Jul. 16th, 2017 05:29 pm
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George Romero is dead.

Martin Landau is dead.

The first woman to play the Doctor has been introduced as such to the worlds.

Seems like a day for milestones in science fiction and fantasy, yes?
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According to CTV's Atlantic News web service, today is National Superhero Day.

Speaking of celebrations: tomorrow will be a big day for independent bookstores in Canada and the USA.

The Intercept reports on...interventions in the communications of convicts' families on social media. The potential consequences for all involved seem Problematic at best to my eyes. That the examples under discussion are in Texas does not make the matter less relevant.

On mapping the now and the possible future, there is a book that I now want: Connectography.
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Got a lot of birthday-wishes traffic over on Facebook yesterday, for which I am deeply thankful.

The day itself was not the Most Eventful ever, barring a dinner at Kelsey's with mother, brother and sister. It started quiet, and got noisier as game time approached. Pretty much what you expect from a Kelsey's location, in other words. The food and company were good, and that's what counted.

More on other stuff later...
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This is a thing that happens here where I live every year now. Used to be even-numbered years only, but that's changed. I think that change is for the better.

If you're interested in the artform, the business or both, you might want to take a closer look.

Disclosure: I did some volunteer work one year shortly after graduating from Algonquin Animation school. Not doing it any more, but the event matters to me anyway.

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I expect to be at this get-together tonight.

If you're able to attend, we'd be glad to see you!
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Well, that was fun while I was there. I got to say "hi" to over a dozen people, old friends and new acquaintances alike. Pigged out on assorted snacks, some healthier than others. My thanks to the person responsible for the veggie tray in particular!

As to LJ friendlisters in particular, I said "hello" to [ profile] bunsen_h and [ profile] fajrdrako and got started on a sketch of Cyclops - using the Jim Lee uniform design from 1992 - that will hopefully end up adorning both this LJ and her apartment wall in due course.

(Of course, I have sketches due to assorted younger relatives that take some degree of priority over that. Need to do some research on the Malevolence from Star Wars: the Clone Wars and the title characters of Angry Birds ASAP on that score...)

Also, in conversing with [ profile] bunsen_h and other mutual acquaintances, I'm pleased to note that [ profile] seanan_mcguire's authorial names - both of them - came up in conversation and the context was one of general satisfaction with her work.

One gaffe on my part: I promised posted instructions on how to get buzzed into the party venue over at they didn't get posted. At least one person arrived at the front door and did not see the instructions promised, and as a result drove off with some degree of justly earned anger. I've already apologized for that, and we're going to have remedy things for next year's edition, as well as any other event similarly hosted.

I will note also, though, that we have phone numbers posted for several of our executive and appointed officers at Should we feel honour-bound by word given to any host volunteering their residence or facilities to us not to give out their contact info publicly, I'd suggest checking the contact page for those phone numbers ahead of the scheduled date. We'll do our best to keep them updated.
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Friday night.
7 PM.
Ruby King Restaurant on St. Joseph Blvd., across from Place d'Orléans Mall.

Bring your pencils, pens and erasers. Bring your portable computer gear if you prefer...but since we're going to eat while we draw, be careful with it.

Theme is apparently to be "anti-romance"...or at least taking a few potshots at the Valentine's Day rituals.

Allergy alert: peanut-derived foodstuffs on the premises.
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We've got a place and a time for something new to the eastern end of Ottawa: the Orléans/East Ottawa Comix Jam.

Ruby King Restaurant, December 9th at 7 PM.

If you're able to make it, we'll be glad to see you! Bring your pencils and pens. Brush pens, marker pens, ball-point pens...but no fountain pens, please!
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As promised: you can expect to find me over at the Travelodge on Carling for most of this weekend, attending CAN-CON 2011, the Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Literature.

Hoping to see as many of you as can make it there!

More as the weekend continues...
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In addition to his work in the House, he's also written the occasional book. His latest being Becoming Canada. I happened to be at the NAC at noon today to watch him promote both the book and a discussion that I suspect was already underway before he began researching it: what might we do if we dare imagine ourselves able to do it?

The photos - the ones I consider best of the lot - are here:

More anon on this and other topics...
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I just got home from a kick-off organizational/Q&A meeting at Arts Court in downtown Ottawa.

It was for a group that's looking to set up Ottawa-Gatineau's very own Nuit Blanche-style all-night arts/culture festival. Looks like they've thought through a great many things, have admitted to others they haven't thought through yet but are making plans for that to be done in due course. Not unlike the organizational session I sat through last week with the Can-Con organizing committee. The gathering even drew CBC's official news-gathering attention, as well as people representing independent business, arts groups, museums, City Hall, the National Arts Centre...and others whose affiliations I'm memory-blanking on right now.

Will see how things go over the next few weeks and months with the Nuit Blanche Ottawa-Gatineau crew.

More on other stuff in different postings later on...
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Well, the first new edition's over and done.

One thing I'm sure of: I hope to do this again next year. Different stuff next time, I expect, but that'll be a good thing.

Good to meet or reacquaint or update with [ profile] ms_danson, [ profile] deakat, [ profile] popelaksmi, [ profile] duncanmac, and a slew of others whose URLs escape me at the moment!

More as it occurs to whomever it occurs to first...
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Day one was busy enough, and definitely fun. The panel discussion on manuscript preparation was as educational for me as for almost anyone else in the room, in fact.

I'll be there this afternoon for the "Copyright and Ownership in Speculative Literature" discussion with Marie Bilodeau and Farrell McGovern. 3 PM, TraveLodge Hotel on Carling, across from the Westgate mall.
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I didn't know about this until today.

Apparently it started yesterday. I'd like to do something to honour the occasion and keep the exploration going.


Book Fairs

Jun. 20th, 2009 10:57 am
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I'll be running a table today from noon to 5 at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair's 2009 edition. It will, as usual, be held at the Jack Purcell Community Centre just off of Elgin Street in Centretown.

Further details here or here.
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I'll be at the Ottawa SF Society meeting as one of the speakers instead of part of the audience.

Theme is "science fiction and the arts". I'll revise this post with the rest of the speaker list ASAP.

Same time and place as per usual: 2 PM, Dalhousie Community Centre on Somerset and Empress.

Further details here at Facebook for anyone who's got or getting an account!
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Advice: Go see Passchendaele if you haven't seen it yet. Take family, take friends.

Notice: New photos from WritersFest on my Flickr account! Go check the Flickr link in the sidebar!

More to follow...
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Passed along by fellow OSFS member Alex Binkley:

Friday October 24 at 6p in Room A of the National Library on Wellington a talk from science journalist Dan Falk on Understanding Time which supposedly includes time travel same day at 7p same room Stephen Brockwell on Quantum Mechanics and Black Holes.

Sunday noon (just before the OSFA meeting) Reinventing Gravity with John Moffat a revision of the theory of relatiivity. Moffat doesn't believe in dark matter.

The rest of it seems to be the usual literary palaver.

For more on what else the Writers Festival has to offer, check this site out.


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