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There was a particular conversation involving new SHIELD Director Jeffrey Mace and newly-demoted-by-own-request-to-special field officer-in-charge Phil Coulson...and the metaphor they went with?

Some thoughts about that particular scene... )
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For Black Panther?

Wakanda's languages being built up, like we've seen with tlhIngan Hol in the Star Trek worlds.

Yes, I expect Wakanda has more than one locally-evolved language. Certainly, they've picked up words from other African languages over the centuries. And being a coalition of cultures that take pride in knowledge, many of even their most traditionalist tribes make certain to be fluent in multiple tongues. Yet it's been long-established that there is at least one language the Wakandans truly call their own. And reality in linguistics being what it is, history and logic suggest there should be more than the one.

For Agents of SHIELD and its collection of related titles?

A guide to the organization itself. Current writer Marc Guggenheim has Coulson recently claiming that he works for Washington, mere months after Mark Waid portrays him as insisting that the "H for Homeland" more accurately means "Homeworld". In Civil War II # 0, Brian Michael Bendis reminds us of the organization's United Nations connections.

Outside of their own series, we have at least one of their agents, Mockingbird headlining her own book. (About damn time!) Both Captains America titles, Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers, have ongoing relationships with the organization. Howling Commandos of SHIELD recently wrapped up some of the adventures of their supernatural interventions via the STAKE division. Black Widow has an on-again-off-again work relationship with SHIELD (currently "off", but don't expect that to last forever). The organization shares the Triskelion complex in New York Harbor with the current incarnation of the Ultimates...and on it goes.

(Don't get me started again on their Helicarriers and "Battlecarriers". Not right now. If you've seen my Pericles Project folder on Flickr, you know how much enthusiasm I can pour into that topic.)

We need a handbook to the organization itself. An "Agent Orientation Manual" if you will. No need to get into the minutiae of clauses of international treaties and internal regulations that should govern SHIELD, but something that nails down the current "broad strokes" of its history, current prominent personnel-characters, technology, operations, adversaries and methods.

For Alpha Flight, now pent up in the pages of Captain Marvel?

A better understanding of how what began as a government-run superhero team tied to my home country became an international planetary defence force. That seems to be slowly unfolding. I await developments with interest.

More as I mull it over.

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I laughed when I saw this page. Laughed, because I empathized with Gabby's reaction.

Image under the cut )

It's her first Helicarrier, after all.
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So I'm not alone in noticing the obvious.

I don't count the Ultron bodies, though. Single artificial intelligence directing them all, right?

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It amuses me to keep playing with this. I learn things from this project. It won't earn me any money (unless someone with hiring power thinks this is evidence that I will be Useful), but learning from the work is fun and useful anyway. "Fan art" is good practice.

As ever, if Disney/Marvel wants me to take it down, I'm not exactly lacking in ways to be reached.

As for the rest of you, if you've any suggestions on stuff I should add/remove before locking this down, please do post in the comments.

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I know that Marvel's comics division has launched Howling Commandos of SHIELD as a way of crossing military/espionage and action-adventure with "supernatural" topics and characters. It's an entertaining experiment to read, and not a direction I'd have ever expected them to take the likes of Dugan and Sitwell (the latter of whose comics version has traditionally been far more heroic than depicted in the recent movies).

But after watching "Maveth", I'm wondering about the idea of mixing influences as diverse as Fleming, Steranko and Lovecraft on TV like this. Lovecraft in particular comes to mind after watching the closing tag scene.

And I think I will leave my commentary at that. You can take it further in the comments, of course, and I hope you do.
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Saw "Purpose in the Machine" on Agents of SHIELD tonight. An old frenemy is back, and they're putting together a new machine of their own. Meanwhile, someone else is rebuilding a very old machine in order to leverage an even older one. And someone else is all about rebuilding themselves, but not sure as to exactly how.

Yes, all of that's vague. Not apologizing for that, but the sense of theme did indeed come through in plotlines "A" through "E" without feeling forced.

