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SO this happened this past week:

What gets my attention is this detail as quoted:

"The British Columbia Supreme Court approved her suit, but the provincial Court of Appeal stayed the case, saying it should properly be pursued in California, where Facebook has its head office.

The appeal court said all potential users of Facebook must agree to its terms of use, which include a forum selection and choice-of-law clause requiring that disputes be resolved in California according to California law.

In its 4-3 split decision, however, the Supreme Court found the clause unenforceable."

From Michael Geist:
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So, here's what I ended up with by dealing with those three questions in one exercise:

Friendlist Residency
Note: if you're on my Facebook friendlist and you live in Gatineau, Québec? You should be part of the blue pie slice.
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What the Hell Facebook management just did to the page layout THIS time???

And why Google Profile's looking to try to mimic Facebook.

And why Flickr's under orders to try to mimic Facebook's layout now, too.

I don't NEED Flickr and Google to behave like Facebook clones.
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Well, they've set up an official Facebook group for the show.

I assume that fans of the comics characters will be welcome also.

Now, can we talk the management into changing the "H" from "Homeland" to "Homeworld"? The way the SHIELD agents in the movies were acting, the management might as well make the change and get it over with, right?
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Apparently, they've come up with a new brainstorm:

Couples' Pages!
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I'm giving some thought to an idea proposed by Adam Hunt, an Ottawa acquaintance from National Capital FreeNet: that there are alternatives to Facebook that might suit us all much better. Mr. Hunt suggests a service(?) called Diaspora in particular, by way of the essays linked below:

Interesting, that last bit about Facebook's alleged response to Mr. Hunt's attempts to keep his friendlist there "in the loop" about his plans and actions.

Meanwhile, if any of you reading this have tried Diaspora - or any other service of like intent - I'd be equally interested in your opinions of them.
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I read that the other shoe re: Timeline's finally been ordered dropped upon us all.

I am now considering the idea of just purging the account and starting over from scratch after the required period for data disposal on Facebook's has concluded. Does anyone have any arguments as to why I should go through with this?

To be honest, my main complaints about Timeline are about its design: it's visually cluttered in the extreme and looks as if it's highly bandwidth-dependent in a way that's hostile to dial-up users of the Internet. The privacy issues are secondary, but close behind the design issues.
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I've got a question for those of you with Facebook accounts. It may take a little while to get to the point, so please bear with me.

Some of you already know I'm currently serving as a "design consultant" to the organizing committee for next year's edition of Ottawa's main science fiction convention, Can-Con, which means I'll be doing flyers, posters, badges, t-shirts and so on for the convention as the needs of the run-up to the convention date continue to evolve between now and the currently-expected convention weekend of September 9-11, 2011(subject to change).

I've been added to the Facebook group for the convention organization as a whole and with that come new privileges, if you can call them that.

Previously, you could invite others with FB accounts to join a group you're part of, and they could refuse/ignore the invite. FB now has the group-joining process re-jigged to ensure that you have to actively leave the group to avoid being part of it. At least, that's what it looks like at the moment.

So...seeing as I'd rather not force people to back out after the fact as that leaves egg on both our faces(but mine deserving the egging far more), I'm asking those of you with FB accounts following my LJ right now: do you want to be added to Can-Con's Facebook group?

Joining the FB group will NOT commit you to attending the convention. I know of a few reasons why a number of you either cannot or will not attend this, and I'm okay with that. So are the organizing committee as a whole. I just want to know who's interested in keeping an eye on us right now, keeping the future in mind.

Which is one good point of a science-fiction convention in the first place.

Hoping to hear from you, either here or on FB or in e-mail.
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When I want something linked between my accounts on these two services, I'll likely be doing the linkage myself.

Just saying for the record, in case anyone's been wondering given the changes announced this week here by LJ management.


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