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Noting that today is the 100th anniversary of Jack "King" Kirby's birth.

If you've enjoyed any incarnation of Captain America, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, the original X-Men, the New Gods, Mr. Miracle, owe it in part to him.

Thanks again, Mr. Kirby
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You know how for years, people wanted Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill play out the dialogue of The Killing Joke, and eventually we got that direct-to-video movie out of that desire of the audience?

Well, there's the first ten(?) pages of Jessica Jones # 8 from Marvel this past month. Two characters, Jones herself and Maria Hill, in Jessica's bathroom. Spoiler-free as I can make it, it's a combination plot-infodump, airing of grievances, confessionals, and contract negotiations between the two characters.

I would like to see/hear Krysten Ritter and Cobie Smulders play out that scene in character.
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On my way to workshop last night, I stopped in at a second-hand bookstore. Picked up two books that seem apropos to the times:

  1. The Corporation: the Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power by Joel Bakan. Yes, this is the one that documentary was based on.
  2. The Age of Fallibility by George Soros. Why that one? When I saw the author's name, I remembered the several times I saw it invoked by various neo-Nazis, wannabe-fascists and other likeminded malcontents as a supposed villain. Usually, it would be on a Facebook forum organized by a truly legitimate news service. CBC, The Guardian, NPR, Dan Rather's News and Guts, or the like. As if by slander-chanting their ritual villifications often enough, they can override the truth with their worldview. And it's true that their like succeeded in several countries over the decades, but never permanently. Put in comic-book terms, there's a Batman: Year One quote that comes to mind: "All the right people seem to hate him."

Speaking of comics, you might want to look at these series: The Unstoppable Wasp, Spider-Woman, The Mighty Thor, and Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat. I'm having fun with all of them. More on other titles later.

Also, re-reading Sara Paretsky's Writing in an Age of Silence. It seems pertinent once more to me. Plus, I've enjoyed her mystery novels over the last decade or so.

More later.

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Inspired by watching Legends of Tomorrow on TV. Pencil sketch.
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I admit to being out of practice.
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I seem to recall a genre in Japanese comics that celebrates cooking and those who make either hobby or career out of it. Do I remember correctly, and if "yes", what is it called?
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Black Panther. Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing the Panther. Like Priest before him, like McGregor before Priest, it's like nothing else on the racks that I know of. Coates is building off of the work of everyone before him, and with Brian Stelfreeze and Laura Martin, it sings whole operas' worth of good stuff.

Mark Waid and Chris Samnee are handling Black Widow right now. They got Natasha right too. The red in the ledger, the capacity for ruthlessness in the service of hope mixed with guilt...and a little nasty twist in the backstory of Tony Stark added for good measure in this first arc.

More as it comes to mind.
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For Black Panther?

Wakanda's languages being built up, like we've seen with tlhIngan Hol in the Star Trek worlds.

Yes, I expect Wakanda has more than one locally-evolved language. Certainly, they've picked up words from other African languages over the centuries. And being a coalition of cultures that take pride in knowledge, many of even their most traditionalist tribes make certain to be fluent in multiple tongues. Yet it's been long-established that there is at least one language the Wakandans truly call their own. And reality in linguistics being what it is, history and logic suggest there should be more than the one.

For Agents of SHIELD and its collection of related titles?

A guide to the organization itself. Current writer Marc Guggenheim has Coulson recently claiming that he works for Washington, mere months after Mark Waid portrays him as insisting that the "H for Homeland" more accurately means "Homeworld". In Civil War II # 0, Brian Michael Bendis reminds us of the organization's United Nations connections.

Outside of their own series, we have at least one of their agents, Mockingbird headlining her own book. (About damn time!) Both Captains America titles, Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers, have ongoing relationships with the organization. Howling Commandos of SHIELD recently wrapped up some of the adventures of their supernatural interventions via the STAKE division. Black Widow has an on-again-off-again work relationship with SHIELD (currently "off", but don't expect that to last forever). The organization shares the Triskelion complex in New York Harbor with the current incarnation of the Ultimates...and on it goes.

(Don't get me started again on their Helicarriers and "Battlecarriers". Not right now. If you've seen my Pericles Project folder on Flickr, you know how much enthusiasm I can pour into that topic.)

We need a handbook to the organization itself. An "Agent Orientation Manual" if you will. No need to get into the minutiae of clauses of international treaties and internal regulations that should govern SHIELD, but something that nails down the current "broad strokes" of its history, current prominent personnel-characters, technology, operations, adversaries and methods.

