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The camera-ware on my cleverphone is on the blink. When I turn it on, I can see the video live from the "outward" lens, but...switching between lenses? Changing photography modes? Video footage instead of stills? Even taking stills?


I suspect this is fixable, but it might take a bit longer than I'd like.
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...and I still want one of those old Discman-style radio/CD-player combo devices. Yes, the headphone wiring's a pain when it comes to radio signals as the headphones age, but I find it's a pain I can live with.

Either that or give me a legal way to unlock the FM radio chip on my current cleverphone. Or both, frankly.

I'm tired of tech companies trying to move on from selling me what I want and need.
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A bunch of little things:

The Hallmark/Davis Agency store at Place d'Orléans Mall is shutting down after this week. Purged via rent hike, apparently. Not the first store I've liked doing business with to suffer such a fate this year either. Nicholas Hoare Books, Collected Works Bookstore and Mayfair Theatre Orléans both got nailed over rent issues of one sort or another. No conspiracy theory involved, but it's just plain annoying.

Lost a glove today. Probably en route to the day job. Recent and expected weather being as it is, this may not be much of an inconvenience, but again: just plain annoying.

Two of my friendlisters are down with ailments of one kind or another. Long-term continuing issues in both cases, let's call it. Hoping for better days for both of them. Soon, please?

Speaking of medical stuff: had you heard? Ontario's delisting the annual checkup from the list of medicare-covered services. Retroactive to New Year's Day 2013. What the Frak?

Cell phones: trying to check my account's status on the cell service provider's website is a bit of a pain. Long story, not sharing as it's too close to sleep time.

More as it comes to mind...
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An early cell-phone effort by dwight_ew
An early cell-phone effort, a photo by dwight_ew on Flickr.

One of the first pictures I've taken with my new cell-phone. Not quite sure how the distortion effect happened, to be honest.

Further: all subsequent photos taken with the phone to date seem "normal" by comparison.


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