Jul. 16th, 2017 05:29 pm
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George Romero is dead.

Martin Landau is dead.

The first woman to play the Doctor has been introduced as such to the worlds.

Seems like a day for milestones in science fiction and fantasy, yes?
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A report on SF&F in Nairobi.

From Regina: a story about the consequences of not properly funding the details of international justice...within Canada. (No, I did not make a mistake using "international". There is at least one treaty involved here.)

David Brin asks - and is not alone in asking - when did optimism become Uncool?

Pete Evans at CBC News gets to the heart of the dispute between Canada Post Corp. and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers: the need of workers to avoid starvation in retirement. Even if Evans doesn't frame it with that language.

Also, we note Jason Kenney's quest to save Alberta from civilization. (This is not Mr. Kenney's POV about his goals, to be sure. But as Stephen Colbert once noted, reality does have a certain bias about these matters.)

Congratulations to NASA's Juno team for getting their probe into Jovian orbit yesterday. I won't call what you did "conquering" Jupiter, mind you, because of colonial-mindedness in the undertones of that. But what you did is a positive achievement!
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For anyone with an interest in spec-fic planning to visit Ottawa during the first weekend in October...
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We're trying something new here: multiple meetings in different neighbourhoods during a given month. You don't have to attend both. Just the one that's convenient to you.

Here's the one for Orléans:

There'll be a further announcement about one near to St. Laurent Mall shortly, I suspect.
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Originally posted by [ profile] dewline at Ottawa SF Society on
Thought those of you reading this might be interested: the Ottawa SF Society now has a "room" over at! If you're interested, whether you've an account over there right now or not, feel free to drop in!
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Seems like this notice ought to be spread far and wide across Ottawa-Gatineau...

Originally posted by [ profile] popelaksmi at New CAN-CON Meeting and Social
Our final CAN•CON 2012 meeting and social will be held this coming Saturday October 13th at the Colonnade Restaurant on Metcalfe St. at 6 pm. We will also begin preliminary discussions about hopes, desires and expectations for CAN•CON 2013. Since we will be hosting Canvention 33 (and as a result host the Aurora awards ceremony) we think it'll be a bit different from CAN•CON 2012.

One thing we are hoping to do is gather a few new people to do volunteeer work over the next year as we prepare for CAN•CON 2013. More people means the tasks are spread out and no one person is doing too much. There is a great range of jobs to be done and any amount of time offered is appreciated.

Here are some examples of job we are hoping to find people for:

Most urgent: Marketing person

Con-Suite/ Hospitality person
Volunteer Coordinator
Writers (for blog content, social media, restaurant guide)
Events liaison
and more!

Please come join us for some food and good conversation:

Colonnade Pizza & Restaurant‎
280 Metcalfe Street Ottawa, ON K2P 2P6‎
(613) 237-3179
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There's a lot of stuff going on at this year's edition beyond anything I'm doing. You're going to want to partake of some of it if you're expecting to be there for anything that [ profile] leahbobet or [ profile] ttallan are up to, to name but two examples. And for the CBC fans, there's lots of stuff that Alan Neal, our Media Guest of Honour this year, will be involved with as well!

Here's the schedule!
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Again, if you're interested:

Hoping to see some of you there over the weekend.

And if not this year, perhaps the next?
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One of the things I find intriguing about technical art is the branch of "cutaway" or "cross-section" drawings. I do consider Eliot Brown to be one of the better people whose work has been published, to name one example which you already know about.

(Eliot, if you're reading this and you've got new stuff coming up soon, a lot of us would be glad of a heads-up!)

Over at Core77, though, I was reminded of a few others who've entertained me and/or others here and elsewhere in this article:

Masters of the Cutaway

Go. Enjoy. Come back so we can argue about it!
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You might want to visit this LJ entry first:

We're looking for some ideas for our little show. [ profile] duncanmac explains at the other end in better detail.


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