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Taking my cameras to the parade on Monday means charging up the battery pack on the current main workhorse camera, a Canon T5 - that's done - and three sets of AA batteries for the old Canon S5 IS, which is in progress now. I hope I've picked the right sets of AA batteries to recharge, because if I haven't and the workhorse's battery pack craps out?

Admittedly, that's an unlikely prospect. But one should always be prepared for that. Right?
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Details here, what there are of them:

The first camera I've ever owned was a film camera from that chain of photography shops. It was a Christmas present from my parents. I cannot for the life of me remember the exact year, but I still have the bundles of photos and developed film as well as the camera.
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Some of you may be interested...and I'll be interested in advice the photographer didn't mention for lack of time.

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Talk about an attention-getter of a title, huh?

Anyway. Went to the OSFS meeting, had fun as we discussed the science of finding extrasolar planets. I was mildly surprised by the relative lack of attendance, but it's the first meeting of the fall and the room was smaller than we've gotten used to. Our old space at the Dalhousie Community Centre has been modified with hardwood floors for dance classes to be held. Not good for moving folding tables and stackable chairs.

Feels like the home stretch on the short story SF project, but I'm still trying to nail down a few details here and there. Some of it's trying to listen to the characters, one or two things are research issues.

My camera. My good and loyal Canon A70, after six starting to get cranky about battery pack issues. I know I charged up and loaded a fresh batch not 48 hours ago, and it keeps the auto-shutdown dance. Most recently, just minutes ago in mid-upload to my iBook. Not convenient, and I may have lost all the pictures of the last 2 days in the process. I may just decide to buy one of those discontinued but still being sold models at Henry's tomorrow.

If the day job leads that sprung up on Wednesday and Thursday don't deliver tomorrow, that is.


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