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Did anyone on my friendlist read an Opinion essay in today's hardcopy edition of the Ottawa Citizen by a Stefan Dolgert of Brock University arguing the case for Canada acquiring nuclear weapons?

Update - 29 Aug 2017:  A friendly acquaintance on Facebook found the link for me:
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Up here in Canada yesterday, we had two speeches I would consider noteworthy and related in ideals somewhat. The first by our global affairs minister Chrystia Freeland here in Ottawa-Gatineau, and the second by Barack Obama in his visit to Montréal.

I can't help but feel that something's changed in a permanent way here.
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I finally finished my first read-through this weekend, by the by. Seems like the scale of the story keeps steadily escalating with each volume, which I have no complaints about.

One other thing I notice towards the end is how the unintended consequences for economies in the process of scaling up can pile up PDQ...
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James Laxer goes into some detail into where he thinks DT-45 is headed. His suspicions don't bode well for international law. Even assuming that he's right about said plans going beyond just blowing up the whole infrastructure with a definite goal in mind.

Interesting that Prof. Laxer's got a blog of his own.
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For all the problems they're having with these town hall meetings, I can't help but consider these town hall sessions Mr. Trudeau - I no longer feel comfortable calling him "Trudeau the Younger", for several reasons - has been hosting as a good thing. He's taking hard questions directly from the public. The answers he gives are not always comfortable ones for him to give or for the audience to hear, but I get the sense that they are largely honest ones.

We'll see how things go.
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Paul Goble's Window on Eurasia blog notes the issue that western nations' leaders might see the disintegration of the Russian Federation as a bigger danger than its unity under Vladimir Putin.

I note that Russia's continuing possession of nuclear weapons is a legitimate grounds for the western nations' concern about that prospect. If the collapse has to happen at all, it follows, we want it to happen in a negotiated and orderly fashion. Or, at least, as much so as can be managed under the circumstances of the moment. Seeing the kind of disasters we saw in Rwanda, Yugoslavia or the like, with the addition of nuclear weapons in play to complicate such a horrific mess? Not wanted. At all.

I trust that the relevant authorities have been working on contingency plans to avert such horrors. Whoever those authorities are now.
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The ultimate answer to “government is useless”

I may quibble on specific details, as an informed Canadian might, but I have no quarrel with it as a whole. I present the link for discussion in what I hope will be an informed way.
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To the US citizens on my friendlist, and to those US citizens lurking here reading in silence, I ask this:

If you haven't already done so, and are legally clear to do? Please, vote.

Others have made better cases, here and elsewhere across the internet as to why you should. I'll leave off my own preaching.

That said?

Good luck and good night.
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Anyone? Am I alone in thinking Mr. Vrooman's got a point that makes sense?
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Saša Petricic's analysis for CBC News:
Forget the 'farce' bluster, China received the tribunal ruling it dreaded -
Hague tribunal's ruling could push China to be even more assertive in South China Sea, expert says

From The Guardian:
Beijing rejects tribunal's ruling in South China Sea case
Xi Jinping says China’s ‘territorial sovereignty and marine rights’ in the seas will not be affected

What else could the bosses in Beijing hope expect? Surrender from Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines and so on?

That wasn't going to happen.
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For your review and opinionation:

Oh, and the reaction to Ruth Ellen Brosseau's reaction to being jostled? At least, the ones I'm reading the most about? Ridiculous, rude, and just plain Wrong. And more than a tad on the cruel side too...which is part and parcel of what makes it Wrong. 
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We have some comparisons of how the end of the Ghomeshi trial was opined about by news services inside and outside of Canada. Warnings for trigger-topics in the links. Also, I have to say that I don't think I was going to be even remotely pleased by the verdict, whatever it ended up being for a whole mess (and "mess" is the operative word here) of reasons and/or excuses.

Our trade arrangements with the House of Saud are still on. Cause for concern, also. And there's other stuff to consider as well.

The ideology of the President and Board currently in place at CBC/Radio Canada seems to still be in force, despite the change of government. I have issues with that. Also, issues with the relative paucity of funding being restored to CBC/SRC.

More on other topics later during this laundry day...
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Listening to Ontario Today and some of the callers talking about the Obama Administration seem to be hitting a series of talking points about how we must learn to Be Glad He Can't Be Re-Elected. (Sarcastic italics mine.)

The Tea Party sadly still has a Canadian arm, I'm afraid. Never doubt this.

Back to the job search and other researches...
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He keeps it short and on point.

Can't say that I have a problem with the thinking behind it myself. But the current Prime Minister does, it seems.
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It's happened, folks.

In US terms, if I might steal someone else's analogy, it's as if Texas went all Democrat, from Governor to county dog-catchers.

Further: the last time someone other than the Progressive(?) Conservatives ran that province was in 1971.

Hoping this is a Good Thing...


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