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Devyn Barrie for asks: When it comes to police (in Ottawa), whose jurisdiction is it anyway? And it took a beaver on a freeway to get them asking.

From CBC's Sunday Edition: Michael Enright on the Gumpians vs. the Trumpians.
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Thanks to [ profile] rfmcdpei for reminding me that this is a reality:

[ profile] davidbrin has pointed out such issues more than once on his own weblog, of course, but the reminders are still useful. Especially where a law like the USA's Clayton Act is concerned. And since the USA has a federal election underway, maybe some renewed attention to the Clayton Act's enforcement - or lack of it - is due as part of the debates?
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Having read the CBC coverage of the verdict against Mohamed Fahmy and his colleagues Peter Greste and Baher Mohamed...I find my anger and fear burning a bit brighter tonight.
Ranting after the cut. )

And I think I'll leave it at that. Hoping to get back to less important topics before I call it a night. Comics or space opera, or maybe the Saskatchewan Roughriders...
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So, that bill just passed. Over the objections of a great many sane - and not-so-sane but still sensible Canadians.

Here's part of what's next:

Again, Mr. Harper: you did not pass this in my name. I reject the demand that I see a need for this to be law. It is overreach at best.
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[ profile] james_nicoll pointed out this set of questions this morning. Questions raised by the Rob Ford situation.

Questions that should be asked.
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Some of you might be interested in this. James Daily and Ryan Davidson are co-authoring a weblog on the depiction of legal issues in pop culture in general, science fiction and fantasy in particular. Today, their eyes focused on one of Canada's better-known recent TV exports in that field, Orphan Black.
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Here's her argument.

And thinking ahead to 2015, I'm remembering some things Rick Mercer said in 2011. And how they might still hold true.

Am I wrong?
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Well, I see no way the implementation of this particular bill can get messed up...especially if the consequences discussed with trepidation by certain Canadian senators are exactly what's planned as consequences of the bill's passage into law.

What do you think?

For the non-Canadians reading this: do you have any laws like this where you live? Active and in force? Right now?
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So back in August, I wrote this:

Today on CBC Hamilton, I read this:

I'm getting more worried.
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Found the notice whilst job-hunting this morning. This is apparently new in Canadian intellectual property law:

(Not sure that the mood icon should be smiling at any point in this instance...)
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[ profile] popelaksmi just pointed out this CBC article on federal plans for dropping non-Christian chaplains at Corrections Canada facilities.

To say that I'm displeased puts it mildly. It insults the principle of equity, of equal treatment before and under the law, and is a violation of inmates' Section Two rights under the Charter, particularly the freedom of conscience and religion.

Also, I wonder about the access of prison staff to these same services. Surely the religious makeup of the staff of Corrections Canada is no less diverse than that of the inmates? And their needs for counseling no less urgent?

How about it?
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While I'm on "break" mode here at CAN-CON, I happened to be checking in on CBC. Found this thing about joint diplomatic facilities plans between Ottawa and London...

Why does this smell like a surrender of sovereignty on our part?
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Given today's most dire anniversary, and what a number of us fear it's been used to leverage our home countries into becoming, this particular link pointed out via acquaintances on National Capital FreeNet to a Huffington Post Canada article...well, it seems apropos to the occasion. Hopefully not as a dire prediction of an inescapable future, but rather as a piece of usefully heeded advice.

Without further ado:


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