Jan. 4th, 2017

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Good morning (Eastern Standard Time), everyone!

[personal profile] rfmcdonald  pointed out a weblog to me years ago that got my attention, called Window on Eurasia. It focuses largely on Russia and her neighbours, which - in the current political context - you might well imagine why people in general might be interested. They may not want to click on the news/opinion/message board links in many cases, particularly the ones ending in *.ru, for the next couple of years...but the material on the blog itself provides some additional context from which to view the situation. Double- and triple-checking is encouraged.

Also, noting from yesterday's Toronto Star, and originally sourced from Andrew Roth at the Washington Post, an article that might suggest worse people than the current management are still a possibility for that country.

More on other topics to follow as the day moves onward.

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...to [personal profile] rfmcdonald ! We've known each other from LJ and FB for years and years, but good to get reacquainted hereabouts!
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A question for the Leonard Cohen fans in the room: if you were to pick from the cover versions of "Who By Fire?" available to us all, which would you consider the best possible at present? You're quite welcome to change your minds later, or to object to the question itself if you've a mind to do so.


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