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They've got a new user agreement in place, a "non-valid" English translation of the Russian version, which SUP is claiming is the only valid version now.

So I'm done with LJ.
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Seriously. This is a map he'd claim justified the existence of the internet to begin with.

Explanations courtesy of Frank Jacobs at the Strange Maps blog.


Jan. 7th, 2017 11:38 am
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Found myself making the decision to migrate some of my image files as originally hosted on LJ to Google Photos rather than Flickr this morning. It's been slow progress, but it's been useful. I've learned more about how to use Google Photos this morning as a result.

More on other stuff later...
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Anyone else using that site these days? I'm considering dropping my account. (Pun not intended, but I'm going to allow it to stand anyway.)
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A lot of the US traffic seems to be coming from IPs in West Jordan, near Salt Lake City. Or Rochester. Same IP address, different locations.

Some more of it from a different IP is from Dallas...or again from Rochester.
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I'd say "yes". I need it for communications, for job searching, for shopping for things that bricks-and-mortar shops don't or can't provide.

CRTC is wading into the question now...
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Ashby, like Spider Robinson and others since his arrival, is an ex-American (or in her case, in the process of becoming so). I've been paying some degree of attention to her opinion columns in the Ottawa Citizen, particularly in the last few months.

This column is one of the root causes of my worry about "annexation or blitzkrieg?".

And then there's this one about how we use - and react to how others use - the Internet.

You may want to look at some of her other columns.
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The top five countries looking at my NCF home page as of this point of this month:

1. USA
2. Germany
3. China
4. Canada
5. Seychelles

Wondering why that is.
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Noting a few other things for the record...

Starting with the city's announcement of an environmental assessment as a prelude to possibly extending the Confederation Line of the O-Train network to the Canadian Tire Centre(AKA Corel Centre AKA Palladium). If this goes all the way to actually building the tracks and running the trains, there'll be a lot of happier hockey and music fans in this city. Especially out here on the eastern end, owing to the current transit times via the 4xx-series bus routes that feed that stadium on game and concert nights. And even if the Ottawa Senators do end up moving from Kanata's Palladium Drive to Lebreton Flats as many hope, the convenience will still be there for many on the western end of the line.

(Sidebar 1: And I can't see the CTC not still being useful for all manner of major public events for the next couple of decades in any case. Provided the facility is properly cared for by whoever owns it. Yes, that's a piece of advice to the owners I want to see heeded.)

(Sidebar 2: As soon as I see a link to City Hall's page(s) on the matter, I'll set that up here.)

Back to those Unrealistic Expectations held by OC Transpo management.

They're hoping to be rid of paper tickets and bus passes forever, with all regular users forced into the Presto card system. Effective next year.

Not a welcome idea. I want those physical proofs of payment, partly as souvenirs in their own right, partly as tax paperwork documentation. Because tax credits for public transit usage. And because the Presto system requires using the internet to pay the monthly fare. I don't know that I'll be able to maintain my own access to the internet until I'm physically unable to use public transit anymore (hopefully due to extreme old age). More to the point, there are many other people across this city who share such financial uncertainties for any combination of reasons. And even if we can figure that out, internet access can be denied to entire populations due to accident or malice. We've seen an example of the kinds of unexpected infrastructure issues that can pop up today with the Rideau Street Sinkhole Incident.

Better to leave transit users the option of paying for hardcopy bus passes for the long term. Much better.

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Apparently, a WHOIS search quickly reveals some anonymous domain-squatting going on here. WB has grounds for some legitimate annoyance here, if I may venture a non-lawyerish opinion on the subject.
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I've seen some weird ones myself around Ottawa-Gatineau. So this sampling from metro Toronto doesn't seem too bizarre.

How about where you live?

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According to CTV's Atlantic News web service, today is National Superhero Day.

Speaking of celebrations: tomorrow will be a big day for independent bookstores in Canada and the USA.

The Intercept reports on...interventions in the communications of convicts' families on social media. The potential consequences for all involved seem Problematic at best to my eyes. That the examples under discussion are in Texas does not make the matter less relevant.

On mapping the now and the possible future, there is a book that I now want: Connectography.
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Okay. I've added a link to my G+ site to the sidebar. If you want to "follow" me there anyway, here's another link.
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Listening to discussions on iPhone battery life preservation, at the ByMUG meeting today. Because today is First Sunday. Also Google Photos - formerly Picasa, apparently - was under discussion along with venues in Ottawa-Gatineau where you can get paid for recycling e-waste, and financial management-ware.

More on other stuff later.
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1. Nice to see Agents of SHIELD moving at a quick pace. Long story, and I want to discuss it further later.

2. Not nice to see all the payphones stripped out of the Rideau Centre. There's two left in the Bay store attached to said shopping mall, and the Customer Service people at said mall advised me to take it up with CRTC. Not sure what happened between them and Bell Canada to allow it to happen, but I do not like it. I may have a cell phone now, but I can't count on always being able to afford access to any cell provider's network.

3. Which reminds me of my ongoing concern about the push of all levels of government do I phrase this? "Ensure that citizens need to have internet access for as many services as possible"? Maybe that would do it?

Feeling a little like Skye from Agents of SHIELD in tonight's installment. No one wants me as a specific person dead, mind you...
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Has anyone reading this had any issues today accessing the CBC News home page during the last day or two?

Access has been...spotty for me today. Not sure why.


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