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1. Cooking pork ribs. They weren't exactly as dry as I wanted them to be, but this was my first attempt at this.

2. Freehand curve-sketching practice with new Pigma FB, MB, and BB brush pens.

3. There was a third achievement in there somewhere. I'm sure of it.
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While sitting at the dinner table with the rest of the local extended family - as in "from Ottawa-Gatineau to Prescott-Russell" - what movies each of us had seen this past year came up as a topic. So, as you would in such a conversation, I tried to remember each film I'd watched in actual cinema houses.

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron

  • Ant-Man

  • Hyena Road

  • The Martian

  • Spotlight

  • Spectre

  • Star Wars: the Force Awakens

I do believe that's in actual order of viewing. But please don't hold me to it. I'm pleased that I actually managed to get two viewings of Hyena Road before the theatre chains pulled it for Excessive Canadian Content. It's not an easy movie to watch, given the backdrop of Canadian participation in the wars of Afghanistan. But, shouldn't be easy to watch. If anything, I'm disturbed by my equanimity looking back.

With the exception of that and Spotlight, most of the movies I watched at the theatres were more escapist fare. If there's one more I'd like to fit in within the next week or two, it'll probably be Concussion. Anyone who gives two hoots in Hell about professional sports in North America - or possibly anywhere on the planet - and whether or not they have much of a future really ought to get a look at that particular docudrama.
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Despite the phrasing of the opening headline of this particular CBC news article, I notice this particular detail about Radarsat-1: it lasted twelve years longer than planned or expected.

The people who built this satellite did Very Good Work.

Thank you all.

Happy Gagarin Day!
Happy Yuri's Night!
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This seems worth some cross-border attention in its own right. And leaves me wonder how our own air force here in Canada is doing at achieving the same goal.

Originally posted by [ profile] tammypierce at Congratulations, Jeannie Leavitt!

Colonel Jeannie Leavitt, the Air Force's first female pilot, just racked up another first: she just became the first woman to take command of a fighter pilot wing. She will be in command of the Fourth Fighter Wing, in charge of 5,000 active duty men and women.

Congratulations, Colonel!
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Ontario's offering green license plates for anyone living here with a green car. The design looks not too bad. I assume they're sticking with Driver Gothic for the registry alpha-numerics on the actual plates?

John Scalzi pointed out a few things about a certain inevitability that maybe we should finally admit to having achieved as fans and pros and move on to something else from there. What do you think?
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A high-five to [ profile] mercuryeric, since I just saw his good news posted on Facebook: he's now officially co-writer on Action Comics!

Another one to [ profile] ruckawriter for still being there and still working on that series!


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