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2017-06-23 08:36 pm

A Candidate for Annoyance of the Week

The camera-ware on my cleverphone is on the blink. When I turn it on, I can see the video live from the "outward" lens, but...switching between lenses? Changing photography modes? Video footage instead of stills? Even taking stills?


I suspect this is fixable, but it might take a bit longer than I'd like.
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2017-06-23 08:23 pm

Musical Interlude: "Tell Me" AKA "the Anthem of Q" by Bros of Saskatoon

I didn't know this was an actual full-up song to be had. The band as shown here is an offshoot of the Sheepdogs of Saskatoon.

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2017-06-23 05:42 am
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A quick note on reading...

...that I just finished up the DS9 novel Enigma Tales by Una McCormack. Garak and Pulaski crossing paths, and...occasionally, metaphorical swords as well. Worth a few hours and a few dollars, I'd say.
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2017-06-19 07:35 pm New (Acting) CRTC Chair

So this happened today at the CRTC:

Is this a decision Canadian viewers, readers and listeners need to worry about? If so, why?
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2017-06-18 09:28 am

Divinity and Death

Good morning, and good luck.

1. As an exploration of depictions of the divine to start this morning, and of indigenous perceptions of divinity...

2. RIP Stephen Furst, of St. Elsewhere and Babylon 5 fame.
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2017-06-17 11:49 pm

A brief comment on the 2017 Wonder Woman movie

Saw Wonder Woman today. Good movie.

The one minor annoyance? Seeing the current-as-of-today US Treasury Secretary's name listed as an "executive producer" in the end credits (but not the main-on-end credits).
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2017-06-17 11:01 pm

Tony Burman on Free Press in the Middle East

As far as the Qatar blockade goes, I think we all know the real target: Al Jazeera.

Tony Burman lays out that case:
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2017-06-17 07:28 am

Some Random Notes

1. I just finished reading Babylon's Ashes from The Expanse series of novels, so I'm mostly caught up on the prose version. Excepting the various short stories, of course. Yet to start watching the first season DVD set, though, and would like to watch at least the first two episodes before the weekend's over.

2. The plan today includes finally watching Wonder Woman at a movie theatre.

3. Coping with assorted aches and pains in a low-volume continuing way. Welcome to normal human aging, Dwight.

4. Stuff you might want to listen to:

Alan Alda on Q

Josh Freed on The Current about queues

Clifford V. Johnson, Ph. D. on science depictions in movies and TV, which I particularly recommend for the interview's Agent Carter connection...
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2017-06-14 05:48 am

RIP Mike Chary

I knew him going back to the Usenet days on rec.arts.comics.* and I found out yesterday that he'd died over the weekend.

Still taking that news in, to be honest. And I'm still holding something for a friend of his, and we never got around to setting the delivery up.
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2017-06-11 09:59 pm
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2017-06-11 05:29 pm

(no subject)

Haven't gotten a whole lot done this weekend aside from laundry and a couple of other house chores. And the weather, now in "heat warning" mode here in Ottawa-Gatineau, has been unhelpful in that regard.

More as I can think of it...
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2017-06-10 04:11 pm

RIP Adam West

Laundry's done, and I'm just taking in the news and other chatter right now. Not sure I have enough brain for much else this afternoon.

Noting, however, the passing of Adam West. His version of the Batman was among the earliest I knew of. He was scheduled to visit Ottawa-Gatineau back in May of 2017 for a local convention, but cancelled at almost the last minute. I suppose we now know why that cancellation happened. Sad news about a man who entertained so many over the decades.
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2017-06-07 05:44 am

Two Speeches

Up here in Canada yesterday, we had two speeches I would consider noteworthy and related in ideals somewhat. The first by our global affairs minister Chrystia Freeland here in Ottawa-Gatineau, and the second by Barack Obama in his visit to Montréal.

I can't help but feel that something's changed in a permanent way here.
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2017-06-05 05:50 am
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Another Weekend Survived

It feels like boasting, and yet it doesn't. For some reason, that paradox does make sense now that I'm on the other side of that weekend. Got a lot of chores done, but didn't set aside any time for illustration for fun or profit.

A "blah" mood should not have any kind of smile attached to its emoticon.

More thought later...
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2017-06-01 06:14 am

Birthday Greetings

Happy birthday today, and many happier birthdays in the years to come, to [personal profile] devilc!

It's still good to know you, and I'm glad of that. Take care, okay?
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2017-05-31 10:09 pm

(no subject)

Well, Sunrise Records provided me with my copy of _The Expanse Season 1_ on DVD today. Hoping to watch at least some of it over the weekend.

Also, finally started reading Book 5, Nemesis Games. Page 35 right now, slow burn...
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2017-05-28 07:46 pm

Quick Note about Cibola Burn

I finally finished my first read-through this weekend, by the by. Seems like the scale of the story keeps steadily escalating with each volume, which I have no complaints about.

One other thing I notice towards the end is how the unintended consequences for economies in the process of scaling up can pile up PDQ...
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2017-05-28 07:21 pm


Decided to add one for to my feeds. It's a blog devoted to Canadian-made TV series.