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I've just seen word on Facebook from Elliot S! Maggin and Paul Kupperberg. We've lost Len Wein today.

Details as we're able to get them...
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Good morning, and good luck.

1. As an exploration of depictions of the divine to start this morning, and of indigenous perceptions of divinity...

2. RIP Stephen Furst, of St. Elsewhere and Babylon 5 fame.
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Laundry's done, and I'm just taking in the news and other chatter right now. Not sure I have enough brain for much else this afternoon.

Noting, however, the passing of Adam West. His version of the Batman was among the earliest I knew of. He was scheduled to visit Ottawa-Gatineau back in May of 2017 for a local convention, but cancelled at almost the last minute. I suppose we now know why that cancellation happened. Sad news about a man who entertained so many over the decades.
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Yes, I saw some of his 007 work.

But for me? His Saintly adventures on the silver screens of our living rooms are worthy of our better attentions.

Vaya con dios, Sir Roger.
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And we've lost Chuck Berry and Berni Wrightson so far this weekend, among many others whose lives I know far less of.

Update 19 March 2017: Add Jimmy Breslin to that list. :-(
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We lost the man who gave us the Vinyl Cafe stories today.

I said he was the most ruthless storyteller we've yet produced as a country, and I stand by that. It was never a complaint, and I am glad to have been able to thank him via Canada Post while I still had the chance for all of that.

I miss him anyway.
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He got me thinking about religion and spirituality in different ways.

And now he's gone.
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...and Doctor Strange was as good as I'd hoped it would be. Yes, a tad formulaic, but at times like these days, there's a not-so-strange comfort in that aspect of it. Some good visual nods to Ditko's original design work in the 1960's comics work there. If anyone here has an opinion on the 3D-formatted edition, I'd be glad to read that, good or ill.

I've read on Facebook from several sources that William Christopher AKA Father Francis Mulcahy from M*A*S*H has died. He won't have been the last to die this year, but that hurts a lot of people across the planet anyway, because he and his colleagues on that series helped keep a lot of people from hurting worse than we already were for a couple of decades. Even after the series ended on CBS, because re-runs and later on, tapes and DVDs (and I assume iTunes and the like are keeping the effect going too now).

Thank you, Mr. Christopher.

There might be more later in the evening...
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I get out of the movie theatre after seeing Deepwater Horizon, and I find out that Leonard Cohen is dead?

Sure, we knew it was coming with Cohen, but the timing still stinks like sulphur.
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I've yet to see her work beyond cameos in more recent shows for TV and film, but this lady was the first to bring the character to live action.

I've no doubt she'll be missed.

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Between this and the second singer from The Voice to be felled by gunfire in a week, and the mass murder in Orlando...among many other's not been a good week, has it?
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We lost a champion.

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So that issue came out this week...

Spoilers after the cut )

And there's some whiplash right there.  
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I've been putting this off for hours. Seven or eight hours, probably. It's difficult to be certain of the specifics right now. As it happens, [ profile] robertjsawyer put me back on track over on Facebook when he linked to this Vancouver Sun article on heart attack survival rates in high-altitude places.

I went to my dentist's office-clinic this afternoon for a session with one of the dental hygenists on duty. They'd fallen behind the way they sometimes do when they're dealing with a heavy workload. I was already irritated by having to walk it from the local Transitway hub to their building in mid-minus-10 to 20 temperatures that wind chill had aggravated, and in addition to that, I found myself having to fill out and sign new legal paperwork on an iPad. You'd think someone used to working with Apple gear at home wouldn't have that much trouble with those, but actually signing an e-document with a stylus or your own fingertip isn't easy without lots of practice.

The wait time didn't help my mood after that, but again: heavy workload despite the ongoing competition for patients. This is a partnership that lots of people in Orléans rightly trust, and have done for decades. Despite the refitting of the facility and the changes in partner dentists and their affiliated hygenists, that's not going to change any time in the near future.

The refit also threw me off.

Then as I was settling into the chair for the checkup and cleaning, the hygenist - also new to me - gave me the news that is still sinking in.

My dentist had died on the weekend.

Not my current dentist. He'd taken over the slot in my health care team a few years ago, and it's my hope that I'll be able to keep him for a few decades yet. Assuming neither of us meets with either accident, foul play or bad self-maintenance consequences.

Rather, the first dentist to work with me as their patient after I'd moved to Ottawa was dead. He'd died at  a local ski resort, of a heart attack during the weekend. If memory serves, it was my father who'd introduced me to this dentist back in the late 1980's. I can't remember the exact year right now, and I suppose it would be a bit much to ask the clinic staff to start rummaging through whatever files they still have from those days, even if conversion into e-docs is an ongoing process meeting with some level of success right now.

He once actually accepted one of my inked sketches as partial payment for work he'd done. It was a decade or more ago, so I'm hoping it stayed with him until his end. My ego would be glad of it.

But not too glad. This was someone who managed to keep me at ease, even during the most involved work on the inside of my mouth, refitting old fillings or building new ones. I'd gotten comfortable with him doing that work, and it's taken a while for the new guy and I to get to that same degree of comfort. Not through any fault of his, but rather that I'm still out of sorts for my own set of reasons.

After I left, I found myself muttering curses not so quietly while walking back along St. Joseph Boulevard to Place d'Orléans. I was sad, I was angry. I'd fallen out of touch since he'd left the partnership. I'd wanted to find a way to get caught up on all manner of things.

Not going to happen now, not in any direct way.

One more thing to deal with along the road...and one less trusted soul to share with.
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So. Allergy flareup to go with breakfast this morning. We had a thunderstorm that did not relieve the heat/humidity situation in Ottawa-Gatineau overnight. And Yvonne Craig, the first person to play the character we've known as Batgirl and Oracle - she only played the former incarnation because it was the late 1960's - is dead at 78.

Not the best of starts to this particular day. 
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John Steed has indeed left the Ministry.

Reported by Macnee's own website. Confirmed by BBC and CBC news staff.

Granted, at 93, he had a good run. I would have liked to personally thank him for the fun he brought to my childhood via the television. But one cannot have everything...
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I just got the word in e-mail from Leslie Wilson at WritersFest. We've lost the festival's signature bookseller, David Dollin. Some of you who live in Ottawa will remember him working for years with the local Nicholas Hoare Books location on Sussex Drive across the street from the National Gallery. I'd bought more than a few tomes from him in both of his roles.

Details here.

OIWF is hosting a Celebration of Mr. Dollin's life.


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