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I didn't know this was an actual full-up song to be had. The band as shown here is an offshoot of the Sheepdogs of Saskatoon.

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Check this interview from 2013. It's a bit more sombre than we're used to from him, but it does show us something of the inner man in a good and helpful way.
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Good morning, and good luck.

(At least it was local morning when I wrote this.)

CBC Music's starting up another edition of their annual Searchlight competition, for those Canadians reading this with an eye on music as part of their income-earning or sanity-supporting programmes.

Details on their YouTube channel on how to enter.

With diligence and luck, Canada's music library will improve in both size and quality as a result. It usually does.
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Mr. Kabango:

I thank you for your work this past year as interviewer, journalist, teacher and entertainer. It is deeply appreciated. I hope your partnership with CBC continues and evolves in the years to come.
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Opening up the long Ontario weekend with this. Possibly usable in an Agents of SHIELD episode. Consider it hereby suggested to the powers that be for that TV series.

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I'm listening to this on the radio as I type this. Thanks to the crew at The Current for this. I'll be interested in the follow-through.

Thanks also to Mark Bourrie, Anna Maria Tremonti and Stephen Maher for the term "scrum monkey"!
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You know that line about Ottawa-Gatineau: it's a company town and that company is the federal government. There's a certain amount of truth to it, but as you know from reading my LJ - and my contributions to Spacing Ottawa - that's not all there is to the region.

Back in 1990-1992, I went to Algonquin College for the second of two diplomas earned there. That second diploma was in animation for television. Being sidetracked into other lines of work to pay off the student loan, I never got around to working at any of the studios at home or abroad...but those studios "at home"? There's still a few based right here.

One of them is PIP Animation, and an upcoming achievement of theirs got profiled by CBC News recently - by their own admission, for promoting CBC's entertainment programming side of things - that you might be interested in.

Hint: it involves Donald Sutherland.

No, I didn't work on this. But it's good to see the local entertainment industry grow a bit more capacity...
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"It's no sin to survive." - From Chris Claremont's novel First Flight
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[ profile] tom_leroux helped me rescue my old Algonquin Animation/CBOT (CBC TV Ottawa) courtroom art demo reel VCR tape from permanent obscurity this past week. I've been hoping to get screencaps from my old courtroom artwork for CBC from that tape for years, so that I can set up an online gallery/archive.

The cases I worked on were from the mid-1990's, mostly in Ottawa with one side trip to Smiths Falls. It was an eye-opening experience regarding criminal law in particular and the justice system in a more general way. At times entertaining, at others disturbing...but a learning experience worth having.

More as it develops...
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I believe in public broadcasting. I want my taxes invested in it.

At the risk of damage to my reputation as a human being, here's what got me thinking along these lines:
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I really dislike seeing the CBC starved.

Consequently, headlines like this further distress me.

I've made my distress clear to my MP, but given his status as a Harper loyalist, I don't expect him to do anything I consider useful about the situation. I've got to wait until 2015, and that is likely to be made more problematic in other ways - though not necessarily for me personally - in the meantime, thanks to C-23 if it passes as is...
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For those of you outside of Canada looking to lay hands on legal copies of the above-referenced episode of CBC Television's The Fifth Estate, a documentary on the treatment of federally-funded scientific research during the Harper Years thus far, I refer you to this website:

You might have to do a little digging to place your order, but they do have it if you're interested.
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Crossposted from [ profile] welovethecbc.

If I understood the quotes correctly, the implication here is that Sturla Gunnarsson wants CBC to take over Telefilm Canada's work...?

If my interpretation is the correct one - no guarantees on this! - is that an idea that makes sense?
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I think this was my fifth letter in almost as many weeks since learning of the service reduction news re: Canada Post.

Tonight's hardcopy-mail is off to the Vinyl Cafe. Seems like a good time to sign my name to a thank-you note to Stuart McLean for his work these past decades. I've called him "the most ruthless storyteller in Canada" and yes, that's still intended as a compliment. Based on his interview with Broadcasting Canada host Kevin Caners, I suspect he would deny himself the title. No matter. The "Dave and Morley" stories are that good.

More on other stuff as the evening wears on, I hope...
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* From Next City: The Battle Over San Francisco's Bus Stops. Not sure that Ottawa-Gatineau has yet fallen into a similar trap, but we would do well to take preventative measures.
* From Ethan Cox at the National Post (not one of my normally-preferred news+opinion sources, admittedly): How to Save Canada Post. The idea he closes out with is particularly intriguing.
* CBC/Radio's VP for brand, communications and corporate affairs Bill Chambers: CBC/Radio-Canada still has a job to do. And I agree fervently with him on this point.

More on other topics as the day continues, hopefully.


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