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I watched this last night. Seemed like it has something helpful to say on the subject of that particular mix of envy and sadness you can sometimes feel when seeing work you consider better than your own...and I've been in that emotional state more than once across the decades.

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Got to meet the man once in my life that I can remember. 2009, Montréal.

He did good work. Some of you will remember him as a friend, or at worst - I hope - a friendly competitor. Glad he was here.

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About two weeks ago, I learned something I should've known two months earlier.

On a shopping trip for clothes to the southern reaches of Orléans, I got some of what I'm still looking for and decided on a whim to see what might be on offer at the local Henry's Photography shop. It's been there for at least ten years. I bought my first two digital cameras at that shop near Tenth Line and Innes. Assorted other supplies, like portfolio display "books", batteries, peripheral gadgets and so on as well over the years.

Guess what? The store had been closed up and stripped to the walls two months prior.

Maybe I should have seen it coming after Wallack's closed up their Orléans shop right next door last year. The two shops being next to each other, as well as being across the street from the local Staples, were convenient to my purposes for over five years.

Now? Both gone. And if I want new gear from either one, I'll be hopping a bus downtown again, as I used to do before 2002.

I could blame myself for this, but to what end?

If the two chains decide to try to return to Orléans, I suggest this: Orléans Town Centre Mall. The one with the movie theatre on the second floor of the main building. Which is right across Centrum Boulevard from the Shenkman Arts Centre...which still hosts the local campus of the Ottawa School of Art. I suspect that the combination and proximity will be good for all three organizations.
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More practice time with Manga Studio today. Actually feels like I'm getting somewhere with this. It's slow, but that's alright.
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...[ profile] steverolston!!!

Many happy returns of the day to you, Steve!
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Thanks again, Greg. This time, for pointing this thing out to one and all. Something I need to keep bookmarked. Same goes for anyone else looking for this kind of work, even though I'm making trouble for myself saying it.
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"If you have to always make characters younger because, 'well, young people won't connect with older protagonists,' well, that is such horseshit."

(Warning: Some sidebar links at the other end may not be safe for work, unattended children under age 13, or audiences requiring a high degree of visual politeness.)
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Apparently, a lot of pieces of Denys' original work disappeared in transit. Details here:

Considering that Denys co-created or visually influenced a tonne of my favourite characters over the last couple of decades in particular - including the Milestone/Dakotaverse roster - I would be pleased indeed to see these pieces returned to whence they came. Intact.

Ditko's Day

Nov. 3rd, 2013 05:36 pm
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It pleases me to be reminded that this weekend marks Steve Ditko's birthday.

For Peter Parker, Stephen Strange, Vic Sage and others...even if you neither need nor want my thanks, sir...I offer them anyway.

Wishing you well.
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Some of us have been following this particular serial within a serial for a while now...and Wired's Underwire blog has some interesting backstory stuff for you today.
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Courtesy of Salgood Sam over at the Sequential blog:

Yes, there are regular gatherings of cartoonists scattered across Canada. If you're reading this in a town that doesn't have one, and you want to go to one? I'd suggest you start a group on Facebook and/or Diaspora. Or possibly here on LJ?

Oh, and keep Sam and me posted?
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Seeing reports on Facebook of the Original Star Wars Art Guy going off to join Kirby, Schulz, Hergé and the rest of the greats...and wanting either confirmation or debunking, ASAP, please?
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Friday night.
7 PM.
Ruby King Restaurant on St. Joseph Blvd., across from Place d'Orléans Mall.

Bring your pencils, pens and erasers. Bring your portable computer gear if you prefer...but since we're going to eat while we draw, be careful with it.

Theme is apparently to be "anti-romance"...or at least taking a few potshots at the Valentine's Day rituals.

Allergy alert: peanut-derived foodstuffs on the premises.
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So. It's raining outside. In Ottawa, in December.

This has been part of the "normal" state of affairs in terms of the weather for so long that I cannot remember a year I've spent in this city when December did not start with rainfall. It's almost a historical certainty that my memory is wrong on this point, and yet.

And yet...

Okay, the weather rant of the week is over and done. Time to discuss comics stuff.

In an attempt to get my brain back onto working ON comics, I've been refocusing my internet attentions on specific message boards and mailing lists. I've also organized the Orléans-East Ottawa Comix Jam.

It is my intent that this event be able to continue to function without me, seeing as my day-job situation may again force me to avoid attending sessions scheduled during the Sunday-to-Thursday timeframe, once I have a day-job again. It's done so re: the Ottawa Comix Jams as organized by Sue Marsden over the last couple of years, which I've enjoyed and which inspired this branch edition out here in the east end of Ottawa outside the Greenbelt.

That said: the first edition was sparsely attended, but that may well be a good thing. Also showing up for that first session was one Dominic Bercier of Mirror Comics. Mirror is a local outfit, which has three mini-series under their belt so far, and they're mainly focusing their attentions on the Net.

The consequences of that first session can be viewed at this Picasa gallery. Dominic and I both hope you'll enjoy what's there, and that you'll take a further look at Mirror Comics' material in short order.

If you live anywhere east of St. Laurent Boulevard and you've an interest in comics and/or animation from that of fan to professional, I hope you'll show up once we've got the next one scheduled and announced. More on that to come, here and elsewhere across the Web...


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