I liked that.
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Looking forward to the kickoff episode in 20 minutes...
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This may be subject to revision by the various TV series and/or movies. If it does get revised anywhere in the next five years, it'll be in the Black Panther movie set for 2018.

But if I've read the SHIELD Academy-issue periodic table from the Agents of SHIELD first-season episode "Seeds" correctly, Vibranium should be element 119. Period 8, Group 1.

Here's a reproduction of someone else's scan of that graphic. (Sorry that there isn't a better version available.)
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However accidentally, it's proper that SHIELD's 50th should have crept up on us all unnoticed.

Now that it's here, though, Marvel's apparently decided to carpe the noctem where their in-house soldier-spies are concerned. There's a number of projects detailed in the article at the other end of the link, and some of them will be more to your liking than others.

Looking forward to finding out for myself which ones will be worth adding to the library...
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I wondered how horrific the Bahrain story would end up being.

Now I know.

Well-told, despite being somewhat predictable.
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Had fun watching the latest installment of the series this week, including the genuinely disturbing content. Might be the Black Widow backstory, might be the Howlers, might be a few other things.

How about the rest of you?
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From The Winter Solder? Where Fury and Romanova dumped SHIELD's stuff onto the Internet?

Did they have the time to work out what parameters they needed to "decide" what files to release and which to sit on? Because this little question-asking session over at MarvelMeta from five months earlier raised the thought in my mind. Also, having watched Citizenfour, it occurred to me that for all the craziness Edward Snowden brought down on himself, he still managed to make the time to find people like Greenwald and Poitras to help him start figuring out what had to go public ASAP and what had to be sat on indefinitely for the good of international security.

Given the situation with Project: Insight - a matter of hours before the three Helicarriers launched their mass-murder programming - Fury, Romanova, Hill, Rogers, Wilson and whoever else was helping behind the scenes may not have had that luxury of time and contemplation. So, the situation may well be as described by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw: "Thanks to Natasha's Snowden-esque leak, anyone with internet access can now read everything from SHIELD's black ops missions to the Helicarrier specs to Hawkeye's psych evaluations. Civilians now know precisely how much SHIELD has been hiding from them all these years..."


(Yeah, this is the kind of thing that my brain turns back towards while I'm trying to clear out my sinuses over the weekend.)
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Started laying down function areas by colour code. Green for commissaries, blue for gravity field projector arrays, orange for lifts, and purple for the IRBM silo for on-board satellite launch capability.

"IRBM, you say?"

It was Eliot Brown's idea per the first Marvel Universe Handbook of the early 1980's, designed as an "in case of nuclear war on Earth and the planet still needs defensive comms" satellite-launching feature and the regular Nick Fury series - starring Nick Sr. at the time - took that idea and ran with it as a plot point about a decade or so later. So, it's in this drawing.

Colour-coding is subject to change, of course...
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No, that was not a mistaken choice of words for a subject header. By way of explanation:

I'd have figured that guy for a movie gig first.
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Continuing the practice...getting the guidelines for the deck lines into place, streamlining the dorsal radome, adding transverse bulkheads (but not prepared to die over specific placement)...

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This has been gnawing at my brain for a while now. If a classic Kirby-style Helicarrier is as long as a Nimitz-class CVN, what should the innards look like in a "Master Systems Display"-type cutaway, such as you'll see on the TNG/DS9/VOY-era Star Trek shows?

So I took scans of Eliot Brown's work - other people had put them up years earlier - and started running with them.

The dorsal radome encasing the "island" needs work to make it symmetrical, and there's a lot of work after that to get it to the level of an Okuda or a Hansen...


Note to Disney/Marvel legal staff: If you'd rather, I'll take this down. I hope you'll leave it be, as I need the mental exercise of this project.
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Okay, according to my poor memory, the mother of the Blue Marvel's sons was originally a SHIELD agent assigned as his post-retirement minder.

Question: how old were his sons supposed to be as of his first mini-series?


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