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Courtesy of CBC Radio's Q:

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D'you suppose we could get at least twenty people interested in a Canadian Music community?

Neil Young, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Kashtin, Tanya Tagaq, Metric, Bruce Cockburn, New Pornographers, Arcade Fire, Rush, Stars, Coeur de Pirate, the list goes on...

Putting the question out there.
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And we've lost Chuck Berry and Berni Wrightson so far this weekend, among many others whose lives I know far less of.

Update 19 March 2017: Add Jimmy Breslin to that list. :-(
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"...and all we want, is to feel like all we got didn't cost us everything...even if we never win."

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If you dare: Bruce Cockburn's "All Our Dark Tomorrows", suggested by the letters section in today's Toronto Star.

Opening line: "The village idiot takes the throne, his the wind in which all must sway..."
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Good morning, and good luck.

(At least it was local morning when I wrote this.)

CBC Music's starting up another edition of their annual Searchlight competition, for those Canadians reading this with an eye on music as part of their income-earning or sanity-supporting programmes.

Details on their YouTube channel on how to enter.

With diligence and luck, Canada's music library will improve in both size and quality as a result. It usually does.
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The reaving continues, it seems...

(Confirmed by CBC, BBC and too many other news services.)
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I get out of the movie theatre after seeing Deepwater Horizon, and I find out that Leonard Cohen is dead?

Sure, we knew it was coming with Cohen, but the timing still stinks like sulphur.
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Mr. Kabango:

I thank you for your work this past year as interviewer, journalist, teacher and entertainer. It is deeply appreciated. I hope your partnership with CBC continues and evolves in the years to come.
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Found via Gawker Media's Foxtrot Alpha blog on military news and opinions (usually from a US perspective):

For the record: among the musicians that brought my father joy during his life was the Swedish band ABBA. I think he would've enjoyed this interpretation.
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Opening up the long Ontario weekend with this. Possibly usable in an Agents of SHIELD episode. Consider it hereby suggested to the powers that be for that TV series.

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Some friends of mine in ByMUG will be pleased with this.

Future stations and ships will, one suspects, have their own "sweet spots" for such projects.


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