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As I type this, I'm listening to some rumbling from outdoors, and also to Writers and Company on CBC Radio One. It's an interesting combination.
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The idea that the ones that make the most sense to me are published in Toronto and not Ottawa is troubling to some extent. Examples?

Tim Harper on the true cost of federal budget-balancing for one. Carol Goar on the false dichotomy between environmentally responsible vs. fiscally responsible behaviour for another.

Mind you, we do have Shannon Gormley...
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Apparently, NASA has this in the works:

I'd imagine Harper, Abbott and the like are going to be annoyed by this inconvenient evidence-gathering, right?
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If you're the kind of person who shudders at the sight of crustaceans, don't click.

An amazing sight...
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[ profile] auriaephiala and [ profile] jkahane have reminded me of today's significance.

Since I needed to do some shopping, I did what I usually do: take the bus to get to where I need to shop. A lot of things are within walking distance for me, but Ottawa being what it's become, I can't find everything I want within 15 minutes' walk of the house.

As for treating the planet right...I'm still trying. And still not quite succeeding to the degree that I'd like.
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"...and then it's off to drop off another batch of video tapes at the recyclers..."

And if I'd had enough sleep, I'd have remembered to check ahead before going to the recyclers.

Who are closed for the entire Easter weekend.
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A friendly acquaintance of mine (and several others on my friendlist here at LJ) recently posted some interesting observations about the possible consequences of Obama's decision on the Keystone XL pipeline project.

I suspect that Alex is right on several points here, but I'd be interested in your perspective on his POV. Anyone?
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One of my co-contributors on Spacing Ottawa, Eric Darwin, has pointed out something that is potentially both Useful and Just Damn Cool: Parkmobiles. Go have a look. See if it doesn't strike you as a good idea for your city or town.
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I've since heard that C-474 - AKA the Seeds Regulation Act - got voted down in the House of Commons. A shame about that. But then, I am a grandchild of farmers.

CBC's watching the aftermath of the Mubarak Resignation live:

Another disappointment re: wind farms in Ontario herein:

Seems like the battle to contain civilization continues, doesn't it?

More in a bit on other stuff...
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If It Happened to Ottawa?Here's a...disturbing little GoogleMaps hack for you to look at:

Go and be disturbed.
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I've been noticing you lurking in the cornfields north of the Queensway connecting Orléans to central Ottawa here and there, but never did I imagine how brazen you'd become on Vancouver Island in recent years until I saw with my own eyes and photographed with my own camera.

Now I know.

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Something David Brin pointed out recently(among a great many other news items): here's the Wired article. The recent discussion of competition between fuel needs for vehicles and those of humans and other animals on CBC Radio's The Current had triggered a fair bit of ongoing concern for me. Could this work as a solution to that problem?
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I spotted a thread on Warren Ellis' Engine forum entitled "New Orleans: Doomed". In the course of the discussion therein to date, a link to a couple of blog postings elsewhere that might be of interest came up. The blog's title is Future Imperative, the author is one Ralph Cerchione, and the series of posts is collective entitled "Where Will You Be When the Floodwaters Rise?"

On the subject of the effects upon Canada.

On the subject of the effects upon the USA.

Regardless of how convinced I am of this scenario being an inevitability, and to what degree - and I count myself as convinced enough to worry - I think I'll be incorporating this into my space opera novel as backstory material.
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Yeah, I know. I call it "Canada Day" too as a rule, and I grew up too late to keep the Monarchist League and their friends happy on the subject. But, I figure if there's ever a push for yet another name change to the National B-Day's Official Name(and if we last long enough as a nation, I know that there's going to be at least one such change), this is what I want to settle for.

Speaking of preserving Good and Ancient Things: I was listening to Ontario Today on CBC Radio One, and happened to overhear an interview of Oakville Town Councillor Allen Elgar about a Great White Oak located in the Halton Region. This tree's been around for at least a century before Confederation was kicked off in that triple-conference led by Sir John A. and his gang of cronies and rivals.

Councillor Elgar and his allies are looking to do some fundraising to save this Oak from the roadbuilders' axes, according to the weblinks I've added. It strikes me that this might be something worth helping out with.

Comics Progress Note: Still working on pages for Local Hero. Finished inking and digital compositing yesterday on one page, and hoping to wrap up another tonight before bed. This page is the one before the one I excerpted a couple of days ago in my mock complaint about comic-book lizard-men. (More on "Gator" Jones in due course, I promise.)

And speaking of beds...

I've Got a Question on Sleep: Some bright soul, I forget exactly whom, pointed out on the front page of the National Post today that a lot of the world's past and present Movers and Shakers are what they are now because they manage to forgo your normal 6-to-8 hours a night.

What are these people thinking, viewing sleep as an impediment and a crutch?

Just nosy is all. :-)
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[ profile] james_nicoll found something else of interest to me today: a predictive mashup mapping tool to predict where the water will end up once the glaciers in, say, Greenland/Kalaaliit Nunaat, start going bye-bye.

Here's the link. The default setting's apparently 7 metres, but you can fiddle within a range of zero to fourteen metres' rise in sea level.

I note for the Ottawans reading this that we don't seem to be affected in any detectable fashion by such complications in the biosphere, even at the maximum. I'd imagine that our infrastructure, real estate markets and whatnot will be affected in some form or other...?
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I just got the word: the OC Transpo bus drivers are now On Strike.

Dammit. My sense of environmental responsibility turned into a knife in my own economic guts for the second time in my life since moving to Ottawa.

Hoping it ends soon. Preferably within days...if not hours.


I was given incorrect info. My apologies for the screw-up.

Mood update: Still mildly annoyed...and somewhat worried that the strike may yet happen.


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