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Some Canadians may have been wondering how he's been keeping busy since leaving Canadian politics behind him. Hungarian politics may well be giving him nightmares...and cementing his reputation as a decent human.
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1. Just saw the new Defenders trailer. I like it.

2. A scientist at U of Maryland is watching the activism of post-2016 Americans. I note the following paragraphs with interest, echoing Marvel's "#itsallconnected" promotional hashtag:

"(Dana) Fisher noted that protesters' motivations at recent marches were unlike anything she'd seen before. Whenever she surveys demonstrators, she allows them to check off their reasons for protesting from a list of causes: “Women's rights,” “Environment,” “Racial justice,” “Equality,” “Peace,” “Labor,” “Religion.” Typically, protesters will tend to pick the same, single motivation: the environment at a climate march, LGBTQ rights at a pride parade.

But at recent marches, “I asked about the issues that mobilized them, and they were just like, 'All of them. Across the board, I’m here because of all of them,' ” Fisher said."

3. Two more from Heather Mallick that I like: one on the value of taxes, and the other on snakes. Not the kind that [personal profile] mcwetboy is comfortable with, either.

4. More later. Maybe a hopeful rant about Star Trek: Discovery doing location shoots in Ottawa some day? (I can dream of it, can't it?)
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You might be interested in this, depending on your mental health needs.

News report courtesy of CBC News Sudbury...
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...for Dreamwidth users in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Naturally, it's called [community profile] ottawa_gatineau
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Good night and good luck.
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Some articles that you might want to look at.

First, the redoubt-building going on here in Canada (buried in a long profile on Murdoch's sons...and why would any sane Canadian government want this family setting up a doomsday retreat here?

Then two items from NPR that speak to motive:
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Devyn Barrie for asks: When it comes to police (in Ottawa), whose jurisdiction is it anyway? And it took a beaver on a freeway to get them asking.

From CBC's Sunday Edition: Michael Enright on the Gumpians vs. the Trumpians.
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1. Humanity really does not need Marine Le Pen running le gouvernement de France. Ever. Whether my admitting to recognizing that truth matters worth a damn or a blessing...? We'll know by tonight, I suppose.

2. Two Fridays ago, a friend and I went to the Great Canadian Theatre Company to see 1979, a play by Michael Healey. Call it an educational and satirical tragicomedy with a side dish of horror using Joe Clark's last night as Prime Minister of Canada as a framing device.

The side of horror comes in the last half-hour with a debate between Clark and Stephen Harper...whom Healey's script places in the Centre Block when, in historical fact, Clark would still have been working in Imperial Oil's Calgary mail room. But Healey must have needed that debate badly; his computer-assisted slide show accompanying the actors' performance asked the rhetorical question: "What the hell?"

The horror comes from that debate, a debate over the soul of Conservative political ethics, over the future of Canada. Marion Day's performance as Harper - yes, a woman played Harper, deal with it - hit the right combination of youthful enthusiasm, "don't mind me" false humility, nerdiness and creepy ambition.

3. I went to the Science March in Ottawa-Gatineau on Parliament Hill yesterday. Hoping to get photos uploaded to my Flickr account later in the day, house chores permitting.

4. More as I think of it. Possibly in separate entries here On the DEWLine later on...
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D'you suppose we could get at least twenty people interested in a Canadian Music community?

Neil Young, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Kashtin, Tanya Tagaq, Metric, Bruce Cockburn, New Pornographers, Arcade Fire, Rush, Stars, Coeur de Pirate, the list goes on...

Putting the question out there.
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It's been fun, it's been busy and yet it's been quiet.

I'm okay with that.
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Worrying. Ottawa's about to dispense with paper bus passes in a couple of months, whether we like the idea or not...and I just e-mailed my city councillor about it.

Update 15 April 2017: My councillor just got back to me about it, and they're checking with people at OC Transpo about IT security measures and suchlike. More as it develops.


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