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Ottawa Comiccon is this weekend, and among the actors named as guests at that event are the following:
  • Peter Capaldi
  • Jenna Coleman
  • Alex Kingston
  • John Barrowman
We have enough "names" present in Ottawa-Gatineau as of this morning that we could have filmed an episode of Doctor Who entirely on location hereabouts. A script worth performing and a production team were unavailable, however.

Missed opportunity.

Much like the CBC letting the series escape to Space Channel...
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I'm afraid I closed that community blog down a couple of weeks ago, per discusssions with the current executive of Can-Con. Between Facebook and Twitter, the organizers seem to be getting everything done via Social Media that they need to right now.
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Michael Enright speaks of a divide between nations, of music, of grief and joy.

Can-Con 2016 is wrapping up in Ottawa today. It's been fun, it's been a learning experience. And I should have left for home last night at least a half-hour earlier than I actually did.
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If you're interested in literary-format SF - novels, comics, e-books! - there's a convention in Ottawa-Gatineau that wants to see you this September!

Keep that website bookmarked, okay? Because there's lots of news to come between now and September...
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Done with CAN-CON for another year. Enjoyed seven different panels, touched base with a few dozen friends and friendly acquaintances again, learned stuff, had fun, overate a little...and still have not learned the Art of Making Paper Airplanes.
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So I'm going to attend a few panels at this convention:

Not sure which ones. I'll know when finally read the schedule in the program book. Not going to be a panelist, sorry. Just another fan, me.

More later...
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Saw Gwynne Dyer at Centretown United Church last night. It was another of his WritersFest appearances, this time for Don't Panic!, his latest on Middle East terrorism. Myths dispelled, opinions dispensed (but no guarantees that they'll be agreeable ones, even though they're well-informed), and so forth.

I'll be attending CAN-CON 2015 this weekend. Not sitting on any panels this time around, but just attending as one more fan.

Meantime, this is a sort of down-time day. Mostly, I expect to spend it on job-searches and the occasional bit of actual paper letter-writing.

More as it occurs to me, hopefully!
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So, mostly okay at the dentist. There's a "shadow" on the x-rays from last year that has yet to be looked at, but they're leaving it to me to set an appointment date. Which, under the new work circumstances, will likely have to be a Saturday morning if it's to be soon.

Oh well.

Weather is tolerable in terms of heat and humidity for Ottawa-Gatineau, but it's still early summer. We had some rain last night, but it lasted maybe six or eight hours. The sky was already clearing by 7 AM today.

Yes, I am staying in Ottawa-Gatineau. Not going to San Diego ever again for several reasons (including the news from earlier today). Can't be helped.

More on other topics later...
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At the Ernst and Young Centre near the airport?

I'm not going this time. Too exhausting.

To those of you who are going, I hope you have fun.
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I do wish that I hadn't passed up on the Pop Expo, but after getting through the Comicon organized by the same people earlier in the year...well, I've got sanity issues with rooms that busy. Too much stimuli for my brain to work with these days. Maybe it's something I can train up to again some day, but for now, two or three hours a year is my limit.

Besides, I had shopping errands to do and family to keep in touch with closer to home.
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Been having fun, learning stuff this weekend. More on the cultural, political, world-building, hard science sides of things than on the illustration side. Because CAN-CON's been more aimed at the literary section of the genre than anything else.

Beyond that...tiring out earlier than I should be. Maybe it's just because I've got a day job again?
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Back at work two days now and I've finally started doing actual work. Certain paperwork, real and virtual, needed squaring away. Still surprised by the short notice of this rehire, but I can't afford to snub it. Ten weeks, right?


Looking forward to CAN-CON a week from tomorrow. Also, the Book Fair however shortly after that. And looking forward to having a realistic chance of finally filling out my Saint collection. Starting with the full text of Enter the Saint.

More and hopefully more coherent chatter later on in the weekend.
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A long-storied "beer tunnel" under the Lebreton Flats section of Ottawa has been found...and filled in to ensure the safety of users of our future LRT expansion. We do have active local breweries elsewhere in Ottawa after all, so maybe the loss of the tunnel isn't what it might be.

Rick Salutin shares some thoughts about how the CBC is being managed of late. The idea that there might actually be protests in the streets of Canada's cities and towns over the loss of, say, Murdoch Mysteries or the Mercer Report is a pleasant one to entertain, but as Vancouverites and les Montréalais will remind us all, we don't do riots over anything but the Stanley Cup up here, right?

Yes, there's still going to be a CAN-CON this year in Ottawa. Keep an eye on that home page for news as they're able to unveil it.

Heather Mallick bemoans our national capacity for stinginess. Not the first time, and as one of the precariate myself, I find myself dancing on one of the blade-edges of the sword here. I buy the Toronto Star at the nearest retailer I can because, living in Ottawa, I'm pretty sure that I can't afford a subscription at the rates required of Ottawa residents. Which makes things more difficult for those of my neighbours working at Canada Post, as well as the Star's staff. I know this. Can't help it, if I want to buy that paper at all. And because I buy it at the newsstand every day, I find myself a little resentful of their paywall.

(Oh, and despite my circumstances, I still buy my books retail. There's two places in particular I like for that.)

Laundry chores call, but there will be more on other topics later on...

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Wondering what I'm talking about?

Talk to you later...
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I'll be at the Sunnyside Branch of the Ottawa Library tomorrow from about 1 PM until the CAN-CON 2013 volunteer meeting breaks up or the branch closes. Whichever of the two happens first.

It's right across the bridge connecting old Ottawa South to the Glebe via Bank Street on the southern side of the bridge. Southminster United Church is across the street and Lansdowne Park's reconstruction camp across the river, if you're new to Ottawa-Gatineau and looking for landmarks to steer by.

Hoping to see many faces there.
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Wishing you all safe journey homeward!
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...I hope you get to have some fun, and if you're there on business I hope it works out to your liking.

More on other stuff later.
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Okay. Some of you already know this: I bought my ticket for Saturday.

No table, no half-table. Just another guy wandering the halls.

Maybe next time for the table, huh?
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For anyone with an interest in spec-fic planning to visit Ottawa during the first weekend in October...
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That's how today's felt, weather issues notwithstanding. Which was a good reinforcement to last night's post-CAN-CON 2012 news and festivities at Colonnade Pizza's Centretown restaurant.

(More on that veiled good news likely to be forthcoming either on [ profile] can_con_news or on our Facebook group in due course.)

Went out to the Geek Market at the Sportsplex and met up with several friends this morning, went back downtown to get caught up on stuff with the Writers Festival organizers, and right now I'm updating the job search diary.

Which is also a good balm for the soul, having found ads for jobs I'd like to do for a living this week...


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