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I'm feeling in more of a contemplative mood rather than a celebratory one today. No interest in going to Parliament Hill to endure the weather, the crowds and the security theatre at all, for one thing. For another, there's the ongoing concerns of the indigenous peoples about the consequences of how Confederation got built, upon whose bones and so on.

We are still not yet the nation we could become, and it behooves us all to remember that fact.

Leaving it at that for now. I don't know if I'll have anything more worth saying right now...
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A different point of view from the one I watched on TV...but it's got some of that footage too...

Canada 149!

Jul. 1st, 2016 10:37 am
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One more to the big "One-Five-Oh"!

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I have none.

Not right now, anyway.
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So what's this I'm hearing about how tightly the crowds were allegedly "managed" there that day?

Something about gates being locked during the festivities on the PMO's orders that had not been locked for decades during previous Canada Day parties?

I've been reading some interesting and disturbing reports via Facebook the last day or so. I hope they're not true, because if they are, then I may be very happy that I chose to go out of town this year instead of visiting downtown.
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In case you wondered:

Yesterday took me out to Shawville - about an hour's drive west of Gatineau on the Québec side of the Ottawa River - for a "Canada Day for Introverts" party. Transportation by fellow invitees was provided and gladly accepted, and the ride out to Shawville was fun. Also, the landscape reminded me of the Qu'Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan, but with some actual hills added in for good measure and bilingual and more than occasional "français seulement, SVP" signage for flavouring.

Shawville's one of those anglophone - possibly gaelophonic(1) as well? - enclaves that still - from what little I personally saw and heard - don't take well to intrusions from the "tongue troopers" from the Québec provincial government, complete with a still-active, though shrunken, branch of the Orange Order on Centre Street. Businesses from as far off as Pembroke, Ontario will send vehicles and drivers to participate in the town's Canada Day parade, and the mayor is usually right there in person with a workload small enough - but vital enough - for him to make time to chat with visitors on the spur of the moment. I've lived in and visited a few towns like that across the country, and there's definitely a positive value to this. You cannot possibly underestimate how good a thing that can be for a town to have.

I like the design of the street name signs. It's as modern as it is heritage-minded, and I hope to post a sample of one of them later in the week over on Flickr.

The food was good, the weather was fine if slightly overheated. The latter, of course, is beyond any one person's ability to control.

My thanks again to my hosts, my transportation-providers, friends and friendly acquaintances one and all.

(1) - Is that the right word for Gaelic-speaking people?
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Canada Day 145 by dwight_ew
Canada Day 145, a photo by dwight_ew on Flickr.

Hoping it's a good one...

Meantime, here's some national birthday trivia care of [ profile] jkahane.
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I read the news report from CBC's Kady O'Malley with more than a tad of shock and dismay. WTH???
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Taken from an e-mail to a friend:

Today was something different. Instead of going to the Hill like most of the rest today, I decided to go to Quincy and Ogilvie in the Beacon Hill neighbourhood to pick up where I left off on my walking tour of the riverfront bike pathways.

I did manage to get from there to the Aviation Museum. On foot. With a side trip to the yacht club and flying club uphill from there at Rockcliffe Airport. Took me about an hour or more on foot. Took pictures, too, some of which I hope to post at Flickr someday.

My stomach's been making me pay a bit for it in the last few hours since then, though. A sense of bloat, with a mild side of pain that comes and goes. Maybe I shouldn't have punctuated the walking trip with a sudden dose of chocolate milk wolfed down in a minute, hm?

Still, it was a good trip. I saw parts of town I'd never seen before. Got a better sense of the scale of the city. Of the wilderness refuges right in the middle of it, preserved in spite of everything.

Worth it.
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Speaking of birthdays...

Canada144 by dwight_ew
Canada144, a photo by dwight_ew on Flickr.

Here's to another 144!

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Or rather, the lack of them is what I'm trying to figure a solution to.

I'm not going downtown to Parliament Hill (again) this year. Anything with a British Royal is going to make things just too crazy for me.

But I'd like to get out of the house to do something to mark the occasion.

The only thing I can think of right now is doing another instalment of one of my long-term "miscellaneous" goals: crossing the entire distance of the Ottawa urban area's riverfront via the bike/walking paths. I've done Centretown from Scott Street to the Rideau Canal and from Voyageur Drive in Orléans to Ogilvie Road in Beacon Hill so far. Next up, methinks, is from Ogilvie to Rockcliffe Airport and the Aviation Museum next door to it.

Any alternative suggestions that wouldn't involve being in the downtown core?

Geography sidebar: "Hello!" to newcomers from the following neighbourhoods:

Spring Grove, Illinois!
Astoria, Oregon!
Utica, Michigan!
Anaheim, California!

Good to "see" you and I hope we get to talk someday!
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In the spirit of the national birthday...

Birthday Flag Mods - 2009

Hoping you all have a good one, people!

(Source material: If the Trade Marks Act of Canada trumps my little celebratory gesture, I'll take it down. I hope the government won't mind, though...?)
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Lots of accidental connections here, triggered in part by [ profile] bill_leisner's new novel for the Star Trek office at Pocket Books, TNG: Losing the Peace.

So, the novel in question shows up at Perfect Books on Elgin in Centretown this week, and today I picked it up. Speed-reading racer that I am, it's demolished in a day - in the good way, Bill! - and some of the things I note below are accidental connections. Not sure if they constitute meaningful coincidences, and at some points, it's going to look like random babbling.

Anyway... )
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More sequels than most movies, to be sure.

I'm still here on Vancouver Island for the next couple of days, so it's here that I'll be quietly observing whilst others party like there won't be a Canada Day 142 next year. Some days, I fear that such party-goers might well be correct in that point of view...but that's something we can all work on.

Starting tomorrow.
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Hope you're having a good one, whether it's loud, quiet or anywhere in between, no matter where you are on or off the planet!


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