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The story's at the other end of the link.

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Got to meet the man once in my life that I can remember. 2009, Montréal.

He did good work. Some of you will remember him as a friend, or at worst - I hope - a friendly competitor. Glad he was here.

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About two weeks ago, I learned something I should've known two months earlier.

On a shopping trip for clothes to the southern reaches of Orléans, I got some of what I'm still looking for and decided on a whim to see what might be on offer at the local Henry's Photography shop. It's been there for at least ten years. I bought my first two digital cameras at that shop near Tenth Line and Innes. Assorted other supplies, like portfolio display "books", batteries, peripheral gadgets and so on as well over the years.

Guess what? The store had been closed up and stripped to the walls two months prior.

Maybe I should have seen it coming after Wallack's closed up their Orléans shop right next door last year. The two shops being next to each other, as well as being across the street from the local Staples, were convenient to my purposes for over five years.

Now? Both gone. And if I want new gear from either one, I'll be hopping a bus downtown again, as I used to do before 2002.

I could blame myself for this, but to what end?

If the two chains decide to try to return to Orléans, I suggest this: Orléans Town Centre Mall. The one with the movie theatre on the second floor of the main building. Which is right across Centrum Boulevard from the Shenkman Arts Centre...which still hosts the local campus of the Ottawa School of Art. I suspect that the combination and proximity will be good for all three organizations.
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On a more important note...

A front page to love

That this should be published on International Human Rights Day? Icing on the cake!
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Knox Presbyterian Ottawa: Indifference

And with that, I'm off to the Labour Day parade!
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For those of you not versed in the street maps of Ottawa the city, here's a bit more context. I started from Donald Plaza Mall and wound my way through the eastern reaches of Overbrook and Vanier to arrive at Myths, Legends and Heroes, the main comics shop in that part of Ottawa-Gatineau, and cheated with the help of OC Transpo to cover some side streets considered part of the Forbes/Cummings district sandwiched between Manor Park and old Cyrville.

My feet were annoyed with me for a few hours thereafter, but it was worth it to get a walkers' eye view of those parts of town.

All of this is going to be put to work on the "Street Names" project for Spacing Ottawa at some point, of course, and if I can cross that other item off my bucket list, there will be a proper book about street names across the city of Ottawa as well. Might be in tandem with a modern-style historical atlas, might not. The omens and cards are unclear on this point.  We do need one, and I'm not sure that Derek Hayes' approach might be the best for the purpose. There's one or two others that come to mind and they strike me as better-suited. Preferably purpose-designed maps. 
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Monseigneur Lemieux
Vincent Massey
de Lévis
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So I've set this group up earlier tonight. Strictly unofficial, of course.

If you want in, and you've got a a Flickr account, send me a line via FlickrMail...?
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Listening to discussions on iPhone battery life preservation, at the ByMUG meeting today. Because today is First Sunday. Also Google Photos - formerly Picasa, apparently - was under discussion along with venues in Ottawa-Gatineau where you can get paid for recycling e-waste, and financial management-ware.

More on other stuff later.
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Originally written for the Pen and Paper Workshop held on June 10th, 2015:

Recently, I hit a milestone.

On my MacBook Pro laptop computer, as recorded by the iPhoto software that came bundled with it when I bought that computer and faithfully updated until about three to five years ago, there were over forty-one thousand image files.

There’s been some culling of a lot of images from that pile over the twelve years since I first acquired my original digital camera. Near as I can figure, I started using it in May of 2003. Nonetheless, that accumulation continues unstopped.

This is not a cause for complaint, although it has almost certainly contributed to providing motives for such causes. I’ll get to that in a little while, as it has something to do with today’s business news.

I’ve recorded a lot of images. A lot of this is my own family’s history. Other chunks record that of the fandoms devoted to various works of popular culture, urban history, architecture, civic infrastructure, local and national politics…it’s an eclectic mixture to be sure.

One regret I have about it is not making hardcopy reproductions of those images as often as I might have. Some of the time, that was due to money issues. I only have access to a certain amount of cash at any given time, and that could be laid at my feet too. In part, at least. But we can save the political and economic arguments for another time.

Another reason for my reluctance…well, time and energy to make the decision to do the work. Again, I can take some of the blame for that.

What leads me to calling this a regret, though, was one particular item in today’s news.

On August 8th of 2015, Black’s Photography will be no more. It will join the ever-growing list of Dead Canadian Brands, as announced by Telus, its parent company. Its employees, Telus spokespeople say to us, will be found jobs within the larger Telus organization wherever possible.

The people running Telus may have every intention of delivering on that promise and of doing so in such a way as to leave none of the former Black’s staffers regretting holding Telus to its corporate word of honour. I do not know yet, one way or another, how skeptical I should be of that given word.

Some argue that this is an inevitable consequence of technological progress. I suppose in some respects it is, and that I’ve contributed to that fallout as much as anyone who’s ever bought and made steady use of a digital camera. So there’s another part of my share of collective guilt.

There’s still the matter of close to five hundred people losing their jobs. There’s still the sense of having reached out for convenience and causing harm to others. I can’t quite get around those facts.

As if I weren’t enough of a packrat as it is…
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Details here, what there are of them:

The first camera I've ever owned was a film camera from that chain of photography shops. It was a Christmas present from my parents. I cannot for the life of me remember the exact year, but I still have the bundles of photos and developed film as well as the camera.
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So, per the stats wherever LJ's feeding me from, June has already started. But as I type this there's still three hours left in May. There's been this consistent daily lead time of three hours. Or lag time. I'm not sure which term is applicable here.


Thanks to Greg Rucka's Lazarus Tumblr site, there's this thing researching into the possibility of human cells being modified to serve as solar batteries of a sort. And here I go, fanboy reflexes immediately thinking of Kryptonian biology. Big surprise, huh? We're probably a long ways from anything even remotely resembling that point, assuming this research has legs. Some of you out there will understand the ideas Bioplastiq is tossing around here far better than I.

Keeping that "Next Nature" site bookmarked, though. In case of other weirdness.

Today, I've been working on tagging what is now about 41,300 image files I have stored on my computer via iPhoto. That's going back to 2003, back when I got my first Mac computer. I'd had the Canon A70 for a few months prior to that, if memory serves. Just before my Dad died, I think. Getting that camera might've been one of the last steps before actually buying that iBook. Lots of tagging to do and it's nowhere near done yet.

There's some other stuff percolating in the brain, but I'll leave it there for the moment.


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