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Another weekend done. Actually managed to get at least half an hour of sketchbook time in during the weekend.

More after work, if I can get my brain to focus.
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Today was a statutory holiday because Confederation Day fell on a Saturday this year. So I got some stuff done at home and close to home. Laundry, shopping, and other stuff, mostly. This was a good thing in itself.

Back to work tomorrow. Long weekend is over and done.
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It feels like boasting, and yet it doesn't. For some reason, that paradox does make sense now that I'm on the other side of that weekend. Got a lot of chores done, but didn't set aside any time for illustration for fun or profit.

A "blah" mood should not have any kind of smile attached to its emoticon.

More thought later...
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It's been fun, it's been busy and yet it's been quiet.

I'm okay with that.
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So, I've added a few more people to my circles here. This is good, friendly company being a happy consequence of rebuilding and renovating the internet presence of late. Thanks to you all for dropping by, and that includes the ones who quietly watch.

I should work up a good self-reintroduction, and probably will over the next day or two. Just...not tonight, okay?
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...and glad to be seeing several friends old and new sign on here. I've been preoccupied with other corners of social media as well as off-line celebrations and obligations, for which I offer apologies without reservation.

More anon...
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Going to see about fixing some of the YouTube linkage. Apparently, those didn't migrate properly with the entries I edited them into. Oh, well...
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I'm awake again. I'm not sure what I can do with that state, but let's see if I can help some people while it's active.
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Some shopping, some laundry, some other house chores, some time with family. Even a few more job applications filed, because the search doesn't stop. Not even on weekends, which Human Resources and Social Development Canada says you can allow for in such things. Frankly, if I see a job I want? A job I think I can do reasonably well? I am going to apply for it. It's simply due diligence, right? I want a steady job, like anyone else. And to do a good job of it once I have it.

Colder Day

Dec. 16th, 2016 07:09 pm
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Got some bills paid off or paid down. So that's progress. Small progress, but it's there.

Also, more job leads chased, and one of them from earlier in the week actually called me back to confirm that I'm still interested. We'll know on Monday if their client is taking this particular bait.

Still coping with Everything Else to the degree that I can.

More later.
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...with keeping on. Some of you are seeing me on Facebook, and it does feel like I'm most active there rather than here again. There's a few reasons for that, some saner than others.

Still holding on. More later, after I get some sleep.
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Looking for work. Dismayed by the news from the States (understatement, yes). Trying to keep it together in general.

Just so you know.
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If you're not on Facebook or NCF or Flickr, just so you know, I'm still hanging around here. I don't have a lot to say hereabouts, but even so...

I went downtown this afternoon after spending the morning helping out relatives with Stuff I Won't Discuss Here. Didn't get a lot done once I got downtown, though, because...well, I was distracted. Trivial stuff, really.

Over to you.
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Got some photography files sorted a little better today, and got some research and shopping done too.

Tomorrow, some other errands...
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Got some errands done today. Not sure what I'm doing with my weekend, although there's a few options to consider.

More later.
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Ten weeks to go.

We've almost gotten a bit of everything this week in terms of local weather, although the snow seems to have been unenthusiastic about showing up. This being mid-March, perhaps we should not be surprised by that.

More later, as it's too early in the morning and not enough time before I leave for the office to chat much.
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Twelve to go.

More on other stuff later in the week.
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House chores, shopping, job search stuff (which being employed right now and for the next twelve weeks does not really let me escape from because "twelve weeks"), news research for The New Medievalism forum at, and watching an episode of Legends of Tomorrow. All done today.

Sent off a proposal for an opinion essay to an editor yesterday. Not expecting to hear back right away for various good and sensible reasons.

Taking yesterday as a personal day was good for the mental health.

Still feeling brain fog, though.
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But not watching them. Brain's too busy with other things.

More tomorrow to close out February, which seems to be the "Least-Visited-So-Far" month for this weblog.
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Just not much to say at the moment. I've been checking job boards, looking at YouTube tutorials on perspective and inking, rummaging around Facebook and G+ and getting other chores done around the place the last few days.

Nothing really coherent otherwise comes to mind right now. Will try to check in again tomorrow.


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