Jan. 14th, 2017

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For all the problems they're having with these town hall meetings, I can't help but consider these town hall sessions Mr. Trudeau - I no longer feel comfortable calling him "Trudeau the Younger", for several reasons - has been hosting as a good thing. He's taking hard questions directly from the public. The answers he gives are not always comfortable ones for him to give or for the audience to hear, but I get the sense that they are largely honest ones.

We'll see how things go.
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Ville de Qu├ębec
Anywhere in Newfoundland and Labrador
Anywhere in Yukon, the NW Territories, or Nunavut
Red Deer
Haida Gwaii

That's an incomplete list. Horribly incomplete.
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Planning to watch Hidden Figures at the cinema tonight. Not for nostalgia, but to learn something I didn't know before about who helped build what we now have in the worlds we (hope to) live on.
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...and yes, Hidden Figures was a Damn Fine Movie.

I was both educated and entertained as a direct consequence of watching _Hidden Figures_ tonight. It is my pleasure to note that, at Silver City Gloucester (as I still call it despite Cineplex and Scotiabank plastering the latter's name all over the building), the screening room in which I watched was filled almost to bursting. Maybe 10-15 seats left empty.

Two things about other matters whilst I further marshal my thoughts on that subject:

1. Mark Hamill's let the Trumpster loose again. Enjoy or not, as you will.

2. Frank Jacobs has noted "a masterclass in accidental nation-building" in the matter of San Escobar. Interesting, as a consequence of Poland facing similar issues as the USA, Hungary, the Philippines, and so on.


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