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Some of these may be more to your liking than others. But I put the link forward to promote curiosity.

"When it comes to holiday food, most people probably think of turkey. But in Indigenous communities, the choices can be as diverse as the individuals who prepare them.

From canned moose to rabbit stew, here are just a few of the meals that Indigenous people are sitting down to this holiday season."

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The last I remembered visiting Smiths Falls, my father was still alive and working if memory serves, and I was on a gig doing courtroom art for CBC News' Ottawa bureau. The space for the courtroom was rented by the provincial government and located on the second floor of a local shopping complex. If you didn't have it pointed out to you, you might never know it was there.

And, of course, Hersheys had their main Canadian plant in that town.


There's been a lot of consequences following from that infamous shutdown in 2007, some better than others with still more as yet unsure of their nature, and this report filed by Stu Mills with CBC Ottawa tells a few more of them.

Hopefully, for Prim Singh and his son Dean and their staff and their families and neighbours, there will be many more good consequences to follow.

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This video report applies to specific cross-walks in Toronto, care of CBC News in that city. Not sure how signals designed to look similar here in Ottawa are rigged.
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Michael Enright speaks of a divide between nations, of music, of grief and joy.

Can-Con 2016 is wrapping up in Ottawa today. It's been fun, it's been a learning experience. And I should have left for home last night at least a half-hour earlier than I actually did.
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There was a time when I would have been a lot more worried for my own safety after reading an article on this specific subject. That's no longer the case for me, but epilepsy is still a concern for a lot of people. Consequently...Marion Warnica's article for CBC's Edmonton news bureau.
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Noticed a friend of mine from several writing workshops appearing on CBC News, but not for the writing work he's normally known across the country for. No, this time, he joined the ranks of the prey of the Parliament Hill Bird! Yikes!
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Courtesy of The National on CBC. Call it part of ongoing research into urban issues.

If the video linkage doesn't work, let me know...?
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This got out today:

To see the likes of Peter Mansbridge and Anna Maria Tremonti publicly sign onto a letter of protest against anything tells me something: that the situation at hand is truly an Intolerable one. Capitalization intended.

Awaiting word on what I might do in support of the pro-CBC forces...

Update 24 June 2014: Here's the actual text of the letter, and some follow-up discussion between the "CBC 40" and VP-English Services Heather Conway.
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For those of you outside of Canada looking to lay hands on legal copies of the above-referenced episode of CBC Television's The Fifth Estate, a documentary on the treatment of federally-funded scientific research during the Harper Years thus far, I refer you to this website:

You might have to do a little digging to place your order, but they do have it if you're interested.


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