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As I type this, I'm listening to some rumbling from outdoors, and also to Writers and Company on CBC Radio One. It's an interesting combination.
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Ashby, like Spider Robinson and others since his arrival, is an ex-American (or in her case, in the process of becoming so). I've been paying some degree of attention to her opinion columns in the Ottawa Citizen, particularly in the last few months.

This column is one of the root causes of my worry about "annexation or blitzkrieg?".

And then there's this one about how we use - and react to how others use - the Internet.

You may want to look at some of her other columns.
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From the Guardian: Mark Ruffalo - yes, the actor - on his visit to Standing Rock, ND. Interesting sidebar he mentions in passing: there's a Navajo-based company making solar panels.

Same newspaper: Apparently, there's a fight going on within the FBI over the 2016 USA presidential election at the moment.

On surveillance in Canada: Montréal police vs. journalists on the one hand (with commentary on the matter coming from, among others, Edward Snowden via videolink to McGill University), and CSIS accumulating metadata on a second hand. We'll assume there's additional arms waiting to be revealed, although I don't expect a reveal of HYDRA-style plotters behind any of our scenes. If anyone in Ottawa raises anything akin to the Skull and Tentacles on a flagpole anywhere near Parliament Hill, that will be a real shock. (Also, Disney will unleash something more fearsome than any army upon the perpetrators: intellectual property lawyers. And that will be the end of that scheme.)

Speaking of actors again: Emma Watson and a bunch of accomplices are trying to get conversations about literature going via the London Underground. I think we have enough notable authors scattered across Ottawa-Gatineau and beyond in both official languages and a couple of indigenous languages as well to get something similar going as well once the expansion of the O-Train network is truly underway. Mark Bourrie, the Ladies' Killing Circle, Jay Odjick, Marie Bilodeau, S.M. Carriere, Alex Binkley  and I expect there are others I'm forgetting (but not [ profile] ed_rex!)...and as for actors? We're growing that community, too.

On street names: Remember Ottawa's Central Park district near the Experimental Farm, with streets named in a New York theme? As a comics fan, I was tickled to see one of those side streets named for Gotham, but the people who live on Trump Avenue are getting annoyed at the heightened notoriety. The people running Ashcroft Development and Ottawa City Hall at the time the development was first approved might have some belated second thoughts about the naming, no? "Hillary" as an alternative, however, is already taken by a street in the Guildwood Estates area.

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Such is the case, now that I've read Rebecca Eckler's essay for the National Post, "What happened when my publisher ceased to exist".

Had I thought sooner than I did that the procedures Eckler outlines therein might be an option for me to pursue, there might be far more copies of The Daily Planet Guide to Gotham City still "in the wild".

My apologies to everyone for that mistake.
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If you want to see where I was last night, there's some pix I took of the event under discussion, taken at Library and Archives Canada's main building on Wellington. Some old friends of mine were there in different roles, and some new friends stood to be acquired. Also, the book in question is worth the money.

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A report on SF&F in Nairobi.

From Regina: a story about the consequences of not properly funding the details of international justice...within Canada. (No, I did not make a mistake using "international". There is at least one treaty involved here.)

David Brin asks - and is not alone in asking - when did optimism become Uncool?

Pete Evans at CBC News gets to the heart of the dispute between Canada Post Corp. and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers: the need of workers to avoid starvation in retirement. Even if Evans doesn't frame it with that language.

Also, we note Jason Kenney's quest to save Alberta from civilization. (This is not Mr. Kenney's POV about his goals, to be sure. But as Stephen Colbert once noted, reality does have a certain bias about these matters.)

Congratulations to NASA's Juno team for getting their probe into Jovian orbit yesterday. I won't call what you did "conquering" Jupiter, mind you, because of colonial-mindedness in the undertones of that. But what you did is a positive achievement!
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As Mark Dawidziak quotes Arthur Miller: Attention must be paid. Due credit should be given.

Chris Carter paid attention and gave due credit. So did Joss Whedon. And others as well in more recent times.

And so we all shall. For Jeff Rice, creator of Carl Kolchak, author of The Kolchak Papers that begat The Night Stalker, is no more.
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Victoria Day, a federally-recognized statutory holiday, this year falls on this day...[ profile] dduane's birthday.

Diane, my best wishes for the day. I hope it was a good one for you and yours, and my thanks again for the books. I've been having fun and learning stuff with each re-read.

Take care, okay?
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Many happy returns of the day to you!

Also, thanks for DS9: The Missing! Seeing Beverly, Katherine, and others through different eyes like this>? Worth the money at the bookstore!

Wondering what Elim Garak might make of Cohen's song "Democracy"...?
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I was just reading up on an interview with Little Mosque on the Prairie creator Zarqa Nawaz in today's Toronto Star.

And for some reason as yet unclear to me, I find myself wondering if she's ever been a Star Trek fan to any degree at all.

Because I'd like to see her try her hand at writing a novel set in those worlds.

Looking forward to reading her memoirs ASAP, because I've been reading good things about that particular book in several quarters...
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From the Uptown Rideau Community Development Plan Workshop:

From the Spur Authors' Festival discussion of "The Language of Politics" as moderated by CBC's Evan Solomon:
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Many happy returns of the day (and may we all enjoy many more tales to be told in between those returns)!
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So I went to this interview last night...Alan Neal of CBC Ottawa's All in a Day as the interviewer, FYI.

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It's been fun to watch the Twelve Days of Fast Fiction play out over at Lee Barnett's "Budgie's Perch" weblog.

To sum up the premise: Twelve personages of note, some august, some intentionally not, set down challenges for Lee to meet in writing as many pieces of "fast fiction": four-word titles, and a word specifically chosen by each author for Lee to include in a story that should run no more, and no less than 200 words.

Lee met everyone's challenge during this particular Twelve Days of Fast Fiction, and the results are now available for purchase as an E-Book in several formats. I would recommend you all - if you haven't already done so or made arrangements for the days ahead - to make that purchase for your entertainment.

I would further recommend that you pick up Lee's other published works. There's two collections that have seen print at last count, and you can still get Volume Two in hardcopy or e-format from Amazon, your choice. If you want Volume One - or prefer to get Volume Two from the author - again, you still can. E-mail Lee directly - budgie(at) - and tell him what e-format you prefer, ePub or Kindle.

More on the published doings of other friends in due course...
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You'll probably see me with camera at hand over at the Knox Presbyterian Church this afternoon. There's a couple of events at the Ottawa International Writers Festival I've agreed to cover today, and I've got to get out the door shortly about that.

See you later...
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Who knew there were such protestors here in Ottawa? Or anywhere else, for that matter.

Rand was the one going on about altruism being a Bad Thing on principle as part of her Objectivism arguments, right?

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The anthem of CBC Radio's As It Happens is being remixed, even as that of the Current has already been.

Author Ann Crispin has announced that she's bracing for the end of her cancer battle.

The Irish Rovers are calling it quits as a band.

Not sure what I make of all this yet...
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[ profile] daytonward, here's hoping you're having a good one today, with many happy returns!
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For a man so well-informed about so much else in the worlds today, Terry Deary seems to have lost a few clues about the value of public libraries, particularly in these days of Austerianism-enforced Precariat life.

Thanks to [ profile] james_nicoll for this particular heads-up about this particular author...whom, I note, seems an anomaly amongst authors.


Two well-said counter-arguments I know of: [ profile] scalzi's "Personal History of Libraries" essay, and [ profile] seanan_mcguire's own defence of these halls of personal learning.

The latter is not a new posting, but it points to issues that still need the proper level attention to be given them, and it started a new friendship for me.


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