Labour Day

Sep. 4th, 2017 09:51 pm
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I did get to see the parade, didn't walk the whole route from City Hall to McNabb Park this year. I did manage to photograph - I hope - every contingent in the parade itself, and expect to have a selection of pix from that trip uploaded to Flickr within the next week or two.

More later...
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Taking my cameras to the parade on Monday means charging up the battery pack on the current main workhorse camera, a Canon T5 - that's done - and three sets of AA batteries for the old Canon S5 IS, which is in progress now. I hope I've picked the right sets of AA batteries to recharge, because if I haven't and the workhorse's battery pack craps out?

Admittedly, that's an unlikely prospect. But one should always be prepared for that. Right?
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Knox Presbyterian Ottawa: Indifference

And with that, I'm off to the Labour Day parade!
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So I went and saw the parade. Followed the new route caused by the renovations in progress on Gladstone from City Hall to McNabb Park. Got a few pix, some of which will be posted to Flickr later. Rallied my spirit a little, and actually got stuff done to break the mood I was falling into.

More later. 
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Considering taking in this year's parade downtown. As some of you know, I've attended, photographed and shared the results of that photography from previous editions. Mainly, it's to show respect for what's been done in generations past, but the photography is more of a skills-practice and self-entertainment habit.

If I'm going to go, I should probably make up my mind quickly, hm?
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Here's the link!

More on other stuff over the course of the week...
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...and underemployed as I still am, I find myself busy enough even today.

I don't recall having heard about a Labour Day parade this year thus far, although it would not surprise me to find that PSAC and other like-minded organizations have set it up. These things in Ottawa tend to be better organized than attended, much to my continuing dismay.

(If you want to see for yourselves, I've got at least one photo set from a previous parade here.)

More thoughts later...

Update: Have since learned of when and where, and this time 'round, I'll be too late getting there. Which stinks to some extent, but can't really be helped.

Besides, it's allergy season again and I'd be distracted from paying proper attention to the festivities. :-(
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I've just finally uploaded a selection of photos taken during last year's Labour Day Parade.
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Okay. So I'm going downtown again this morning to honour the occasion. There's a parade organized by a coalition of various unions' locals set to start at noon at Ottawa City Hall and run from there to McNabb Park. It seems proper to be there for this. Also, I'd recommend reading John Doyle's latest for the Globe and Mail on TV drama and comedy and the lack of material covering certain aspects of modern working life. On either side of the US-Canada border.

Preparations for CAN-CON 2011 continue and I'm confirmed to participate in several panel discussions there. I do not have a dealers' room table this year, but may consider it for next year's edition depending on scheduling and other factors yet to be figured out.

About yesterday's CFL (Canadian-rules football) match between Saskatchewan and Winnipeg(nicknamed the "Labour Day Classic"): I'm glad to see Saskatchewan break their losing streak. It was long overdue. But I remain disturbed by the anger that got vented at several points in the game. One Winnipeg player was ejected from the game, and towards the end of the final quarter, I was shocked by hostilities that reminded me of the bench-clearing brawls that often marked NHL playoff games in the mid-1970's. Scary.

And over to you for the moment. I'll be back later today.

Labour Day

Sep. 7th, 2009 11:50 am
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Planning to be at the Parade from City Hall to McNabb Park today! Should be fun!
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I'll be at the ByMUG meeting from 1 to 3 this afternoon at Patty Boland's in the Market on Clarence Street. After that, I'm hoping that I'll be meeting up with a bunch of fellow Saskatchewan Roughrider fans to watch the Labour Day Classic at one of the other watering holes of the city. No idea which watering hole that'll be, though.

At least I won't be bored today! :-)


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