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Yes, I saw some of his 007 work.

But for me? His Saintly adventures on the silver screens of our living rooms are worthy of our better attentions.

Vaya con dios, Sir Roger.
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Ottawa Comiccon is this weekend, and among the actors named as guests at that event are the following:
  • Peter Capaldi
  • Jenna Coleman
  • Alex Kingston
  • John Barrowman
We have enough "names" present in Ottawa-Gatineau as of this morning that we could have filmed an episode of Doctor Who entirely on location hereabouts. A script worth performing and a production team were unavailable, however.

Missed opportunity.

Much like the CBC letting the series escape to Space Channel...
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One: tonight's Doctor Who is an argument for labour unions if ever I've watched it.

Two: pleased by the Sens' game one results.
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Some articles that you might want to look at.

First, the redoubt-building going on here in Canada (buried in a long profile on Murdoch's sons...and why would any sane Canadian government want this family setting up a doomsday retreat here?

Then two items from NPR that speak to motive:
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Having seen only four episodes of the second season thus far (specifically episodes 3 thru 6), and none of the novels - which look rather dense on the shelves of the local bookstores - I have to admit to some curiosity about the whole thing, and a lot of uncertainty about what questions to ask about which aspects in what order. Also, I notice among those who have already been reading and/or watching, there's a growing enthusiasm. forum for discussion of what makes the novels and/or TV series work for those of you who got there before me.
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...of my very disorganized personal library, I rediscovered my copy of Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine. I suspected as much, and my memory didn't betray me. Chapters 11 and 12 are devoted to what might be called an inquest or autopsy into some of the other root causes of Grazhdanin Putin's rise to political dominance in Moskva.

And from there, I think I'll spend part of the afternoon watching Agents of SHIELD as I catch up on my e-mail.

More on other matters as the day wears on.
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Tonight, CTV - one of the privately-owned TV networks here in Canada - aired Captain America: the Winter Soldier.

I have to wonder about the timing, given the last three months in the real worlds. How long ago would the scheduling choice for this particular night have been made?


Dec. 18th, 2016 09:03 am
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I saw Miss Sloane at the cinema last night. Worth the time, worth the money...for reasons of timing more than anything else. More people should see it.

I think I'm going to skip Designated Survivor on TV for reasons of emotional health. Maybe things will change in time, but for now?

Some sad news I want to note: we're losing The Vinyl Cafe on Radio One for the time being. It seems that Stuart McLean's cancer issues are more stubborn than we'd all hoped. Hoping that he and his medical team have better hunting this go-round...
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Six mini-episodes, adding up to a half-hour roughly. All available via ABC or Marvel Entertainment on YouTube for the moment.

It's an interesting little experiment centred on Elena Rodriguez AKA "Yo-Yo" AKA "Slingshot" and one last bit of vengeful clean-up from her days as a vigilante in Colombia as she signs aboard to the Sokovia Accords and status as a SHIELD "asset", rather than a full-on agent. I'd say the most expensive visual is the launch of the Zephyr done as a panorama shot.

Quick and fun. And I wonder about consequences...
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Just finished watching the last quarter of the "Invasion!" crossover via Legends of Tomorrow. It was definitely fun, and I've read about some of the stuff that ended up edited out for broadcast time constraints. Sorry about not seeing those sidebar scenes on the screen.

And yet, I'm grateful for what we got.

The new US President on Earth-Arrowverse? Just seeing her left me in tears...and seeing Donnelly Rhodes on the TV screen one more time...grateful for that.
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Someone in Ottawa-Gatineau's got to be doing the same for our local productions sooner or later, right?
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Now I've seen the first installment.

I wasn't sure that a Ghost Rider story could be nested inside of a SHIELD story.

I might be happy to be proven wrong here...

Also pleased to note CTV airing the show in Canada two hours ahead of the USA. 
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"Our offices from Los Angeles to Denver all heard...stories. A motorcyclist with a skull on fire, wandering from town to town, over the decades. Corpses, and catatonic survivors left behind, and horrific crimes exposed to the light of day. The investigators and prosecutors were so busy focusing on what was exposed, they never went looking for whoever it was did the exposing. And the whispered stories in the bars of a dozen states..."

I don't expect the scriptwriters to lift what I wrote as a comment to one of my Facebook friendlisters about this, since - owing to television production realities - the episode introducing this iteration of the character is likely already "in the can" with CoSA likely doing the needed VFX as I typed these words.

But with Doctor Strange on its way to the cinema houses this fall, it doesn't surprise me to see Agents of SHIELD going to the supernatural places in parallel...
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I've yet to see her work beyond cameos in more recent shows for TV and film, but this lady was the first to bring the character to live action.

I've no doubt she'll be missed.

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Seeing the completion of the CN Tower live on TV as a child was as big a deal to me as the launch of the Apollo-Soyuz mission or the Montréal Olympics' opening ceremonies.

Noting Spacing Toronto's coverage on the 40th anniversary...
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I think this was about as bleak an episode as it ever got after "Victoria's Secret"...and while it got weirder after that, it never got as bleak again.

Also...they never did follow up with the Vecchio/Zuko feud after that, did they? I expect there's fan fiction aplenty amongs the Duesers, but no follow-up episode was ever made.


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