For Alpha Flight, now pent up in the pages of Captain Marvel?

A better understanding of how what began as a government-run superhero team tied to my home country became an international planetary defence force. That seems to be slowly unfolding. I await developments with interest.

More as I mull it over.

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If you're interested in literary-format SF - novels, comics, e-books! - there's a convention in Ottawa-Gatineau that wants to see you this September!

Keep that website bookmarked, okay? Because there's lots of news to come between now and September...
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"Marvel Movies" version here. Explanation in detail on the Flickr page at the other end of the link.

Thor - Pencil Test 1
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After reading new first issues for The Ultimates and Spider-Woman, I'm now sure of this: Marvel Comics is indeed severing the connection between Canada and the Alpha Flight brand. Whatever Marvel Editorial wants Alpha Flight to be now, they've got Carol "Captain Marvel" Danvers in charge of it.

Not happy about this, of course, for obvious reasons of atavistic, nationalistic, nostalgic sentiment.
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So I'm going to attend a few panels at this convention:

Not sure which ones. I'll know when finally read the schedule in the program book. Not going to be a panelist, sorry. Just another fan, me.

More later...
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I'm voting after work tomorrow. Partly to get it done. Partly to avert the temptation to vote out of fear rather than hope.

Other notes...

Busted a filling again. It's one that has older work, so maybe it was time for the upgrade. But with the not-so-new-anymore-guy, it's still pricier than it used to be. I can manage the expense, but it still pains the wallet.

(Universal dental care at long last in Canada, anyone? Please?)

Comics reading this week: Captain Canuck # 4, We Stand on Guard # 4, Avengers # 0, All-New All-Different Marvel Point-One.

The third item on this list has me wondering: is Marvel Editorial seeking to sever the link between Canada and the Alpha Flight brand?
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Now that Mark Waid's last issue for the foreseeable future as writer of the series is out of the way, I think that, as a reader I'm going to step away from the series as well. For the time being, anyway.


Spoilers after the cut )

I'll be telling my local comics dealer shortly. And then maybe I get back to federal election chatter. Or I mention something from Saskatchewan that annoyed me in the lettercolumn of We Stand on Guard # 3. Mind's not yet made up on that point.
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The BBC is under threat in the UK, even as our CBC is here in Canada. Details in the link over at The Guardian. To say that I have a problem with the idea of dismantling the BBC is an Understatement. You know how I feel about the Ceeb here at home, after all.

Finally picked up the first two issues of We Stand on Guard by Vaughan and Skroce from Image Comics. That one Obligatory Shower Scene aside, it takes the Oldest Canadian Nightmare - invasion by the USA - and makes a pretty interesting future/mecha/war story out of it so far. If I have the time and energy in days to come, I'll try to go into more detail on what I think makes it work.

Still looking for that radio/CD player combo device replacement. As it stands, the sources I know of can provide, but I'd need to put up with the addition of either an alarm clock or a cassette recorder and built-in speakers. None of which I need at the day job. I already have the headphones. And no wi-fi, please?

(Note: Rummaging through the Best Buy Canada website is a frustration exercise right now.)

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I bought a new scanner/printer combo device today. The price was just about right, or right enough. It's going to be difficult to find a table I can set it down on, though, once it gets in the house.

The reason I bought the thing? It's capable of scanning an A3-sized art board in one pass. I've had an Epson Perfection 1260 for over ten years, and it's still reliable. But if I want to scan an 11x17 art board into the computer, I need at least two passes, sometimes as many as four. And then "stitch" them all back into one document in PhotoPaint, Photoshop or whatever else is usable.

And when I saw this thing in Staples - yes, I know, more money for the Republicans, sadly, via Bain Capital...for which I will have to atone - I just snapped. No more. No more. I want proper tools to do a proper job. Even if they are already out of date.

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Amidst all the office work, photography, writing, house chores and so on...I got back to the drawing tables, paper and digital, today. For practice. Since I was able to get the updated Manga Studio recently, the acquisition tripped a circuit in my brain.

It has been months since I could even think of drawing again on a daily basis.


More on that another day.
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In case you didn't know?

A new version of the series just started hitting the comics shops today.
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For discussion. Something that a co-founding employee of USA Today had to say about newspapers. It might also apply to comic books/graphic novels/manga/BD/whatever else we call them.


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