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I saw that movie tonight. I laughed, I cried, I swore (in both official languages)...and it was worth it.

Music video (that's actually related)!

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I enjoyed the audio by itself, last week. They just uploaded the video over the weekend.

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There ought to be a second Bon Cop, Bad Cop movie. Colm Feore's still tied up working on The Borgias, though, right? And what about Patrick Huard?

More on other stuff later today.
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One of the latest entries in getting good CanCon into the movie theatres of Canada is coming up soon: Bon Cop, Bad Cop, from Alliance-Atlantis' distribution arm.

It's a cop movie, a buddy movie, a Canadian movie. One of the writers is Alex Epstein, and there's some advance promoganda blurbs here if you're interested.

Also, one of the two leads is Colm Feore. Yes, the title actor of Trudeau. Who is also the guy who played Richard Adar on Battlestar Galactica not too long ago. Among many other roles. Worth watching for that guy's performances alone, I suspect.

But then, I'm admittedly biased. :-)


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