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I was in the office at the day job, so I had to miss it.


Apr. 5th, 2017 10:16 pm
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Noticed the existence of this community [community profile] astronomy, which seems to have lain fallow for about 4 years. Those of us with a shared interest in such things might want to kick the tires, so to speak, and find out which other Dreamwidth users might be interested in reviving the conversations...?
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Tonight's topic of interest: wondering what lies on what Trekkers would call the border between Beta and Delta Quadrants of our Galaxy. I don't need exact coordinates of specific object to within a tenth of a light-year, but a general sense of what "landmarks" of interest to astronomers there are in that area.
dewline: (Canada) reports 2030 exoplanets on their catalogue as of tonight.

Also, there's this item from the International Astronomical Union:
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So, I'm hearing that the team developing that free, open-source software for people interested in astronomy has closed down their website for that program and the only place you can now find it is via Sourceforge. Does anyone else reading this know what's up?

Home again

Sep. 27th, 2015 09:32 pm
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Just got home and logged in after a seven-hour drive from the Muskokas back to Ottawa.

There was a wedding in the not-so-immediate family to which I was invited to help represent the groom's side. Hence the journey to which I've been vaguely referring.

As a consequence of today's journey - interrupted in part by a collision between other drivers in Algonquin Park - I am too tired to care about things like "supermoon eclipses".
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Some links to start the weekend with:

Over at Spacing Toronto, John Lorinc suspects the Ford family as viewing Toronto in general and Etobicoke in particular as being their rightful feudal holding.

Over at CBC, Mark Gollom wonders about what kind of baggage Doug Ford's brought with him to the mayoral election in Toronto.

On a more constructive note, NASA's unveiled a new size of welding torch for construction projects.

The European Space Agency announced a cleverphone app for tracking GAIA's galaxy-mapping progress. Also, GAIA's found its first supernova!

Charlie Stross mused a bit about the Scottish Referendum and what he hopes will happen following a "yes" vote, and more importantly, why. It's an interesting argument, although in Canada's case, I think I'd prefer a redrawing of our internal borders rather than a breakup. There's some internal inequities hereabouts that internal restructuring might be better suited to solve.
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An accurate distance to the Pleiades star cluster, at long last? Maybe? I can think of at least one role-playing game supplement in need of the info.

Some commentary on possible consequences of the Tim Horton's/Burger King deal being allowed to process unopposed. David Olive might be worth heeding on this point in particular.

On TVO's The Agenda: Ray Jayawardhana interviewed by Piya Chattopadhyay - known to CBC listeners from her work on The Current and Q - on the subject of the great neutrino hunt. Open this one only if you plan to spend a half-hour with it.

From Reuters: Putin's making "stay out of my way, I got nukes" noises. Insert any sarcastic remark you can imagine me making in reply to this. Also, Gwynne Dyer's noticing the changes in the situation.

Speaking of Prof. Dyer, and getting back to interstellar matters, he's holding forth on the subject of humans naming planets outside of Sol system as well. I think he's right about being outnumbered by Star Wars fandom on this one, and also not sanguine about "Tatooine" being the best choice for us to bestow upon an extrasolar planet...despite being a fan of Star Wars to some degree myself.

More anon...
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So here's some random stuff that's come across my screen lately:

Centauri Dreams is covering a handful of planets recently found in the open cluster Messier 67 about 2500 ly away in the direction of Cancer.

The Spitzer telescope gives us an image of the Orion Nebula, 1,500 ly away.

On GJ 1214b, Hubble is picking up weather patterns. Vague ones, yes, but still. 40 ly off in the direction of Ophiuchus.
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Slate has cobbled together their (well educated) idea of the best in space photography for this year still in progress:

Enjoy it when you can...
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Less than two days from launch...and here's part of why it matters. Courtesy of ESA's YouTube channel.

(Running length is about 12 minutes, for the bandwidth-worried.)

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Yeah, yeah, [ profile] james_nicoll...I know the projects will move forward as fast as they will and no faster. The pace still annoys me.

Anyway, a happier note to go along with news about Chang'e 3, Mangalyaan and Yutu: ESA's Gaia astrometry mission is going to launch in less than five days. I'm looking forward to the future consequences for mapping out our galaxy, particularly as the range of accurate measurement is expected to extend out to 30,000 lightyears from Sol.

(Trekkers, Babylon 5 fen, Legion of Super-Heroes and Green Lantern Corps fandoms: please take note!)

If you want to keep an eye on its progress, the Gaia mission has a blog of its own.
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Some stuff on "fast radio bursts" from nearby stars via Not sure what it means, but it reads as intriguing.

Some of my Algonquin Animation classmates might be interested in this news item about AmigaOS for tech-nostalgia reasons.

The International Space Station solved a coolant leak issue, although there was some Inconvenience suffered in the process.
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XKCD on the state of the exoplanet hunt:

To everyone who helped us figure out this much of the neighbourhood to date: thank you, one and all, from astronomers to janitors.
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What's 60,000 lightyears away and yet can be called a "galaxy"? In the real universe, specifically?

Has Galador been placed in the Sag DEG thanks to Infinity # 1?

FYI: Additional info on the Sagittarius DEG here at
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According to - as of 8 August 2013 - we have evidence for 927 exoplanets so far.

Will we reach 1000 by this year's end or not?
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Got a look at this article on the Trek Collective.

Looks like Larry Nemecek and his colleagues on this project had some interesting - as in useful - brainstorms there. More over here on the subject if you're of a mind to listen rather than read.
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Should I happen to find the time in the course of my days, are there any channels or podcasts that might be of interest re: astronomy issues and whatnot particularly re: objects outside our star system but within our wider Galaxy?
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Designed for the Chrome browser, but it seems to work reasonably well on Firefox, too:


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