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...going out to [personal profile] dianeduane and [personal profile] m_danson, seeing as your Occasions of Note fall a day apart from each other.

Hoping your days have been kind to each of you.
dewline: (celebration) [personal profile] jkcarrier!

Many happier birthdays to you!
dewline: (celebration) [personal profile] julian today!

Happier birthdays to you in the years to come, friend!
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[ profile] artbroken !

I may be leaving LJ behind, but not forgetting the friends and acquaintances I've made there...and yes, I know it's a couple of days early, but just in case...
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Happier birthdays to you in the years to come, Mari! 
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Noticed that Star-Lord # 1 has gotten to the stores today, so I'm hoping this is a good week for you overall! Happier birthdays to you in future!
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Hoping it's a good one today!
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Good to see both you and Galaxion going strong!
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We knew her here on Livejournal as [ profile] pikachette, and she was a friend to many in North American comics and SF fandom. Today was her birthday and she's still missed.
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Hoping it's been a good one today!
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Hoping it's been a good one for you today!
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Hoping it was a good one for you this year!
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Having sent a note privately, it seems wrong to not also honour your day publicly. I know you've largely left LiveJournal behind, but you're not forgotten in this corner of the Internet. Hoping today's been kind to you and yours, and that days to come are kinder still.

Take care, okay?
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[ profile] arcana_j!

No idea if you're still active on LJ yet, but I hope you're reading this, and I hope you had a grand time today!
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Hoping that you and yours are having a good one today!

Canada 149!

Jul. 1st, 2016 10:37 am
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One more to the big "One-Five-Oh"!

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Hoping that today's a good one for you, [ profile] leahbobet, with many happy returns to follow!
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Belated good wishes to [ profile] opaqueplanet, and I hope also that today goes well for [ profile] artbroken (wherever you are nowadays)!
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...[ profile] switchknitter!!!

Many happy returns of this day to you!


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