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Why am I not comforted by this news?

Not a great way to start my morning. Or anyone else's, I suspect.
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I finally finished my first read-through this weekend, by the by. Seems like the scale of the story keeps steadily escalating with each volume, which I have no complaints about.

One other thing I notice towards the end is how the unintended consequences for economies in the process of scaling up can pile up PDQ...
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In reply to an essay by psychotherapist Felix Vikhman on the situation in Washington published by The Walrus:

There is one small complaint I have about the closing paragraphs of that prediction for the futures of many of the White House staff during the Trump years: it is not just one nation now entrapped as Trump's emotional hostage.

It is the entire human race.

For those who have ensured this outcome for us all, I do not know that I will ever be able to forgive that. If we survive it.
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Fair warning: this looks to be bandwidth-intensive.

If you're willing to be patient with the load-up, and you're interested in animated mapping exercises, recent NYC history and geography and/or civic politics, this bit of linkage courtesy of the New York Times will repay your patience handsomely.
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Which went pretty well. Not sure I should go into too much detail yet, but we'll see in due time. But expect me to be renting a table in the fall, barring miracles or disasters.

More on other stuff later.
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It's possible that I should leave this to [ profile] lawmultiverse to deal with in their own time. But Jonathan Hickman wrote this one up to be set in a city I called home for about twelve years before moving to Ottawa.

Spoilers after the cut )

More as it occurs to anyone interested and reading this.
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Been re-reading The Massive # 6 today.

One thing in the text pieces got my attention.

"The Great Lakes region expanded its water-surface area by roughly 4,000 square miles. The Upper Michigan Peninsula is no more."

Thunder Bay. Nipigon. Marathon. Wawa. Sault Ste. Marie. Manitoulin Island.

Elliot Lake? Sudbury? North Bay?

Parry Sound. Snug Harbour. Penetanguishene. Wiarton.

Goderich. Sarnia. Windsor. Point Pelee. Port Stanley.

The Niagara Peninsula. Niagara Falls. St. Catharines. Hamilton. Oakville. Mississauga.


Oshawa. Cobourg. Belleville. Kingston. Brockville. Cornwall.

All gone too after the Crash.

Whatever it turns out to have really been.

I'll keep reading The Massive and get back to you...
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Hoping I did the Latin quote correctly. If I didn't, I want to hear of it. No joking.

Anyway, I saw something at the bottom of the fold of the Toronto Star today that gave my spirits a serious boost. Some of you may have seen it via CBC News in Nova Scotia or perhaps The Globe and Mail online.

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia's about to become a Spaceport.

The players include the provincial government of Nova Scotia, the guys behind the Canadian Arrow project(who've apparently decided to redirect some of their energies in the wake of being frustrated in the X Prize competition, and an Illinois outfit called PlanetSpace(who have yet to get their website up and running, it seems).

Possible consequences, if it all comes off as hoped and planned(and hopefully better than planned)?

Lots of infrastructure money pouring into Cape Breton in particular and Nova Scotia in general. Everything from road repairs and expansion to pipes for everything from data to sewage.

Money and people pouring into expanded or newly opened space-related science programs at the local universities: Acadia, Memorial U of Newfoundland, UNB, U of PEI, and others I'm likely misremembering at the moment.

An improved chance of Maritimers and Newfoundlanders -- especially the latter, I've noticed -- being able to focus their searches for work that suits them closer to home. If there's one thing that burns their butts, it's seeing their kids have to hightail it to Alberta to make a decent living and taking their grandkids with'em. This will be another step in fixing that particular headache as permanently as possible.

At the Canadian Space Agency? Hopefully, Crown-owned spacecraft available for use as needed for whatever research and exploration projects come to their minds in the years ahead. Both in concert with other nations, and independent of those same nations.

Again, all of this is -- for now at least -- pie in the sky dreaming.

But I want to see it happen.

Soon, please?
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The latest version of Legion of Super-Heroes mentioned something interesting in passing in a recent issue written by Mark Waid: their version of 31st Century Metropolis runs across nearly the entire North American Atlantic seaboard.

Question: how chilling(or not) do you find the implications of a single city running all the way from Cape Breton to Key West?

Yours, whilst still wishing I'd gotten that Daily Planet Guide to the Legion Worlds project with West End Games past the outline stage,



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