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2017-08-13 10:21 pm

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Annoyed that I have more to say on Facebook than here. Because of current events-related reasons.

How many of you are not surprised by this?
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2017-08-08 05:55 pm

About those North Korean nukes and mainland China?

Considering how Pyongyang occasionally makes noises about how mainland China is a "bad ally", and the fact that Beijing's a LOT closer to NK than the USA and Canada are...mainland China isn't a patron anymore. They're an extortion target.
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2017-08-08 06:08 am
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I was already planning to wake up at about 5 AM. Did NOT need the headache that actually woke me up about 30 minutes early.
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2017-08-07 03:10 pm
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Books I'm Trying to Read - August 2017 - Part II

Okay, some progress here. Shawn Micallef's Frontier City: Toronto on the Verge of Greatness is done. It's a snapshot of his perceptions of recent Toronto history, particularly in the wake of the Ford years. The phrase "too soon to tell" sticks in the mind where his opinion is concerned.

Hidden Universe: the Klingon Empire by Dayton Ward takes the travel guide idea and applies it to...well, mostly Qo'noS. The Empire's a big place, as he notes himself (and perhaps larger than the text implies), but it does focus mainly on the homeworld.

By accident, I discovered Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit. You've read mentions of her work pulling together historical atlases on New York, San Francisco and New Orleans here in this weblog over the years, and this book is a collection of her essays reminding us that hope is a realistic option even in horrific times. Originally published in 2004, it was revised and reprinted as yet another consequence of DT-45's election to the American presidency.

Still trying to make time for The Revenge of Analog by David Sax.
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2017-08-07 10:48 am

Simcoe Day

Nation-wide statutory holiday up here today. What the day's called depends on where in Canada you live. I think I prefer Simcoe Day because of the anti-slavery implications, despite living in Ottawa where it's tagged Col. By Day for the leader of the canal-builders of the 1820's.
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2017-08-06 10:14 am
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Books I'm Trying to Read - August 2017 - Part One(?)

Frontier City by Shawn Micallef, one of the regulars contributing to Spacing's Toronto office.

The Revenge of Analog by David Sax. A discussion of the renewed value of actual, physical artifacts. Tapes, vinyl LPs, CDs, books, actual maps on actual get the idea.
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2017-08-02 05:40 am
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Belated Greetings to August 2017

I am somewhat slow off the mark in greeting the new calendar month, yes. Being so busy with the day-to-day and the creeping sense of an ongoing Quiet War Against Democracy As A Concept as we've now finally been seeing it in recent years and months...

Anyways, we're here in August 2017 Gregorian Calendar now...
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2017-07-31 09:31 pm
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Closing Out July 2017

Been trying to get back to illustration practice, but maintaining focus these days is difficult outside of the day job. And even there, focus is a continuing issue. Maybe tomorrow night?
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2017-07-30 09:40 pm

Winding Down Weekends

Another long weekend over and done.

Didn't get a lot done to be honest. Some shopping errands, some photography, checking in with several friends...oh, and saw Atomic Blonde at the advice of several of you on Saturday night. Not a bad show.
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2017-07-23 12:38 pm

VIDEO: Artists, Jealousy and Depression

I watched this last night. Seemed like it has something helpful to say on the subject of that particular mix of envy and sadness you can sometimes feel when seeing work you consider better than your own...and I've been in that emotional state more than once across the decades.

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2017-07-22 11:00 pm

Connecting Nerdish Dots in Star Trek

Noting that Netflix isn't doing business inside mainland China, but they are offering their services in Traditional and Simplified Chinese langages anyway in assorted other markets.

Also noting that Star Trek: Discovery is being carried outside of the US and Canada by Netflix.

One of the supporting cast ships in the new series is USS Shenzhou NCC-1227.

Wondering if the dedication plaque will credit the Dalian Yards in mainland China for that starship. Dalian is where mainland China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaonang, was refitted to their navy's requirements.
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2017-07-19 05:46 pm
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Okay, just mowed the front lawn...

...and had an encounter with a grasshopper - has to have been at least a month since the last time I saw one in the neighbourhood! - and three bunnies. "Bunnies" as in "actual very young rabbits". If those three almost had heart attacks running away from me and my lawn mower, I can confirm that they were not alone in that. Seeing them running away...?

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2017-07-18 10:12 pm

Looking for more recommendations...

...of people to add to my Reading Page here.
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2017-07-16 05:29 pm


George Romero is dead.

Martin Landau is dead.

The first woman to play the Doctor has been introduced as such to the worlds.

Seems like a day for milestones in science fiction and fantasy, yes?
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2017-07-14 07:39 pm

Some quick thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming

I took a vacation day today. Mental health reasons, shopping reasons, family reasons, exercise reasons. Not going into the details of them, just making note that the reasons exist.

I saw Spider-Man: Homecoming last night. I had fun watching that for a lot of reasons. Sure, it's mildly annoying that this is the third version of the character to hit the movie theatres in the last decade. But since it firmly locks this version into the MCU, and for a lot of other reasons, I can be good with it.

In fact, I am very good with it. Some of those reasons for that mood?

Tyne Daly as Anne Marie Hoag.

(Feeling sad that Dwayne McDuffie didn't live to see that.)

Seeing Midtown High reworked as a specialty high school dealing in science and tech.

(I still felt uncomfortable with some of the high school stuff being no different from my day in the real world. *sigh* )

Spider-Man being part of the fabric of the Borough of Queens.

The first big twist midway through the show.

The surprise ending. Was NOT expecting that.

(Not the Avengers angle. The thing after that. Come back after you've seen it yourself and we'll talk about that.)

This is not a complete list of the good stuff.
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2017-07-11 05:48 am
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Nazis Steal Symbols

It's a habit they established with the swastika itself, after all.

So why wouldn't their would-be heirs try to pervert the flags their enemies fought under? That report of the "Proud Boys" disrupting the indigenous ceremony at that statue in Halifax was a clue, going by the flags *they* carried:

I am remembering there's a superhero created by Scott Chantler called the Red Ensign for the True Patriot anthology comic now being carried with new stories by Chapterhouse comics. Before he officially attached his name and design to that copyright inevitability, a few others played with similar thoughts over the decades. I can't imagine he'll be any more thrilled than the Royal Canadian Legion's membership...and the latter are not thrilled at all by this attempt at grand theft symbology.
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2017-07-10 06:09 am

(no subject)

Another weekend done. Actually managed to get at least half an hour of sketchbook time in during the weekend.

More after work, if I can get my brain to focus.
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2017-07-09 09:04 pm

A different angle on Gojira

Some of you may have already seen other installments of the "Rare Earth" series of videos, but this one is of particular interest to me. It starts in one sense with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in another with a fishing vessel that met its doom in 1954 despite returning to port intact...