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People who live in or declare allegiance to what I call Canada are a mixture of people who come from all sorts of different places, different ways of thinking. From people who insist they're not Canadian because their allegiance is to a nation that pre-dates European contact to people who see themselves as Canadian no matter where else on Earth they may live and work...this was a collection of stories that filled me with joy, sadness, fear, hope...and wonder above all else.
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If you grow up in a civil service family, everything to do with government comes back to your sense of identity sooner or later. Like it or not, want it or not. You are raised and trained in those terms. Your parents may not even realize it.
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So...back when I went to animation school, the college had a lab attached to it stocked with Commodore Amiga 2000 machines as its workhorses of choice. They had what was then a full suite of software tailored to the work we were doing. Scanning, clean-up of the artwork, scriptwriting, and so on...we could do just about everything that could be done with computers in animation back then on those machines. Having Commodore go to pieces two years after I graduated didn't help much, so I found myself staying with the office work and courtroom art contracts I'd fallen into to pay the bills of the moment.

So I find this article on Ars Technica today. I am both pleased to see the operating system and new machines using continuing today...and sorry that I wasn't able to get into being part of the continuing user base back then.
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"All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again."

A bit of personal confession... )
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"I can see my lifetime piling up", by Melissa Mesku.

I don't rent a storage unit. Thankfully, for reasons that discussing would require an invasion of others' privacy, I haven't had to cross that river yet. But someday, I'll have to. And questions I don't want to hear or ask will crop up again.

I have an excuse for the accumulation, several excuses in fact. You've all read about several of them over the years. But I wonder how well they really hold up from time to time, and more often as I keep aging.
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House chores, shopping, job search stuff (which being employed right now and for the next twelve weeks does not really let me escape from because "twelve weeks"), news research for The New Medievalism forum at, and watching an episode of Legends of Tomorrow. All done today.

Sent off a proposal for an opinion essay to an editor yesterday. Not expecting to hear back right away for various good and sensible reasons.

Taking yesterday as a personal day was good for the mental health.

Still feeling brain fog, though.

For 2016

Dec. 31st, 2015 10:20 pm
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I'm stealing time away from assorted relatives upstairs to put these things to the web, for however long that lasts.

It seems to me that while others here have been doing the work of getting the creative side of their lives into a condition where they earn part or all of their living from it, I've been increasingly pushed to the sidelines. To watch those others succeed at building their dreams to whatever degree possible, while I just focus on surviving. Yes, there are the hobbies, which could count as skill-building in their way. Glad to have that underway. I certainly have a number of friends with which to commiserate, to share in schemes with, to cheer on in their own efforts. I am grateful for that. Always.

Grateful also for the family I spoke of at the top here.

Not sure that this counts as a full-bore Resolution. It probably doesn't. More of a "keep working on it and see where the effort takes you" deal.

I want to get back to putting in that creative work.

Some will say that I haven't really stopped. The money has dried up, true, but some of you will point to various things you've seen and heard and read from me as evidence of not really having stopped. Which will make sense.

It's a matter of perception. And perception counts for much.  
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Courtesy of Boston University's College of Fine Arts:


Oct. 24th, 2012 03:41 pm
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It is strange to me to not be able to visualise a thing in my mind. When it happens, the event is...disorienting in its effects.

It won't be odd, I suppose, to be frightened of going blind prematurely.
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How's this for a mirror in pen and ink? Not for all of us, but for some?

Originally posted by [ profile] drawn_ca at We Are the Introverts by Grant Snider
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After I announced via Facebook my intent to visit Parliament Hill today to join the Layton memorial/anniversary vigil, one of my friendlisters there gave praise: "You're a good citizen."

In honesty?

I'm not even sure that I qualify as a good human being yet, never mind being a good citizen. I'm troubled by any number of personal flaws remembered, whether remembered accurately or not. Some of you have been annoyed personally by those flaws, sometimes more than once. Some people have left my friendlists here and elsewhere as a result.

I'll admit to being a work in progress. There are good days and bad days. Sometimes, there are lukewarm days. Today's one of the lukewarm days. Hoping to do better. To be better.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience, your goodwill and your trust to the degree you've deemed right and proper so far.
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"...and then it's off to drop off another batch of video tapes at the recyclers..."

And if I'd had enough sleep, I'd have remembered to check ahead before going to the recyclers.

Who are closed for the entire Easter weekend.
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Inspired by [ profile] ms_danson and others across the Livejournal service.
Running the list of self-descriptives after the cut! )This is not a complete list. It cannot hope to be complete in my lifetime.
It will be revised on occasion as the years go by.
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Borrowed from [ profile] ms_danson ...

There are all sorts of memes that ask for positive feedback towards the person posting them. (ie: "Tell me something you like about me.") Let's flip that around a bit.

Tell me something you like about yourself.

And if you like that idea you can do it yourself and find out why your friends list is awesome.


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