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2017-05-19 10:56 pm

Celebratory Wishes...

...going out to [personal profile] dianeduane and [personal profile] m_danson, seeing as your Occasions of Note fall a day apart from each other.

Hoping your days have been kind to each of you.
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2017-05-14 02:05 pm

Comics and Actors

You know how for years, people wanted Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill play out the dialogue of The Killing Joke, and eventually we got that direct-to-video movie out of that desire of the audience?

Well, there's the first ten(?) pages of Jessica Jones # 8 from Marvel this past month. Two characters, Jones herself and Maria Hill, in Jessica's bathroom. Spoiler-free as I can make it, it's a combination plot-infodump, airing of grievances, confessionals, and contract negotiations between the two characters.

I would like to see/hear Krysten Ritter and Cobie Smulders play out that scene in character.
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2017-05-14 10:58 am

And Speaking of Doctor Who and Ottawa

Ottawa Comiccon is this weekend, and among the actors named as guests at that event are the following:
  • Peter Capaldi
  • Jenna Coleman
  • Alex Kingston
  • John Barrowman
We have enough "names" present in Ottawa-Gatineau as of this morning that we could have filmed an episode of Doctor Who entirely on location hereabouts. A script worth performing and a production team were unavailable, however.

Missed opportunity.

Much like the CBC letting the series escape to Space Channel...
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2017-05-13 10:47 pm

Two quick notes

One: tonight's Doctor Who is an argument for labour unions if ever I've watched it.

Two: pleased by the Sens' game one results.
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2017-05-12 11:54 pm

MOVIES: Bon Cop Bad Cop 2

I saw that movie tonight. I laughed, I cried, I swore (in both official languages)...and it was worth it.

Music video (that's actually related)!

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2017-05-12 05:42 am

Birthday greetings... [personal profile] jkcarrier!

Many happier birthdays to you!
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2017-05-11 07:23 pm
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2017-05-07 11:08 am

The Victoria Connection?

So this is growing ever more horrific. I say again: we should not have to endure living in a world where Global Evil Conspiracy Theories are actual facts proven/provable by credible journalists.

And there's a Canadian connection, in Victoria, BC. AggregateIQ by corporate name.

The people who try to organize such conspiracies ought to be serving time. Though, for what and under whose jail system...?

A further note: I would count the Guardian's people uncovering this info as a good thing. It's now out in the public realm, where we can figure out what useful things can be done about it.
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2017-05-03 10:16 pm

About Michael Ignatieff?

Some Canadians may have been wondering how he's been keeping busy since leaving Canadian politics behind him. Hungarian politics may well be giving him nightmares...and cementing his reputation as a decent human.
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2017-05-03 07:39 pm
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Some Less-Than-Random Notes

1. Just saw the new Defenders trailer. I like it.

2. A scientist at U of Maryland is watching the activism of post-2016 Americans. I note the following paragraphs with interest, echoing Marvel's "#itsallconnected" promotional hashtag:

"(Dana) Fisher noted that protesters' motivations at recent marches were unlike anything she'd seen before. Whenever she surveys demonstrators, she allows them to check off their reasons for protesting from a list of causes: “Women's rights,” “Environment,” “Racial justice,” “Equality,” “Peace,” “Labor,” “Religion.” Typically, protesters will tend to pick the same, single motivation: the environment at a climate march, LGBTQ rights at a pride parade.

But at recent marches, “I asked about the issues that mobilized them, and they were just like, 'All of them. Across the board, I’m here because of all of them,' ” Fisher said."

3. Two more from Heather Mallick that I like: one on the value of taxes, and the other on snakes. Not the kind that [personal profile] mcwetboy is comfortable with, either.

4. More later. Maybe a hopeful rant about Star Trek: Discovery doing location shoots in Ottawa some day? (I can dream of it, can't it?)
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2017-05-03 06:14 am

CNN: Regional Airports in South Africa Going Solar

Six of them, apparently...?

Bookmarking this for future study...

By the by, CNN? Get onto HTTPS, okay? Next week is already too late, but better than never.
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2017-04-30 09:33 pm

CBC: New Options for Therapy Animals

You might be interested in this, depending on your mental health needs.

News report courtesy of CBC News Sudbury...
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2017-04-27 09:37 pm

Starting up a Community...

...for Dreamwidth users in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Naturally, it's called [community profile] ottawa_gatineau