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The camera-ware on my cleverphone is on the blink. When I turn it on, I can see the video live from the "outward" lens, but...switching between lenses? Changing photography modes? Video footage instead of stills? Even taking stills?


I suspect this is fixable, but it might take a bit longer than I'd like.
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I miss the variety of designs for the mood icons I used to have at LJ.

(Which reminds me that I've yet to finish fixing some video and image links.)
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...and I still want one of those old Discman-style radio/CD-player combo devices. Yes, the headphone wiring's a pain when it comes to radio signals as the headphones age, but I find it's a pain I can live with.

Either that or give me a legal way to unlock the FM radio chip on my current cleverphone. Or both, frankly.

I'm tired of tech companies trying to move on from selling me what I want and need.


Feb. 13th, 2016 10:29 pm
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Spent maybe 30 minutes out of the house today. Grocery errand, really.

It hurt.

No, I don't really care for noticing the difference between actual temperature and perceived temperature after wind chill. Not tonight.
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Other people are getting far worse than this across the planet. Which annoys me on a continuing basis, but there's stuff closer to home that bugs me in a more immediate way and not for the first time either.

Ice pellets.

It's a petty annoyance, for which I apologize for venting about here. But it's there. I'll be going out to de-ice the driveway in a few minutes after I finish with the map infographics tutorial video series I'm watching on YouTube at the moment...
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So. Allergy flareup to go with breakfast this morning. We had a thunderstorm that did not relieve the heat/humidity situation in Ottawa-Gatineau overnight. And Yvonne Craig, the first person to play the character we've known as Batgirl and Oracle - she only played the former incarnation because it was the late 1960's - is dead at 78.

Not the best of starts to this particular day. 
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It's started out with fog on my street, and while that's now faded as of 8 AM EST, I am wary of undertaking much shopping again. Glad I went to the concert honouring Oscar Peterson's 90th birthday at Elgin and Albert yesterday afternoon, let there be no doubt about that. But as I went about my shopping afterwards, let us just say that the walking was not comfortable. 
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Okay, so here's the issue: my regular MacBook Pro has a cooling fan problem. The replacement's been ordered, but I fully expect that to take a week to arrive via the post office. Possibly longer, but miracles have been known to happen despite the war of sabotage waged by the right-wing parties of the USA and Canada against our respective postal services. (Yes, I wrote that. I believe it to be true. If they sue me over it, they won't get much in either a judgement or settlement because what I have ain't worth much. Even on eBay.)

That aside, the day-job search will be slower than usual in the meantime, since the backup machine has its own issues. Hardware bottlenecks in particular - I suspect RAM and CPU limits of a ten-year-old machine - mean checking LJ out for job leads, gossip, and mental health news/advice (among many other things) will be...problematic for that next week. This can't be helped. So I'm likely to be logging into LJ from public library terminals in the meantime.

Just so you know.

More as it develops...
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It's not new, but since they decided to aggravate it for me and hundreds - possibly thousands - of other users tonight...

To Flickr- A Layout-Design Complaint - 23 June 2014
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I just had my linkage options changed up on me today by Flickr management. Seems that I'm expected to do a little extra work to set up posts based on Flickr photos here on LJ now.

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I can't be in denial. I had to use a couple of shovels and the snowblower to clear the family driveway.

And my hands still stink - despite multiple washings - from filling the gas tank on the snowblower.
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This is a disappointing development.

Yes, I know many of the reasons why readers, creators and publishers alike might prefer this setup. I disagree with them because, well...hardcopy comics still don't need batteries or a net connection. Also, avoiding DRM hijinks meddling with my computer hardware.

While I can still afford a working computer and internet connection, that is.
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Let's just say that Environment Canada's persuaded me to hole up at the public library branch nearest to home a bit longer than planned.

Will let everyone know when I'm home safe enough.

In the meantime, consider this an "open mic" session.
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I want to view my profiles - whether my own personal profile or anyone else's on LJ - the way I'm used to. Not the way LJ management currently wants me to. They keep insisting that they know better than their customer base what we want.


As if there wasn't enough to cope with, right?

At least it still looks the way I set it up to look for now.

Until they meddle with that, too, of course.

Rough Day

Sep. 5th, 2012 09:41 pm
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This morning I was in the midst of working up a screed on the shooting last night accompanying the verdict of the voters of Qu├ębec.

Twas not to be. My MacBook Pro hath started acting in Weird and Discomfiting Ways. I have been to the local Genius Bar and that seems to have tentatively ruled out the hard drive as the root cause. However, I was advised to backup the hard drive before handing the machine over for Advanced Diagnostics. The weird issues freeze the computer in mid-bootup, thus preventing the backing-up. For now, anyway. [ profile] leroux has offered assistance in defeating this issue and I have accepted.

Meantime, I'm back to working with the old G4 iBook for at least a couple of days, barring miracles or disasters.

This, on top of the day's dental health issues. Can we please get dental health finally covered under Canadian medicare rules? Hm?

Good news to leaven the chaos? Some possible journalistic job leads more on which later, circumstances permitting.
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We're supposed to have some chance of finally getting a bit of rain, starting on Sunday, maybe Tuesday through Wednesday as well. Or instead of. Not sure of the specifics, as the forecasts from Environment Canada are updated hourly.


A lot of us here in Ottawa-Gatineau are feeling brain-fried lately. Which may explain a few things. Or nothing.

I'd like the overheating to stop, please. Soon.

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In addition to the news linked in the previous posting, there's this:

It's threatening to climb above the "water-freezing" mark here in Ottawa today. Again. We have fog on the streets here. At the start of February.

Anecdotal evidence of climate derangement, people. I'm calling it right now.
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So I posted this self-portrait on Blogspot about two years ago, and it seems as if two or three times a month on average someone tries to sneak a spam comment past me onto that posting's web page.

As an exercise in photographic experimentation, it really wasn't worth all that much. As an exercise in self-promotion, that entry on that particular blog was probably worth even less.

Still, the spammers are a (minor) annoyance, one I'm not sure what to do about. The temptation exists to just delete the entry. But that might be a short-lived nuisance avoidance. Same goes if I delete the blog in its entirety.

More on other stuff later either today or today...


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