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...and glad to be seeing several friends old and new sign on here. I've been preoccupied with other corners of social media as well as off-line celebrations and obligations, for which I offer apologies without reservation.

More anon...


Jan. 17th, 2017 03:03 pm
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Got some work applications in and some poetry for workshop written for tonight. Seems like, despite all the Bad Stuff happening elsewhere in the world, I managed to be productive anyway.

So, there's that. Maybe I might actually get some sketchbook time in as well today?


Sep. 28th, 2015 06:09 am
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Back to the routine. See you after work.
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I was reminded to look at the Habitable Exoplanet Catalogue again today.

This is a thing I wasn't sure I'd ever see in my life when I was a kid.

Some forms of progress really are a good thing. It's good to be reminded of this, especially in these days.
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I don't live in Toronto...but I still get a bit of purely unjustifiable and vicarious pride-thrill from knowing someone thinks of any city in my country in this way.

And really, we know the place has its flaws, and it still tops the list anyway. Which shows that people who live and work there - some of whom are reading this right now, so good on you! - are doing the best they can to keep making Toronto a better place regardless of whether it's the best place to live and work, or perceived as such.

This is a good thing to see. And a good spur to the ambitions of others.

Thanks, Toronto!

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Been having fun, learning stuff this weekend. More on the cultural, political, world-building, hard science sides of things than on the illustration side. Because CAN-CON's been more aimed at the literary section of the genre than anything else.

Beyond that...tiring out earlier than I should be. Maybe it's just because I've got a day job again?
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If there's one thing my friendlist here, the one over on Facebook, and contacts elsewhere across the Web have confirmed in my mind, it's this: comics are for everyone what wants 'em.

Or at least, they ought to be.

That includes women, people of "other" sexual identities, people from across the ethnic spectrum, across the religious spectrum, across the age ranges, et cetera.

What bugs me is that some people whom I thought knew this at least as well as I did, if not better than I do...well, it seems they don't know it very well. Or if they did, they've forgotten the fact.

Worse, it's not even a surprise. More like a nagging bout of anger at something that should've been behind us all by now.

Fortunately, other people are already calling that first bunch out on that point.

MyDearPeabody, keep on calling them out on it.

It's going to be part of how we keep growing the industry pie back to where it ought to be.

More on other stuff later.
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As responses go...?

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Started drawing another cover composition tonight. I'm out of practice, and I'm tired. So it's going to take longer than I'd like.

But, back to drawing again, right?

More on this later.
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Whether or not this is a good trend, I'm not entirely sure yet. But [ profile] rfmcdpei noticed a couple of links and maps and such that caught my attention.

Those of you of a geographical mindset, and an eye on fictional works, might want a look-see at this stuff, too.
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I don't think I'm doing that tonight, though.

If anything, it's been a busy week. More progress on the Kagemono project for [ profile] jasonfranks. Research on a couple of projects for [ profile] spacing_ottawa. Getting ready for Can-Con. Writing workshop this past Tuesday night at Umi Cafe, and the enjoyment of listening to a live reading of one of [ profile] ms_danson's "Minion Bob" tales and [ profile] themoo37's adventures at RCW 139, the only Due South convention on Earth.

Been a good week so far...
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Well, I didn't go to today's ByMUG meeting. This, per the doctor's strong suggestion that I try to take things relatively easy for one more week this past Friday. That's okay. I got to see my brother's family this weekend, lively bunch that they are, which was good for the soul in its way.

Seems like the Hallowe'en trick or treat traffic's still doing its slow year-to-year drop-off, further aggravated this year by the ongoing health scares in progress. It does look like the costuming's getting better among those keeping the tradition going. A good thing, that. The kids doing the rounds hereabouts could have done very well - or at least a lot better - without the high winds and the chills.

Maybe next year for that?

Oh, and a bit of Local Hero comics news to close out on: the inkwork for the second issue is done!

Our new inker delivered the last pages to Ian Gould this week, and I am in receipt of a bunch of scans which I need to get a look at via wi-fi download as soon as I feel up to hauling the laptop to the local library branch.
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The comics job, that is.

Here's one more teaser image from the pencils underway...Local Hero # 3 Page 3 WIP
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Back to an old office job for another 4-5 months for me, playing keyboard jockey. More than that on that topic, I am not discussing here.

Meantime, I'm over 80% done on the pencils for Local Hero # 2 as I type this. So I'm in the home stretch there, and seeing some of the inked pages as they come over the e-mail. I honestly think we're going to top ourselves with the second issue, friends and neighbours.

A quick b-day shout to [ profile] alexdecampi, and I hope you've had a good one today, Alex!
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... for Local Hero: scanned, composed and sent off to Ian today.

Also, the library portion of the studio continues its perpetual renovation process apace. More room cleared for newer and better shelving. Gotta keep those how-to books, design reference volumes and general visual inspiration tomes as organized as possible.

And then, there's the recreational reading as well. But more on that another time.

Back to you...
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I know what the weather looks like outside: I spent the better part of an hour walking through it this morning for exercise. And yet, I don't feel like I've got anything resembling the blahs right now.

I've gotten a new bookshelf unit installed in the library(long overdue) thus improving the utility of the whole studio set-up, I'm making progress on pages for my comics project again(more on that anon), and I've got leads on a couple of other projects that will keep my brain ticking over in a productively entertaining fashion if they come off as hoped.

More as I think of it...and back to you!
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Well, I haven't had nearly as bad a day as MIke Norton did the other day...nowhere near as bad. More of a matter of minor nuisances turned into opportunities into resolving longstanding issues.

I'd gone down to the Mac Group to get some security updating on my iBook done, as I occasionally did every few months since buying said iBook, seeing as I've yet to get myself a proper broadband connection. (Rest assured, O Editors of the World's Publishing Houses, that will rectified before summer's end this year.)

Their Net hookup was down, though.

Smart guys and gals that they are, they saw commercial opportunity for themselves and logistical situation improvement opportunity for me. So, the iBook is now officially AirPort-card-equipped. I tested it out at lunch at one of those local coffee houses that specializes in fair-trade coffee and WiFi access for those wanting it. Works very nicely, thanks!

So, minor progress continues on Local Hero as well. To celebrate both, I'm uploading a panel from p.8 or 9 featuring our lead, Sheriff Jack Little of Shuster, Florida...and don't both looking the place up. It doesn't exist.

He's our star, the axis around which all else will be happening in our first story arc...


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