Press Book Fair was lively and busy. I hope to post photos to Flickr later in the week.

Good to see [ profile] duncanmac at the OSFS AGM before I went to the Grey Cup party mentioned above!

Back to you!
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A couple of things I've got in mind for spending at least part of my weekend, one of which is definite, the other perhaps not so much yet.

First the maybe: Software Freedom Day's rolling around again tomorrow, and I thought I'd go take in the event and see what might be seen. I use some open source freeware in the course of my work and looking for work and personal amusement as well on an almost daily basis and this event at Carleton University's Tory Building looks to be a chance to perhaps some of the people who contribute to that software.

Now the definite: the Ottawa "chapter" of the Stolen Briefcase fan club is meeting again at the Patty Boland Pub on Sunday at 5:30 PM. This is for local fans of Da Vinci's Inquest, Da Vinci's City Hall and Intelligence, so it doesn't matter if you belong to the Yahoo!Group where the idea for these gatherings started or not. If you're a fan of any of these shows, you're welcome to show up.

More later today, hopefully...


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