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People who live in or declare allegiance to what I call Canada are a mixture of people who come from all sorts of different places, different ways of thinking. From people who insist they're not Canadian because their allegiance is to a nation that pre-dates European contact to people who see themselves as Canadian no matter where else on Earth they may live and work...this was a collection of stories that filled me with joy, sadness, fear, hope...and wonder above all else.
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It looks and feels like progress towards having a "reading page" - I still want to say "friendlist" - with content dominated by fellow users rather than feeds from outside weblogs...particularly today. Wondering if later tonight or early tomorrow would be good for a self-reintroduction posting?
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For all the problems they're having with these town hall meetings, I can't help but consider these town hall sessions Mr. Trudeau - I no longer feel comfortable calling him "Trudeau the Younger", for several reasons - has been hosting as a good thing. He's taking hard questions directly from the public. The answers he gives are not always comfortable ones for him to give or for the audience to hear, but I get the sense that they are largely honest ones.

We'll see how things go.
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Some of these may be more to your liking than others. But I put the link forward to promote curiosity.

"When it comes to holiday food, most people probably think of turkey. But in Indigenous communities, the choices can be as diverse as the individuals who prepare them.

From canned moose to rabbit stew, here are just a few of the meals that Indigenous people are sitting down to this holiday season."

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Some BBC Envy in play there, maybe?

I've mentioned thoughts of mine on the subject of funding the Ceeb before, right? The entry's four years old, but the idea of just putting a "Point of first sale" levy on everything capable of receiving, storing, replaying, retransmitting, copying, printing out CBC content and leaving the garage sales, second-hand stores, pawn shops and whatever else out of it still strikes me as a logical and relatively non-intrusive one as opposed to the BBC's annual license fee system.

I do like the idea of expanding the range of coverage of the news division, not to mention making the CBC a cultural ambassador-brand to the rest of the planet. It's as good a goal as promoting national unity within Canada.

Will return to this topic again at some point, no doubt.

At least it'll be on a more hopeful note next time.
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Had a thought...

...that is certainly in speculative/spoiler turf... )

And I'll just leave that there behind the cut. I'll probably edit that out in about a month after original posting, if that's alright.  
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I was saying to the friend who pointed this out to me earlier today that this could either be glorious or gloriously disastrous. If it happens.
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This afternoon, I was at my day-job desk listening to CBC Radio One. First off was Ideas in the Afternoon. A profile on Chris Hedges, specifically, wherein he discusses both in lectures and in discussion with Paul Kennedy the mental health consequences of having been a war correspondent and the ethical consequences of being a citizen of a nation at war.

Following that was Canada Live, featuring Stars' live concert at CBC's Studio 211. Among the songs performed in that session was "Are You OK?"

Go check for the lyrics if you don't already have them at hand.

It may not be the context intended by Torquil Campbell and Amy Milan, but I can't see Campbell not paying attention to the timing if it's ever pointed out to him, accident though it was.
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The new issue showed up in my mail this morning. Sorry that I missed the release party.

The cover only begins to hint at the stuff inside, projects and images, ideas and debates, all about what makes a city - any city - work, and what might make a city work better. If you're reading this entry - not just in the cities named on the cover, but in Ottawa and Regina, Halifax and Victoria, Guelph and Serfaus(across the Atlantic in Austria!)...well, there's a lot of ground to cover.

No, I don't have any material in this one. But you might want to take a good look anyway.

If you do, let them know what caught your attention?

Back to other stuff in a little while...
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Should I set up a prize for the 5,000th comment received on this Livejournal?
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I was just reading up on an interview with Little Mosque on the Prairie creator Zarqa Nawaz in today's Toronto Star.

And for some reason as yet unclear to me, I find myself wondering if she's ever been a Star Trek fan to any degree at all.

Because I'd like to see her try her hand at writing a novel set in those worlds.

Looking forward to reading her memoirs ASAP, because I've been reading good things about that particular book in several quarters...
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So Joe Fiorito wrote an opinion piece for the Toronto Star a few days ago. He was moved by the state of politics as he currently sees it, and I cannot fault him in his perceptions. It may be that the lack of participation by larger numbers of Canadians in our own nation's politics has a role in bringing about what he abhors. There are likely other factors involved as well.

Meanwhile, some closing thoughts of his on Canada's pending 2015 federal election struck a chord with me. Six things that he considers desirable in a political party, in candidates for public office, that I will quote for your consideration:

"I will vote for any party that supports stable and generous funding for the national public broadcaster.

I will vote for any party that will commit to developing public policy based on evidence rather than ideology.

I will vote for any party in support of fully funded, forward-thinking health care.

I will vote for any party with a plan for national public daycare, a national housing strategy, a national harm reduction strategy, a guaranteed annual income, enhanced safety in the workplace, and status of the artist legislation.

I will also vote for any party that puts green energy research ahead of oil-and-gas research.

And...I will vote for any party that restores door-to-door mail delivery."

One major caveat: I'm not sure about "Status of the artist" legislation despite my continuing ambitions to be a full-time writer and illustrator. It would be good to have a much better sense of what that will entail.

As to the rest of it, I hope that I can find such a party to support. I suspect that I have, but a certain degree of skepticism is useful at times.
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There's this group on Facebook that I signed up with. It's one of hundreds that have caught my eye to varying degrees since I was talked into joining Facebook. It's devoted to promoting and supporting the arts and culture of my home country.

Recently, this one fellow's been popping up this past week or two and making noises about how we've expanded our horizons as a nation too far for their liking. Anglophilic, Monarchist, doesn't think we know how good our ancestors - of the proper ethnic extractions, of course! - had it back in the 19th Century and that we threw away too much.

I don't agree with that.

So I wrote the following by way of reply:

I was born in the age of the Maple Leaf, the Pearson Pennant.

Multiculturalism, diversity...these are part of my birthright as a Canadian: the opportunity to learn from the histories, the languages, the traditions of the First Nations of this land, and those of the nations beyond the borders of this land as well.

The chance to try to take the best of all of those and learn to build something upon them for those who come after me. Even if they never learn my own name and story.

I am not a subject of any empire. I am a Canadian citizen. By birth and by choice.

And that is one of the reasons why I am here in this group.

So...did I go too far there?
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Thanks to [ profile] ms_danson, we've been alerted to some possible acquisitions in real estate for certain organizations of interest to consider setting up recreational shop in.

Needless to say, our surveillance division will be watching real estate developments fairly closely from here onward.
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Listening to a podcast from Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing with David Weber at the moment, and when he reminds his audience that space opera doesn't have to involve any military forces, I started thinking:

What examples of space opera focused on journalism/reportage do you know of? Which ones would you recommend seeking out?

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This is intended for the world at large in general. Two items tonight:

1. Try to avoid being rude about reminding me of news items I've already heard about.

2. Try to not equate tactful phrasing with sneering on my part.
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You've seen a stylised version of this. Here's what the idea will look like on the map if it follows the proposal that's about to go live on Spacing Ottawa this week. I'll let you know as soon as that happens.


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